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Maui Jim Lighthouse Sunglasses Image

Maui Jim Lighthouse Sunglasses

Style × Sunglasses

If you’re still in quest for sturdy and versatile shades to replace those throw-aways, even though they usually pay off when you break them frequently, however sunglasses of Maui Jim are made to even resist the fiercest beach football incident with confident easiness. Their newest ultra lightweight frame represents the Lighthouse, a ultimately reduced to functionality pair of sunglasses that is equipped with Maui Jim’s highly accoladed PolarisedPlus2 multi-layer lens technology in three different hues – neutral grey, a smooth bronze and the Maui signature blue.

Pineider 1774 Rugato Calfskin Trolley Image

Pineider 1774 Rugato Calfskin Trolley

Style × Trolley

Travel with sophisticated style and priceless comfort, this upright leather trolley of the Italian leathergoods maker Pineider takes inspiration from the world of fine shoemaking using a classical technique of waxing and brushing in order to apply smoothness and subtle shades of colors. Italian Rugato calfskin crafted by the acclaimed experts of Pineider gave birth to this upscale trolley, which will serve you well in various situations.

Tiger of Sweden Brown Suede Fall Brogues Image

Tiger of Sweden Brown Suede Fall Brogues

Shoes × Style

Even though color is in urgent need regarding the upcoming season, it’s definitely a hard challenge to combine an utterly colored pair of shoes, hence discreet yet versatile footwear remains a serious choice. Tiger of Sweden is the vendor of this sophisticated, tad retro-inspired brogues, which adds a certain coziness to your casual outfit with chocolate suede uppers and fitting spare brown laces. A classic brogue including the obligatory sturdy Good-Year welting for lasting comfort and strength completes an eclectic shoe for the urbane gentleman’s day-to-day look.

Paul Smith Epsom Coat Image

Paul Smith Epsom Coat

Coats & Jackets × Style

It’s noticeably easier to be an energetic paragon of productivity when the sun is shining and whilst every place seems to be picture perfect leaving you with a warm glow, but with autumn approaching it’s up to us all to revitalize the outside. This single breasted coat handles the transition period with ease, and lets its wearer stand out of the crowd in style due to the use of a bright khaki-grey blend wool fabric. The Epsom coat belongs to Paul Smith’s London collection, and as that features a stately and classy silhouette without a trace of conventionalism, further underpinned by a contrast red velvet collar.

Tateossian Gear Tie Clip Image

Tateossian Gear Tie Clip

Accessories × Style

In a comparably short time, to be precise in a short 20 years, the British label Tateossian accomplished to become a staple choice for the contemporary, sartorially dressed men who believes in the significance of small details. A Tateossian piece shines with a timeless look, that simultaneously incorporates a unique twist just like this tie bar, which adds a stylistically confident, mechanical detail to your wrist.

Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept Image

Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept

Cars × Style

To commemorate 75 years of persistently conceiving elegant yet powerful vehicles, Jaguar Cars came up with the one-of-a-kind XJ75 Platinum Concept, a unique and striking way to celebrate and highlight the personalized nature of luxury cars. Jaguar Cars has tweaked the supercharged XJL 5.0-liter V8 to produce 470 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque. The high performance XJ75 Platinum Concept can hustle to 60 in a scant 4.7 seconds topping at a factory-set 170 mph. In addition to boosting the horsepower, Jaguar has also made several further performance upgrades to emphasize the performance theme, including a more race-affine bodykit, a dichromatic color-scheme of a satin matte white, which is also present all over the interior, in contrast to a glossy black lacquer, and a center console that houses a unique pocket watch that has been created hand in hand with the British Bremont brand.

Makr Farm Rucksack Image

Makr Farm Rucksack

Accessories × Style

For the stroll to the gym, the intense ride around the blocks, the laid-back get together, this canvas backpack by Makr answers your demand for a stylish companion on your back. Almost to chick to be worn on the back only, the Farm Rucksack provides two layers of tightly woven cotton duck all around, which prepares the rucksack very well against the adverse conditions it has to contend with. Undyed leather detailing from Horween, the oldest continuously running tannery in the United States, including two leather straps on the front that provide a compelling, secure closure, fairly padded canvas straps, a small snap pocket, two side pockets and one generous main compartment make this a practicable piece of artisanship.

