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Billykirk Trifold Leather Wallet Image

Billykirk Trifold Leather Wallet


Some accessories just need to be manly simple as is this trifold by Billykirk. It’s a simple piece, but still permeated with old-world artisanship and adventure-proof quality. Made of a durable leather folded by hand and meticulously stitched by hand with a thick waxed cording to survive ages of use.

Thome Browne Lightweight Aviators Image

Thome Browne Lightweight Aviators


Aviators have been an ever-green in any man’s wardrobe since they found public attention back in the early 30s, so is this minimalist interpretation by Thom Browne. Being known for designing loud statement pieces, this sunglasses are no exception to and strike with a  decisively modern tone for a contemporary look.

Pendleton Leather Plaid Weekender Image

Pendleton Leather Plaid Weekender


Every man needs a durable weekender to get away in a wink without putting much effort into how you stow it, it’s a throw-in procedure a man has to love. If you’ve not yet found your particular favorite then this stylistically confident weekender of the iconic Pendleton Woolen Mills might fill the gap. Crafted from a mixture of subtle patterned wool and thick leather this 21.5-inch bag fits the weekend abroad as also a business-revolving trip.

Google Nexus 10 Image

Google Nexus 10


After turning the industry with successfully establishing the 7-inch form-factor, a size which Apple once touted ridiculous, Google has once again shaken the industries pillars with unleashing a 300ppi tablet, namely the Nexus 10. This tablet is featuring a 10-inch AH-IPS panel with a resolution of 2.560 x 1.600 pixel and runs a brand new Android 4.2 OS. Further features are the 1.7GHz dual-core Exynos 5 processor, 5GB of RAM, 16GB / 32GB of storage, a 1.9 mp cam on the front and a 5-mp cam on the back, a huge 9.000 mAH battery and it weighs just 1.33 pounds.

LG 84 LM9600 – 84-inch of 4K Greatness Image

LG 84 LM9600 – 84-inch of 4K Greatness


You aspire a state-of-the-art home entertainment, well then there’s no way around the magical term 4k. LG has no officially introduced the 84LM9600 to the market, which is a 84-inch screen of ultra high definition daintiness, in numbers we’re counting 3840 x 2160 pixel. Besides the awesome “retina, what?” resolution, this high-end TV features anything LG has to offer comrprising 240Hz, WiFi/DLNA/MHL, FPR 3D with 20 levels of depth control, a camera and so much more to satisfy all your cravings.

Porsche Design P’9223 Aluminum SSD Image

Porsche Design P’9223 Aluminum SSD

Computer × Gear

Porsche Design has once again joined forces with LaCie to serve todays men with an edgy masculine 2.5-inch HDD. The aluminum-made P’9223 carries up to a 120GB SSD, which, as a matter of course, makes great use of the included USB 3.0 port.

Saddlers Union Briefcase Image

Saddlers Union Briefcase


Since 1957, Saddlers Union is crafting outstanding and admired leather pieces and has managed to maintain being considered a hidden gem in the industry. From the heart of Rome, they are silently catering those in the know with pieces like this subtle briefcase crafted of the finest Italian leather, which gives it the right appearance to fit in any scene.

Hard Graft Leather Notebook Rucksack Image

Hard Graft Leather Notebook Rucksack


If it’s about commuting, a rucksack definitely comes with a high-grade of comfort, but most of the time they just don’t fit a businesss-sized notebook and if, then they exude an unmistakable IT appeal. That’s why hard graft have just unveiled an all-leather rucksack with a padded interior and a reserved compartment for a 15-inch notebook.

Apple iPad Mini Image

Apple iPad Mini


In the scope of yesterdays conference Apple has unveiled their two new weapons for the tablet battle, the new new iPad and the highly anticipated Mini. Later applies the legendary build quality to a new 7.9-inch form-factor and features an IPS screen with 1024×768 resolution with fingerprint-resistant coating, PowerVR GPU, dual-core A5 procesor, 512MB RAM, a 1.2mp front-facing camera and a 5mp camera on the rear, GSM/CDMA,HSDPA+/LTE and WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and weighs 0.68 pounds.


DeusX x Makr Leather Tool Roll Image

DeusX x Makr Leather Tool Roll


Makr has teamed up with Australian’s famous motorcycle maker, boldly named Deus Ex Machina, to create a unqiue tool bag. This bag is among the rare pieces of Makr, that follows a canvas leather combination yet still is made to last for miles of adventure.

Eastwork Limited Chromexcel Bifold Wallet Image

Eastwork Limited Chromexcel Bifold Wallet


Crafted in an one at a time manner in a little shop in Boston, the leather works of Eastwork are decisively made to last. To this end, this bifold wallet clearly emanates quality and comes in a highly limited batch of just 12 pieces. A strict no-machine ethos is obvious in the thick stitching that holds the layers of Chromexcel leather to grant you a bold spot for your cards and cash.

Pendleton Wool Picnic Blanket with Leather Carrier Image

Pendleton Wool Picnic Blanket with Leather Carrier


Spring, summer or autumn, the season does not really count if you’re willing to spend a worthwhile time together and there are numerous autumnal meadows that crave to be experienced lingering on this thick blanket. The legendary Pendleton mills made this durable wool blanket with an appealing leather carrier for your late picnic wants.

Jack Spade Arno Leather Briecase Image

Jack Spade Arno Leather Briecase


Unearthing a briefcase, that adds a distinct note to you wardrobe is a demanding task considering everything that has been made today is  basically just a reiteration of a begone design. This in mind, simply stick with the best reinterpretations available like the Arno shuttle brief. This elegant brief exudes an unmistakable 20s aura and is as such made of durable fine-grain Italian leather crafted in an old-world manner.

Vim Beget Cervidae Leather Wallet Image

Vim Beget Cervidae Leather Wallet


If you’re in search of a unique wallet the Cerfidae wallet of Vim Beget is undisputable among a rare breed as it’s basically just an intricately cut, sewn and fold piece of thick 2oz leather. After a meticulously executed procedure you get a credit card sized wallet with five separated compartments for cash, coins and cards.

Belkin WeMo Baby Design Monitor Image

Belkin WeMo Baby Design Monitor


If there’s a brand you can count on considering thoroughly designed tech-gadgets, then it definitely is Belkin. The WeMo collection represents their efforts to modernize your home and the WeMo Baby is exactly what initially sparked your mind, a top-notch baby  monitoring device. This design piece streams all the captured noises to up to six receivers, which run the newest iOS even via 3G.