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Paul Smith Rucksack Image

Paul Smith Rucksack

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Aligning with the current trend of transformable bags, Paul Smith’s latest rucksack also doubles as a tote bag, which is pretty obvious considering the stay-up handles on top. Fitting the elegant look on the outside, this rucksack shows a mesmerizing textured wine-red lining in the spacious inside. A pair genuine leather back straps completes the premium look and feel of a certainly unique backpack.

Vertu Signature Touch Image

Vertu Signature Touch


The upscale phonemaker and high-society supplier Vertu has finally launched its first touchscreen-only smart phone. In the inside of the Signature Touch works a pretty common 2.3 GHz Snapdragon and 64Gb of onboard storage on a KitKat Android. All pretty solid, but a 4.7″ 1080p 473ppi sapphire crystal screen and a 13Mp Hasselblad-optimized camera proudly show the phones noble origin. However, what makes this such a special device is the astonishing suit it comes in. Through and through Vertu, the Signature Touch comes with hardened Titanium-chamfered rails, not just for the looks, but optimized to give you the best Antenna and thus connectivity performance. Calf or exotic leather, as you wish, applied to precise cutaways in the titanium, a signature Ruby button for instant Vertu concierge service and an engine-turned SIM compartment, which means it’s outside and allows for an easy exchange, are among the engineering details that make this phone pretty unique.

Teranishi Indigo Wallet Image

Teranishi Indigo Wallet


Most slim wallets sport the minimalism badge, being simple to the max and as such minimizing the need for space in your pocket, but with minimalism few sacrifice style. The most recent addition to Teranishi’s indigo collection is a minimal slim billfold that cuts all compromises. Being repeatedly dip-dyed in ocean blue indigo dye give each billfold a unique gradient pattern subtly hinting a Californian sunset. Quality is what counts and as such this wallet is stitched by hand and burnished with beeswax to protect the bold color.