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Bluetrek real Carbon Headset

Bluetrek real Carbon Headset

So, few still get annoyed of their headset after a seemingly endless, but oh-so fruitful conversation. Well for those critically demanding, Bluetreck introduces the first truly carbon headset. The use of carbon fiber makes this Bluetooth 3.0 headset an astonishing light piece of just 6 gramms, .27 ounces, and a companion that survives even being run over. Alongside contemporary noise reduction and voice technologies, it also provides four and a half hours of talk time or five days on standby.

Show Press Release
CARBON – World's first carbon fiber Bluetooth headset by Bluetrek Technologies

In Hong Kong, April 12th, 2011– Bluetrek is to announce the availability of CARBON, the world's first Bluetooth headset made of carbon fiber - giving it super strength and balanced weight.

This new Bluetooth headset is equipped with the best in class audio enhancement technology for both the user and the receiver to assure crystal clear conversations for both parties. In addition, the patented mechanism embedded in the carbon fiber tube allows extended talk time, yet reduces weight to less than 6grams while retaining a slender aesthetic to the ear piece, warranting long time wear with superb comfort.

Bluetrek will showcase this new product during the Spring edition of The Hong Kong Electronics and Global Sources Fair from April 12 to 17th, 2011.