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Breitling Montbrillant 01 Chronograph Image

Breitling Montbrillant 01 Chronograph

Style × Watches

If there can be named a single watchmaker the first choice for demanding men of distinct passion for aeronautics, then it probably is Breitling. With implementing the precious Caliber 01, the Montbrillant 01 opens a new chapter in the unique history of the Montbrillant series. The Breitling Montbrillant 01 chronograph is equipped with a timeless 40s chrono look including the legendary circular slide rule for pilots emphasizing that this is made of the “official supplier to world aviation” during the boom of air transport. The case, 40mm in diameter, will be available in a limited edition of either 2,000 Pieces in steel and 200 in 18kt rose gold for the collector with a predilection for the flying B.

Bright Orange for a bold Statement Image

Bright Orange for a bold Statement

Accessories × Style

This is not of the classic outdoorsman-esque department nor of the modern streamlined edge, but this weekender is a extraordinary and absolutely discerning looker and eye-catcher. Even though it’s close on the edge being taken for ambulance gear, however then your the doc that needs to pass through the urban hustle. Made of J.Crew’s top-notch rugged nylon twill and provides pockets galore for the extended getaway.

Safretti OlympiQ – the logical Combination of a Fireplace and Barbecue Image

Safretti OlympiQ – the logical Combination of a Fireplace and Barbecue


Indeed, a well-crafted barbecue will proudly pose amidst your garden landscape even when not following its function, but functionality is what a grill is made for. Filling this gap, the fireplace expert Safretti introduces the OlympiQ. Both a fireplace exuding coziness and natural warmth at night, but also a functional barbecue by just replacing the glass shield with a stainless steel grill et voilà ready for an unique alfresco dinning experience. In the inside works Philips’ woodstove that is equipped with an adjustable ventilator for highly efficient wood burning, and the outer shell is made of powder-coated aluminum.

Maison Martin Margiela Wood Card Holder Image

Maison Martin Margiela Wood Card Holder

Style × Wallets

In search for the extraordinary, you may have already opted for wooden specialties, but were there a sumptuous wallet amongst those pieces. High class fashion label Maison Martin Margiela provides the daring metropolitan with this unique statement of a wallet. This leather lined wood card holder comes in a lacquered finish, offers enough room for the daily required plastic and definitely elicits conversation when pulling it out to pay the meeting’s bill.

Sony’s Handheld Revolution – The PSP NGP Image

Sony’s Handheld Revolution – The PSP NGP

Games × Gear

Social connectivity, location-based additional content including augmented reality extras are just a little excerpt of what Sony’s brand-new PSP-successor has to offer. Dubbed the NGP, it is made to herald a new era of portable gaming experience featuring a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, PowerVR SGX543MP4+ GPU, an impressively crisp 5-inch OLED touchscreen display with 960 x 544 pixel resolution, dual analog sticks, Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity, GPS, six-axis motion sensing system, an electronic compass, cameras on the front and back and a revolution – a multi-touch pad on the rear for three dimension-like motion control. Sony gave it a complete oval shape whilst sticking with the fundamental design principles.

Maison Martin Margiela and Cutler&Gross for the Anatomic Shades Image

Maison Martin Margiela and Cutler&Gross for the Anatomic Shades

Style × Sunglasses

For some the sunglasses must exude a statement that has to be bold and certainly eye-catching. Martin Margiela has established itself as a staple for men searching the difference. Now he has joined forces with the sunglasses manufacturer of London-based Cutler&Gross to create the Anatomic. This huge but well-formed shades are pure made in italy all handmade and feature a face-wrapping design.

Aston Martin Vantage S Image

Aston Martin Vantage S


Aston Martin has taken the wraps off of its brand new road weapon with a palpable track appetite. The Vantage S supplies its driver with 430 concentrated horsepower produced by the already proven big 4.2L V8. From the transmission to the brakes, anything is trimmed for speed. The Vantage S is debuting the seven-speed Sportshift 2 that is touted to have 20 percent advantage over its predecessor and combines that with shortened steering reaction, stiffer dampers, bigger brakes and better fuel economy resulting in a 18 mpg combined rating. Due to a hidden exhaust bypass valve, the S is told to welcome its competition with an impressive speed-suggesting scream.

RVW Flight – A Modern Highlight for Your Room Image

RVW Flight – A Modern Highlight for Your Room

Home × Seating

Still seeking for the bold highlight that can further enhance your living room, well then the brave creations of the Swedish design prodigies Johannes Herbertsson and Jonas Nordgren might offer what you demand. Located in Malmö, their brand RVW quickly became a staple for a timeless use of classic geometries and materials obvious in their most recent offering, the Flight series. A range that comprises a one, two and three-seat sofa all made for comfort and a design without a time stamp. An open ash frame is the foundation for a fully upholstered seat that is wrapped in an asphalt gray cotton.

