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Bang & Olufsen 10-32

Bang & Olufsen 10-32

When it comes to LCD TVs there’s nothing that can compare to the statement a Bang & Olufsen TV instantly exudes when placed anywhere in your home. Today, B&O released a smaller addition to the BeoVision range, namely the 10-32, a 32-inch version for those who seek B&O quality in all rooms. The new 10-32 boasts all the amenities of its bigger brothers including a DVB-HD module, the magnificent loudspeaker system and the edge-type LED backlight.

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Bang & Olufsen adds a 32-inch version to the praised BeoVision 10 family

With the new 32-inch version of the successful BeoVision 10, Bang & Olufsen once again excels in fitting great experiences into a compact and elegant design, making this TV an excellent choice for those who prefer a smaller screen, or desire superior sound and picture quality in all rooms of the house.

The launch of BeoVision 10-32 actually marks a new record for Bang & Olufsen, as it is the first time that the company has managed to introduce three members of a TV family within a year. The BeoVision 10 series is characterized by the idea of 'adding life to your wallpaper', and with the new 32-inch version, this integrated TV solution also appeals to an audience that loves great design, but wants a screen size that does not dominate the room.

32 inches of power and beauty

BeoVision 10-32 is based on the same chassis as the 40" and the 46" versions, and design-wise it adopts the same principles as its two larger siblings, only on a smaller scale. This includes a removable front fabric in a range of colours, and the unique, high-gloss polished aluminium frame that makes the TV appear even thinner than it is. The rear part is available in either black or white.

The 32-inch version is a full HD TV with an edge-type LED backlight, and it offers both Master Link connectivity and DVB-HD module. BeoVision 10-32 offers great versatility, and where the larger TVs of the family are aimed at the main living room, the 32-inch version will also be the perfect choice for the kitchen, the bedroom or the office.

BeoVision 10-32 includes a genuinely active, two-way loudspeaker system, which offers a sound quality that is quite superior compared to the market level for TVs of this size. It is more than sufficient for listening to music in other rooms than where the main loudspeakers are placed, but if the desire for sound or bass is higher than the integrated solution can offer, it is also possible to connect two extra loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

To accommodate its versatility, BeoVision 10-32 will offer a wide range of placement options, including motorized stands for floor and table placement, two different brackets for placement close to the wall, and one wall bracket that allows for manual turn and tilt functionality.

With BeoVision 10-32, Bang & Olufsen is now able to offer an even wider range of sizes in the popular family of TVs that truly complement, rather than contradict the home interior.