J.Lindeberg Fairway Brogues Image

J.Lindeberg Fairway Brogues

Shoes × Style

Since its inception in 1996, J.Lindeberg is the prime destination for the style-conscious, modern golf devotees and professionals around. The Swedish design company can demonstrate a considerable expertise in creating unique and highly functional golf equipment to which this golf brogue is no exception. Great stability and power translation reigns supreme in this impeccable brogues, which definitely work peerlessly well on any fairway around the globe.

To Boot New York – Graham Wingtip Image

To Boot New York – Graham Wingtip

Shoes × Style

Over 200 individual hand operations are required, from the first cut to the final polishing, to finish a pair of shoes that is designed by the highly acclaimed shoemaker Adam Derrick. Casual yet smart, the Graham is an impressive lace-up wingtip made from hand-selected French calf, and exhibits a sophisticated slender silhouette in nuances of colour intensity throughout with numerous artisan details – a definite, enduring classic that is made to enhance any outfit and might be your missing link in your footwear collection.

Billykirk Sienna Carryall Image

Billykirk Sienna Carryall

Accessories × Style

Since 1999, the leather maker of Billykirk continuously refine their craft, even though the first finished product that has left their building near-instantly made an impressive impact in the fashion industry. The entire Billykirk range is reminiscent of simpler times including the built to last fabrication you’ll definitely come to appreciate. This carryall is no exception, and is made of water-repellent waxed cotton in either a Sienna beige tone or classic black complemented with heavy leather trim, and reveals generous space when opened with multiple small pockets, which are ideal for stowing all your tiny items.

Denon 100th Anniversary Collection – DP-A100 Turntable Image

Denon 100th Anniversary Collection – DP-A100 Turntable

Gear × Home Audio

To celebrate their 100th year of inexhaustibly catering the discerning audiophiles around the world, the popular Japanese electronics company Denon releases a special Anniversary collection consisting of modernized reissues of their most important historical achievements. The DP-A100 lets you experience the smooth performance of a history-marking direct-drive turntable in an extraordinary, refined appearance. Cogging-free rotation is guaranteed with the DP-A100 turntable, and the piano black lacquered body complemented with gold hardware offers the adequate visual satisfaction enhancing any home theater.  source

Caran d’Ache 1010 Chrono Sport Special Edition Image

Caran d’Ache 1010 Chrono Sport Special Edition

Accessories × Style

It’s a frequent happening that leading watchmaker collaborate with diverse sport professionals or create engagements with a whole sport, but it’s a rare moment when the world of fine writing instruments connects the haute horology with the world of sports. The master craftsmen of the Geneva Maison de Haute Ecriture, Caran d’Ache, created a limited edition of the famous 1010 fountain pen that exhibits a bold sporting aesthetic. The 1010 signature skeleton body  features a special black inner chassis highlighted by a red gear, a watch-bezel-resembling ring with luminescent markers and a watch-crown-imitating cap. A 18-carat rhodium-plated gold nib completes the highly exclusive, sought-after package for the watch collector who knows to appreciate a superior fountain pen and vice versa.

+Beryll Ace Shades Image

+Beryll Ace Shades

Style × Sunglasses

Sigmar Berg, avid architect and founder of the Los Angeles-based +Beryll brand, dedicated himself to hone a design language of unadorned purity led by the eternal form-follows-function principle, and always with regard to a limited production run. Solely creating shades in a limited stock, implies an inherent touch of exclusivity for each Beryll branded pair of sunglasses, including this classically-inspired aviator named Ace. Crafted by hand and hand-polished till each piece reaches an impeccable quality to serve your eyes with comfort and protection.

Makr Leather iPad Case Image

Makr Leather iPad Case

Accessories × Style

This particular leather iPad case is in no way inferior to the visual impact an iPad causes, it rather stylishly advocates the concealed devices within. Entirely made by hand by local artisans under the roof of the Makr brand using hides sourced from the legendary Chicago-based leather maker Horween. Each case is made from a single piece of leather folded, hand sewn and edge painted till it reaches a palpable level of quality, which is visually satisfying as also functional, because Makr paid special attention on avoiding any pressure points that could harm the precious goods in the inside. source

Heutchy Canvas Lace-Up Image

Heutchy Canvas Lace-Up

Shoes × Style

With the ambitious aim to bridge the gap between casual and decisive formal footwear, the thriving New York-based brand Heutchy definitely chose a demanding path. Italian leather and Japanese canvas are the materials for timeless pairs that will last several trends. Part of their new collections, comes this all-purpose low-profile, full canvas lace-up including a wooden sole and block heel – an excellent example for the Heutchy that will become a staple in any man’s wardrobe.