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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Headphones Image

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Headphones


You still seek the headphones that can accompany you on the commute whilst maintaining a high grade of class, then the brand-new Sennheiser Momentum cans might fit your bill. The Momentum exudes a quality urban yet vintage-esque style, which is apparent in both the looks as also in the sturdy and luxurious feal due to the abundant use of chrome and thick leather sourced from the English tannery Pittards. (unboxing over at head-fi forum)

Ghurka featuring Park&Bond for a new Cavalier II Duffel Image

Ghurka featuring Park&Bond for a new Cavalier II Duffel


When it comes to note the true classics among men’s luggage, then the name Ghurka has to come up. It has been pretty quiet around this quintessential British brand, untill recently when announcing this capsule collaboration with Park & Bond. The capsule collection consists of a dopp kit and a remade Cavalier II duffel. Both are made for the adventurous and simultaneously elegant traveler with thick canvas twill, Ghurka signature midnight blue tanned leather and bright vibrant red colored lining, whilst the Cavalier II features a fold-end design that opens to reveal extra space and an easy access for packing your cloth.

Yves Saint Laurent Prince of Wales Check Coat Image

Yves Saint Laurent Prince of Wales Check Coat

Coats & Jackets

We all don’t want to hear that, but the next cold season is approaching, thus an adequate winter cover-up will come in handy. To this end, Yves Saint Laurent presents the Prince of Wales coat, which strikes from the very first glance with a sleek and elegant single-breasted design finished with an attention-catching typical British check pattern. The coat further shows well placed button cuffs on the sleeves, the obligatory single chest pocket and a lining made half and half of wool and viscose,

Archival Clothing Rucksack Image

Archival Clothing Rucksack


This rucksack is simply great for those style-conscious bicyclists who regularly have to face harsh conditions as it’s made just with quality materials sourced in the US. Archival Clothing made their rucksack to meet upscale demands for comfort, space and durability. Thick waxed twill makes it both a looker and tank, whilst Horween leather adds the sophisticated detail to make it a genuine staple in your wardrobe.

Hard Graft Leather Boots 2012 Image

Hard Graft Leather Boots 2012


With highly recognised skills in working leather, it is no off nor surprising thing that hard graft is finally introducing their first foray into the world of shoemaking. These particular boots are part of hard graft’s new shoe collection, which is inherently inspired by vintage shoes combined with their signature tanned leather and a supple calf lining. Definitely a collection to be reckoned, when searching for a long living pair of denim-fitting boots.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 2013 Image

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 2013


The infamous driving dynamics of a 911 just got even more impressive with Porsche revealing the 2013 911 Carrera 4 and 4s with all-wheel drive. Complementary to its racing origin, the new 911s feature a seven-speed dual-clutch, an advanced traction control and an info screen, which shows where the power is distributed to. The range topping Carrera 4S comes with an impressive 3.8.liter engine, which enables the coupe to break the 60 in a scant 3.9 seconds sprint whilst topping out at around 185mph.

BMW Zagato Roadster Image

BMW Zagato Roadster


The Milan-based car refiner Zagato have once again teamed up with the Bavarian propeller flaunting carmaker BMW to create the Zagato roadster. Built upon the z4, this roadster manages to give it an aggressive, more masculine appearance without sacrificing the elegance a BMW comes with by nature. Alongside the obvious silhouette changes, the interior of the Zagato roadster comes clad in a special beige leather. The powertrain is a 250 horsepower machine good for a close 5 second sprint from zero to 62.

Breitling Chronomat 41 Limited Edition Image

Breitling Chronomat 41 Limited Edition


Breitling has just taken the rwapps off of their latest limited edition chronometer, the Chronomat 41. This 41mm stainless steel chrono comes in a batch of 2.000 watches distributed around the globe and runs the legendary Breitling caliber 01 movement, which features 47 jewels, 28.800 vph and a power reserve of 70 hours and is COSC-certified.

