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Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge

These days, speaker docks are an almost obligatory home accessory, and there’s not much that has not been seen yet. Fortunately, the mobile sound system specialists of Soundfreaq wants to up the ante with the wireless speakers named Sound Step Recharge. This speakers are made to set standards for unprecedented sound quality and usability in compact audio docks. To deliver their daring claim, the Sound Step can hook up with all devices running iOS, BlackBerry or Android, receives streams via Bluetooth, features a USB port to charge a second device, 3.5mm line-in jack, and the free Soundfreaq app offers additional functionality including FM radio and remote functions. A 2.1 speaker configuration with a dedicated sub-woofer and Soundfreaq’s proprietary UQ3 sound enhancement complete a desk-optimized low-profile design audio platform.

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Company Offers Two Versions of Second Product To Provide Ultimate Versatility Allowing Users to Dock, Charge and Stream Audio Wirelessly

Los Angeles, July 6, 2011 – Soundfreaq, makers of the highly reviewed Bluetooth home speaker Sound Platform, today announced the launch of Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge, the company's first compact, wireless speakers. Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge allow users to dock, charge and stream music wirelessly from multiple devices including the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry. Sound Step Recharge offers a built-in rechargeable battery – perfect for portability.

Target will serve as Soundfreaq's launch partner for Sound Step in North America. Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge and will be available online at

"With our first product, Sound Platform, we set a standard for exceptional sound quality, functionality, design and value. We're proud to offer all of that in a more compact form with our new Sound Step speakers which now offer portability to the user" said Matthew Paprocki, co-founder and creative director of Soundfreaq. "Sound Step continues our commitment to delivering an audio experience that enhances living in a multi-device, multi-user, multi-tasking world."

The Sound Step speakers give users the ability to multi-task – surf the internet, check emails and text message – while streaming audio directly to the dock. The Sound Step speakers feature a dock for Apple iPhone and iPod devices like Sound Platform, but now offer the ability to also dock and charge an iPad, even if it's in a case. Also new in both Sound Step speakers is a USB charging port, allowing any USB-chargeable gadget such as a Blackberry, Android or a Bluetooth headset to be kept fully powered or for a second Apple product to charge.

Sound Step continues Soundfreaq's commitment to delivering a robust audio entertainment experience, including:

* Ultimate Portability Around Your Home – The Sound Step speakers offer a low-profile design and battery option making them a versatile speaker for home and office, fitting under computer monitors and with TVs, on kitchen countertops or nightstands.
* Sound Step Recharge – Built-in rechargeable battery offers six hours of AC-free playback time making it convenient to move around the house or even bring onto a patio or deck, perfect for outdoor entertaining.
* iPad Docking Station – iPad users can stream music wirelessly, and now can also dock and charge their iPad, with or without the case.
* Charge A Second Device – USB charging port allows users to charge any USB-chargeable gadget be it a Blackberry, Android or Apple phone or Bluetooth headset.
* Superior Sound Performance – Featuring a 2.1 speaker configuration with a dedicated sub-woofer and Soundfreaq's proprietary UQ3™ spatial sound enhancement to deliver natural bass and stereo separation, unique for a compact speaker.
* More than Music – The Sound Step speakers are perfect for enhancing any entertainment experience delivering crystal clear audio for movies, TV shows, videos, games, Internet radio and apps, including Pandora, YouTube, Netflix and HBO GO®.
* 4 Ways To Play – In addition to Bluetooth wireless and dock, line-in jack inputs from any device that has a standard headphone jack and an internal FM tuner allows users to listen to the radio through app interface.
* iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App – Users can download the free Soundfreaq app to turn their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate remote control. Users control what is playing from the speakers via the device while keeping their device in hand.
* Compatible for Future Devices – The Sound Step speakers are designed for today's wireless devices, as well as future devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

The MSRP for Sound Step is $139 and for Sound Step Recharge is $159.