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Kicking Mule Workshop Natural Leather Card Holder Image

Kicking Mule Workshop Natural Leather Card Holder


In less than a year, the Denver-based Kicking Mule Workshop conquered the must-have lists of every denim admirer and satorialists alike due to a unparalled quality and clever details. Unfortunately, this year is KMW’s final run, which might elevate every piece of them a true collector’s gem including this limited slim and simple card holder. Cut, fold and sewn entirely by hand somewhere in Japan using age-old fish-oil tanning techniques, which allows this wallet to gain a quite unique patina over the years of use.

No Battery, No Plug – Restoration Hardware’s iPhone and iPad Gramophone Image

No Battery, No Plug – Restoration Hardware’s iPhone and iPad Gramophone

Home Audio

The already known as a modern classic iVictrola iPhone dock received the Restoration Hardware treatment adding another degree of visual elegance. The no plug, no battery, acoustic amplifier deliberately sheds all electronics in favor of an old world acoustic journey. This is achieved with the simple combination of an authentic turn-of-the-century Magnavox speaker attached to a solid walnut dock for your iPhone or iPad.

Hard Graft Leather Draw Card Case Image

Hard Graft Leather Draw Card Case


Pieces of the Austrian brand Hard Graft are made from designers for those who appreciate a flawless look, yet without sacrificing a clear emphasize on quality materials. Hard Graft’s latest piece is a simple leather card case coming with a robe closure, which you can wrap around the wallet for a secure fit.




These days a dose of pleasant surprise is rare regarding wearable fashion, even though welcome. However, Maison Martin Margiela remains a reliable address for unique pieces proven by pieces like this boots. The subtle blending of gold toned leather soles and welts with the luxuriously shimmering black of the satin fabric elevates these boots among the most elegant pieces in every wardrobe.

Google Chromecast Image

Google Chromecast


Alongside the new Nexus 7 announcement, Google also unveiled Chromecast, probably the easiest way to watch your favorite online entertainment on your TV. The Chromecast basically is a HDMI dongle, which streams some apps like Netflix and Youtube, and everything running on Chrome from any modern device including Android tablets and smartphones, every laptop or desktop using Chrome on Win or MAC, and even from your iPhone and iPad – yes, Google even supports you. Simply plug Chromecast into a HDMI port, connect it to WiFi and enjoy the streaming.

Filson Twill Mid-Sized Duffle Bag Image

Filson Twill Mid-Sized Duffle Bag


Over the course of a century, Filson managed to preserve a unique design language, which witnessed the whole history of modern travel till today. This medium-sized duffle bag is crafted to exude the look and feel of a piece made in the golden age of travel, yet sized to perfectly fit an overhead bin and to stow a short weekend abroad. Made entirely in the USA, this duffle is crafted from ultra thick 22-oz. cotton oil finished rugged twill accompanied with bridle leather pulls and grip.

New Google Nexus 7 2013 Image

New Google Nexus 7 2013


Following the already powerful first generation, the new Nexus 7 effortlessly succeeds to raise the bar for 7-inch tablets once again. The new Nexus 7 proudly flaunts a 1920 x 1200 FHD IPS display creating an utterly sharp 323 ppi ratio. Furthermore, Google spends its 7-inch Nexus a 5-MP camera on the rear, alongside a 1.2-MP for video-conferences. Coming to the tech-talk, the Nexus 7 comes with a 1.5 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, a Adreno 320 GPU, Fraunhofer Cingo enhanced stereo speaker, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, dualband WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n, a micro USB port, GPS and all the standard sensors and a 3.950 mAH battery for Nexus typical good lifetime.

Gigliodoro Calf Leather Backgammon Image

Gigliodoro Calf Leather Backgammon


For those who prefer the fast pace of backgammon over a chess match, this backgammon set is crafted for the most discerning gamer. Each set is entirely made by hand from the globally renown leather experts of Italian manufacture Gigliodoro using premium calfskin leather with a rich alligator embossing. Additionally, all pieces are swathed in calfskin including the dice completing a board adequate for every environment.

Burberry Smoked Check iPad Case Image

Burberry Smoked Check iPad Case


Burberry’s latest iPad case is made of a fabric displaying a Burberry signature check pattern trimmed with a supple natural tanned leather. This particular trimming assigns the case a flexible use as it’ll pack every similar sized or slightly deviating tablet securely hold in place with a fold-over snap-button closure.

Best Made Co. – 8 oz. Flask & Waxed Canvas Case Image

Best Made Co. – 8 oz. Flask & Waxed Canvas Case


It’s tough to justify a decent sip as healthy and medicinal, but we’ve to admit there is a satisfying moment when sharing a good spirit after a rough adventure in the outdoors. To this end, this handmade pewter flask holds a large 8oz of your favored spirit and comes complete with a waxed cotton-nylon mix case in a minimal yet striking design.

Fontenille-Pataud Damascus Steel and Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife Image

Fontenille-Pataud Damascus Steel and Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife


This pocket knife shows a way too impressive pattern to be used as a tool, this is a collector’s piece throughout. Made from the reputable French knife manufacture Fontenille-Pataud, each of this Laguiole knifes is crafted with 120 layers of Swedish rose stainless steel fused using a legendary Damascus technique. The whole knife, excepting the carbon fiber handle, is made of the same Damascus steel finishing a unique unibody-esque look made for a unique collector.

Makr Small Zip Suede Wallet Image

Makr Small Zip Suede Wallet


If you’re into small, unobtrusive wallets then the latest zip wallets from the leather experts of Makr might fit your bill. These simple slim wallets are made to carry your plastic as also some bills in a casual, laid-back way without sacrificing a decent selection of premium fabrics. The wallet is either made entirely out of Utica Horween leather or of a combination of suede and natural tanned Horween hides.

Globe-Trotter Propellor Weekender Image

Globe-Trotter Propellor Weekender


Alongside the new Jet luggage series, venerable retro travel gear legend Globe-Trotter dared another foray into modern streamlined designs with the Propellor. This collection is inspired by the travel gear of the late 1800s and thus each piece comes complete with an adventure flair. The weekender is the flagship of this collection and is crafted entirely by hand from water-repellant Limonta canvas twill and thick British bridle leather, finished with a fine cotton herringbone lining in the inside.

Ralph Lauren Leather-Covered Round Sunglasses Image

Ralph Lauren Leather-Covered Round Sunglasses


Round sunglasses definitely require certain facial traits to be worn manly. However for those seeking a special pair of shades, Ralph Lauren offers a wild pair of leather-covered round sunglasses. Inspired by those 60s safari frames, this specs features an old school slim top-bar, leather swathed temples and a detachable leather strap.

Coach x Tivoli – Bleecker Leather Bluetooth Radio Image

Coach x Tivoli – Bleecker Leather Bluetooth Radio

Home Audio

The Manhattan-based leather experts of Coach have teamed up with the company, that became synonymous for modernized retro audio gear, namely Tivoli. This collector’s item is basically a bluetooth PAL BT Tivoli radio swathed in finest leather from the Coach vault making it a devent upgrade for any picnic or bbq session.