E.H. Works Mopha Bike Tool Roll Image

E.H. Works Mopha Bike Tool Roll


E.H. Works is a brand-new Seattle-based design studio and the Mopha is their debuting product. This well crafted tool roll is made with the special needs of style-conscious bicyclist in mind, hence it is made of thick waxed canvas, features a leather toe strap closure and offers a place for ten essential bike tools, which might come in handy on a ride across town.

E.H. Works Mopha Bike Tool Roll image

Barbour + Jack Spade Special Collection Image

Barbour + Jack Spade Special Collection

Accessories × Coats & Jackets

Traditional outdoor gear meats the fashion demands of todays metropolitan, or when Barbour joins forces with the NY brand Jack Spade. This capsule collection is identified by iconic  waxed canvas in combination with raw-edge Italian leather details, thoroughly placed cordura reinforcements and padded interiors lined with Barbour tartan. Inspired by pieces of Barbour’s archives, you’ll get a messenger, a coal bag, a carryall, a brief and two jackets.

Mujjo Macbook Pro Sleeve fits like a Second Skin Image

Mujjo Macbook Pro Sleeve fits like a Second Skin

Accessories × Gear

In a comparably short time, the Dutch company Mujjo has made a name for itself throughout the design industry with making outstanding, affordable sleeves for your modern gadgetry. This particular sleeve is tailored by hand to fit your new MacBook Pro like a second skin. It displays an organic minimalism with a warmth haptic due to the use of pure wool felt and carefully tanned and hand-dyed leather.

Are you in a safe Environment? The Lapka iPhone Device knows! Image

Are you in a safe Environment? The Lapka iPhone Device knows!

Gear × iPhone

Lapka turns your iPhone into a sophisticated environmental monitor viá a suite of sensors. This so-called appcessory consists of four peripherals gathering analog measures of humidity and temperature, electromagnetic frequencies, organicity viá a steel probe to check for nitrate concentration, which identifies non-organic fertilizers, and radiation levels. Lapka will then visualize this information in an abstract particle motion, which they compare to a kind of “Ambilight-esque motion graphic”. The devices itself exhibit an appealing aesthetic combining the elegant beauty of wood and Apple-typical ivory-white plastic.

It’s Adventure Time with the Petromax HK 500 Lamp Image

It’s Adventure Time with the Petromax HK 500 Lamp

Gear × Outdoor

Fishermen once inspected their nightly catch in its warmth yet powerful light, but who tells us we cannot do the same in times of iPhones, tablets and omnipresent technical gadgets. It’s adventure time, abandon your stuff at home, go for a hike, take a Petromax HK 500 and seek the adventure in the night. This elegant high-pressure oil lamp hasn’t been changed significantly for over a century, hence exhibits a certain intriguing steampunk look, albeit it has been made before the term steampunk has ever been known. This manly outdoorsmen tool is crafted of high temperature-resistant glass and brass, which makes it totally weather-resistant, and has the power to boost out 400 watts of light.

For the Lady: Lapàporter iPhone Case Ballerina Image

For the Lady: Lapàporter iPhone Case Ballerina


A lady deserves a sign of affection without a specific reason, whether being it of subtle origin like daily appreciation or like giving this little piece just in a moment she won’t expect it. Handmade with supple lambs leather and  great care in Berlin, this iPhone case expresses a chic appearance that is feminine, playful and versatile allowing it to be combined even to an evening dress. She’ll always remember you the moment her mobile rings, a message comes in or when showing it to her friends.

Vanishing Elephant Cadmium Woven Derby Image

Vanishing Elephant Cadmium Woven Derby


Sydney based brand Vanishing Elephant became popular for not trying to reinvent the wheel rather polishing the classic aesthetics to comply with todays demands. This shoes apply a gentlemanly style to your wardrobe with a slender classic derby silhouette and a bright twist with a woven mid-part.