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The Guitar Collection Book Image

The Guitar Collection Book


Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons and Keith Richards are among those legends that have agreed to have their most precious guitars included in this superlative work that answers to the simple name The Guitar Collection. Ultra high-resolution pictures have been prepared to adorn this oversized 8.25” wide by 11.25” tall piece of history. The limited run of 1.500 adds another touch of exclusivity to this leather-bound 512 pages, that also includes a companion book Stories, custom-made guitar case, certificate of authenticity, and signed museum-quality print. Definitely not just a book meant to sit in a admirers vitrine.

James Perse Limited Edition Teak Pool Table Image

James Perse Limited Edition Teak Pool Table

Home × Tables

Imagine a sleek designer dinning table that transforms into a solid pool table in seconds. James Perse presents the Fisher Price for grown gentlemen, that refuse to deny an inner urge for a game-time-out. This pool is crafted from environmentally farmed teak, comes in 8″ by 4″ size meeting official regulation, and features a stylish black toned combed Simonis worsted wool surface, wood triangle and racks, black leather pockets, and a table top to temporarily disguise the game as a dinning table.

J.W.Hulme Edgecumbe Briefcase Image

J.W.Hulme Edgecumbe Briefcase


The Hulme brothers once ignited their passion for leather goods of all kinds with manufacturing tents for the military. Few years later till today, J.W. Hulme is synonymous for well constructed leather accessories from the United States. Seize this heritage with one of their newest briefcases, the Edgecumbe, that comes hand-buffed and subtly distressed for the passed-down-through-family look we all feel so attracted to. The inside reveals a sturdy brown nylon lining, and space to stow your notebook and a few newspaper.

Nonnative Boston Bag Image

Nonnative Boston Bag

Accessories × Style

Nonnative is pretty new in the fields of fashion, but the Tokio-based brand lead by Satoshi Saffen has already stirred some attention with a laid-back California-esque design philosophy. The Dweller Boston bag is as such a well-working representative of this design language. Constructed of tightly woven cotton in combination with unobtrusive leather details, this bag appears like the perfect companion for the gym or a weekend elsewhere.

a-JAYS One+ Earbuds Image

a-JAYS One+ Earbuds


Conforming with the new plus naming-habit initiated by Google, a-JAYS newest release is named the One+, and as that features enhanced functionality. The signature tangle-free flat cables feature a one-button remote, that controls all your music and talk functions on your mobile device. Aside the sleek appearance, this buds also come with a 8.6mm dynamic speaker engineered to reproduce the sounds you want on a short commute or in the café around the corner.

Wacom new Bamboo Line Image

Wacom new Bamboo Line

Computer × Gear

Wacom has finally released a new set of Bamboo-badged tablets. The latest entry-range of the tried-and-trusted Wacom tablets consists of the Bamboo Connect, Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Create, of which the first is a pen-only solution meant to support your daily business with pressure-sensitive digital ink. The later are for the ambitious creative inclusively wireless connectivity and an enhanced multi-touch experienced, which is meant to bring the pinch-zoom to an efficient use.

Matt the Moleskine Cover Image

Matt the Moleskine Cover


Even the quickest tech-early-adopter can’t deny, that quickly taking a note in the good ol’ way has something tempting and essentially efficient. That being said, the moleskine will always remain among the most known notebooks in history, and Matt the Moleskine cover is millican’s contribution. This moleskine cover is crafted using English bridle leather tanned in Britain’s last remaining traditional oak bark tannery. Your next flash of wit will find a great, lasting spot in this new-old essential.

Archimede DeckWatch Image

Archimede DeckWatch


If you nurture a passion for simplicity coupled with an affinity to vintage watches, then the German watchmaker Archimede fulfils all your demands. Over the course of the past century, Archimede has made rugged yet classy timepieces for aeronautics and military. The new DeckWatch pays tribute to the watches of 19th century navy officers, and is thus a pretty distinctive piece in every collector’s collection. Under the dial with blued hands works an exclusive Swiss hand-wound UNITAS 6498 caliber, that runs at 18.000 bph and features 46 hours power reserve.