Ferrari’s Answer – The FF 4WD Image

Ferrari’s Answer – The FF 4WD


Finally, Ferrari officially unleashed first bits of what is their ultimate answer to the Cayennes and X6s around, soberly named the FF. This all-wheel-drive four-seater cages a monstrous 6.3-liter V12 that’s ready to roar off-road with its 651 horsepower. We’re talking 8,000 rpm and 504 lb-ft. of peak torque allowing the 4,000 lbs space miracle, 16 cubic feet, to pass the 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds whilst topping out at 208 mph. That in mind, the 15.5 mpg combined and 360 g/km emissions make the upcoming Ferrari even more alluring.

Audi’s Toy Car for the Big Boys Image

Audi’s Toy Car for the Big Boys


Take the nostalgic design of a 30s grand prix racer in 1:2 scale, a part car-fanaticism and mix it together with a lithium-ion electric motor and you get a powerful toy car for kids of all ages including those experienced driver that are still young at heart. Audi’s Auto Union Type C e-tron is made of aluminum with a carbon-look finish and provides a seat for drivers up to 1.80 meters in height, who then will be offered a top speed of close 19 mph and 44.25 lb-ft of torque for a rejuvenating journey of almost 16 miles. source

Midleton 19yo Pot Still Whiskey Image

Midleton 19yo Pot Still Whiskey


From the largest pot still in the world, the Midleton distillery comes this rigorously limited whiskey that was laid down in November 1991 in an American bourbon barrel of which a piece will accompany each of the 200 wooden boxes. The 19yo has been noted to be an exceptional example of traditional Irish pot stills and with an individually numbering at each label, this Midleton will become a noteworthy spirit at your next collectors gathering.

SLYDE – The iPod of Haute Horology Image

SLYDE – The iPod of Haute Horology

Style × Watches

Already since the early 80s, the Berliner Joerg Hysek ranks among the most successful watchmaker alive. In 2006 he started his own brand HD3 Complication to pursue his modern design ethos and to advance the technological savoir-faire of watchmaking industry. Now HD3 unveils a stellar step on the ladder of haute horology, the avant-garde SLYDE. SLYDE exhibits a screen that modulates according to the time and the user’s needs and wishes by merely sliding a finger over a touchscreen, literally opening its wearer an infinite variety of timepieces on the wrist. With peerlessly transcending the modern technology world with the tradition-rich Swiss haute horology, SLYDE is taking it to a level of aesthetic and technical incandescence that goes well beyond the known limits of horological architecture, right in a manner such as Steve Jobs would have dreamed of. It’ll be available with cases in black, grey titanium or in pink gold with complementary straps in leather, printed alligator or rubber in five colors.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time Image

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

Style × Watches

In times of numerous electronic, perma-online companions, a world time mechanism might not provide the same high functionality as it once did, but a perfectly finished watch that embodies such a difficile complication definitely is a veritable conversation-filler and will always remain a highlight in a collector’s treasure room. As a precious part of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking heritage, the world time is making a comeback in the Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time featuring the brand new calibre 2460WT that has been able to further raise the bar. The new world timer is capable of indicating not only the full time zones, but also the partial ones, so as to reflect the exact temporal reality in the 37 time zones. The case, 42.5mm diameter, is made of 18k gold fitted with a brown alligator leather strap for the typical timeless elegance among timekeepers.

Porsche Design P’3105 Fountain Pen Range Image

Porsche Design P’3105 Fountain Pen Range


There are those exclusive fountain pens from names such as Montblanc or Higdon, but the German office-supplier Pelikan is now also set to keep pace with the finest of the writing instrument industry with partnering with the modern design geniuses of Porsche Design. To mark the start of a unique partnership, the Stuttgarter present two fountain pens that are both limited to an edition of 200 pieces. The P’3105 Pure Black is inspired by the first Porsche Design product ever, the black Chronograph I, reflecting in the matte black PVD coating while the Pure Titanium’s particularity lies in it being milled from a solid block of titanium and an engraved edition number on the front of the end exhibiting its exclusivity. Both writing tools offer a completely rhodium plated 18 carat gold nib available in EF, F, M and B widths.

Stelton Pure Black – A Knife Series for Men Image

Stelton Pure Black – A Knife Series for Men

Home × Kitchen

If a man demands just the best tools in his box, why shouldn’t he raise the same high expectations for his tools in the kitchen. Stelton presents a compact series of excellent knifes for the serious gourmet who are as daring in their style as they are in their cooking. The Danish HolmbäckNordentoft Studio is responsible for these impressive pieces of matte black coated stainless steel. Each knife is made of a single piece of steel, thus they’re perfectly balanced and highly durable.