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Final’s sumptous In-Ears –  The Piano Forte X-VIII Range

Final’s sumptous In-Ears – The Piano Forte X-VIII Range

Since the early 70s, the brand final creates finest sound hardware out of Japan. Now, they’ve unveiled a range of breathtaking in-ear earphones, that are made to bring concert-esque quality to 36 grams of metal. A 16 mm huge neodymium magnet driver works inside a rigid, alloy powder and natural resign enhanced metal housing, which is designed to almost completely eliminate bad vibrations. Furthermore, instead of using tons of digital enhancements, final devised proprietary parts to enhance your sound experience including an air pressure ring around the diaphragm, an one-piece metal earpad and an air pressure adjustment vent. To meet your customization demands, each pair of the X-VIII series offers a different sound characteristic via the use of individual metal housings from gold to brass.