Hard Graft Back2Back Bag Image

Hard Graft Back2Back Bag

Accessories × Style

The Austrian folk at hard graft definitely proofed they know one or two things about creating excessively functional luggage, which becomes obvious when taking a look at the new Back2Back rucksack. This bag basically fuses the function of a rucksack, a messenger, and a briefcase when lugging it with the robust handles. Generous in space, the Back2Back will care for all you daily stuff, and a weekend full of clothes if necessary. Material-wise this transformer comes in the hard graft signature combination of premium wool felt and Italian premium cow leather.

Coach Bleecker Legacy Courier Image

Coach Bleecker Legacy Courier


Owning a Coach implies owning a piece of American history. Already since 1942, Coach is producing high-quality leather goods straight from the blocks of New York with time-proven techniques and premium materials. The Bleecker Legacy courier is part of their newest collection, is crafted of the finest Made in italy suede, and a rigorous attention to details.

Bill Amberg Red iPad Case Image

Bill Amberg Red iPad Case


From home to the office, this iPad case wont let you down as it combines the design quality you’re used to from Bill Amberg and the utilitarian context an iPad case must provide. The sturdy look from the outside finds a flashing completion, when the bright red interior is exhibited. Aside this bold modern color, the quality Italian leather is prepared to age gracefully, and acquire individual marks referring to your proficient use.

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Image

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt

Accessories × Computer

So, what’s so big on the Apple-branded thunderbolt technology compared to the speedy USB 3.0. Some might think the 10 Gbit per second transfervolume might be enough, but the ability to daisy chain up to 8 devices is what makes this interface so potent and exciting. The recently introduced LaCie Little Big Disk thunderbolt series is able to pump out a transfer speed of up to 252 MB/s with a regular 1TB HDD, but when chaining four Little Bigs you’ll be privileged with volumes up to 780 MB/s. ALl that crammed in a LaCie typical high-class case designed by Neil Poulton and made of aluminum.

J.Crew Abingdon Garment Bag Image

J.Crew Abingdon Garment Bag

Accessories × Style

Some prefer a bland garment bag that is as sleek as the suit stowed within, but few demand something more unique, probably something that’s inspired by hunting gear. For those, J.Crew’s limited Abingdon range offers a garment bag, that is designed with long-term use in mind, and is as such made of rugged waxed cotton canvas, burnished leather trim and brass-finished hardware. The spacious inside offers enough space for a 911-trunk-filling clothes and a pair of shoes.

Gustaffson and Sjögren Vile and Oden Set Image

Gustaffson and Sjögren Vile and Oden Set

Accessories × Watches

This set is definitely something different compared to the usual classy pieces we’re presenting, but due to its incredible level of detail and work, the Vile and Oden set has to be mentioned. Named after two god brothers in Nordic mythology, the first part of the Gustaffson and Sjögren creation is the 42mm wide Vile watch, that exhibits a handforged wildflower Damascus steel embraced by a titanium index ring, and driven by a Swiss manual-wind ETA caliber 6498 with a power reserve of 46 hours. The other part constitutes the Oden knife, a classic folding-blade, that displays a breathtaking blade made in Wildflower Damascus with Damascus explosions, a technique invented and developed by master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson, while the handle shows prehistoric Nordic fossilized coral. Just 5 sets will be completed of this eye-catching pieces, each presented in a birch wood box made by Sture Nyberg in svepask technique.

Rugby Tweed Run Bike by Pashley n Ralph Lauren Image

Rugby Tweed Run Bike by Pashley n Ralph Lauren


Have you been in the privileged position to participate in the last year’s Tweed Run hosted by Ralph Lauren, an old British bicycle run through New York. Well considering the bothersome registration you probably didn’t, but this year RL’s not just eased the process, you’ll even be able to win one of these hand-built beauties. A limited staple of just 50 commemorative editions has been made by Pashley cycles, England’s longest-established bicycle maker, to recall a unique happening.