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Carbon2Cobalt’s inauguration leather Bag Image

Carbon2Cobalt’s inauguration leather Bag

Accessories × Style

Carbon2Cobalt is a raising young fashion brand that’s quickly gaining attention due to a design ethos that hones effortless style-confidence that resonates a deep American root. This leather satchel is fashioned from durable distressed vintage premium leather, entirely made by hand, and being in a perpetual self-ennobling process it’ll acquire an unique patina making each bag a singularity. The loose look offers a striking contrast to any casual, maybe dressed ensemble, and being an American original product the Overlander is made to last.

The Black Tot Last Consignment Image

The Black Tot Last Consignment

Lifestyle × Style

Tomorrow, the 31th of July entered the history books of seafaring as the Black Tot day, a British day of mourning, the last day of the officially sanctioned rum ration in the Royal Navy and the end of a 300 year old tradition. In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of this history mark comes the Black Tot Last Consignment, a surprising and connoisseur exciting treasure trove as this present the last remaining stocks of the rum that witnessed the last moments in 1970. The last consignment appears in a traditional set arranged of a black glass bottle and a walnut box littered with signs of genuineness and authenticity ensuring this becoming a true gem for any collector and demanding aficionado.

Apple Magic Trackpad Image

Apple Magic Trackpad

Computer × Gear

Almost as usual, Apple does not solely introduce the next Mac generation, they furthermore insist on revealing another revolutionary device. Talk is of the Magic trackpad that tries to substitute the common mouse as accurate periphery, and to accomplish this demanding mission the trackpad got equipped with multi-touch abilities including the MacBook gesture control ability, program-launching click-zones and further work-alleviating features such as inertial-scrolling. The pad also doesn’t miss to blend with the typical Mac design language, being a sleek tile of aluminum with a glass surface.

Ralph Lauren Howard Wool Coat Image

Ralph Lauren Howard Wool Coat

Coats & Jackets × Style

Time passes by, season change and men need to adapt. For the approaching harsh, but not less colorful and bringing together early-fall periods this British-appealing wool coat of Italian origin, on behalf of the American original Ralph Lauren, comes to reflect a sophisticated, urbane metropolitans personality. The thick full-wool fabric decisively applies its Italian silhouette shaping your appearance for the refined autumn appearance.

Mercedes CL65 AMG Image

Mercedes CL65 AMG

Cars × Style

The venerable history and famous classy look solely doesn’t satisfies you entirely, then Mercedes Benz’ recently introduced CL65 AMG will come up with the engineering finesse and performance you might have missed. The star emblem bearing luxury flagship coupe is driven by Mercedes’ highly decorated engineering masterpiece 6L V12 that achieves incredible 885 lb-ft of torque. A zero to 62 sprint is done in close 4 seconds while a comfortable five-speed automatic transmission keeps control of the roaring 621 horsepower and the overhauled biturbo system.

Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Pro Image

Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Pro

Computer × Gear

Creativity is imperative in the design industry, especially in digital media, but as it is in the movie industry, the tools to bring those ideas on screen often are unattainable for the freelancing professional. Blackmagic made this a thing of the past with introducing the Ultrastudio Pro, the world’s first broadcast quality SD/HD capture and playback solution for USB 3.0. This sleek device crams top-notch broadcast technology into a streamlined body made of brushed aluminum. While the face displays an audio level meter for the precise audio calibration, the backside provides numerous video and audio connections including 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI, genlock/tri-sync, R S422 deck control, 2 channels of AES/EBU digital audio in and out  and many more. On the run for professional gear, then take into account that there simply doesn’t exist a better HD video quality as the uncompressed 10 bit SD/HD-SDI video the UltraStudio Pro delivers.

Jack Spade Waxwear Notebook Case Image

Jack Spade Waxwear Notebook Case

Accessories × Style

Few of history deciding decisions were made simply by accident, and thus it was that the Spade’s spontaneously opened Jack Spade in the early 90s. Inherently da core with their design ethos of straightforward shaped, utilitarian bags comes this notebook case with an incredibly tasty look. Made of a paraffin impregnated waxwear canvas-nylon mixture fabric that does not only provide enhanced durability and protection against the daily adverse conditions it has to contend with, it furthermore adds a distinct character to the bag. The bag further features antiqued hardware and leather trims for a complete mellow and modern appearance.

Ralph Lauren Rue Royale Bed Image

Ralph Lauren Rue Royale Bed

Bed × Home

“As you make your bed so,” starts a famous saying clarifying a crucial and important role plays the right bed. Whether it’s about questions of decor, an quiet invigorating sleep, or just because you cultivate a claim for the sublime different, the Rue Royale of Ralph Lauren’s new Le Grand Hotel collection might have what you want. This sleigh bed appears in a sublime, royal look including those awe-inspiring classical details such as nailhead trim, British button tufting in the scrolled head and regal lion’s paw feet conjur the look of a throne-esque sleeping accommodation.

Panasonic Lumix LX5 Image

Panasonic Lumix LX5

Cameras × Gear

Today, Panasonic has introduced its new competitor in the fiercely contested point and shoot discipline. The Lumix LX5 is the point and shoot for those who simply refuse to dispense advanced functionality in favor of a practical form factor. As such, it features a 10.1-megapixel CCD supported by Panasonic’s new Venus Engine FHD image processor and a 24mm wide-angle lens with an aperture range of f2.0-3.3 for the extra realism in each of the 400 shots one battery charge is able to provide. The LX5 further features 720p video recording, a 3-inch LCD, a shutter speed of 60-1/4,000 sec, 3.8x optical zoom and a turn-and-push jog dial for unhindered usability.

Premiata – Shoes for the most discerning Men Image

Premiata – Shoes for the most discerning Men

Shoes × Style

Tradition meets avant-garde, a mission that escorted the esteemed Italian shoemaker Premiata since 1885. Today, Premiata counts to the most important ambassadors for the ‘Made in Italy’ badge, and their shoes became must-have collector’s pieces for the discerning man. An exquisite design language based upon traditional craftsmanship in combination with just high caliber leather forges their array of shoes including this particular lace-up. This pair appeals with a plain understated silhouette, but further knows to shine with a delicate, bright, modern color that has enjoyed a subtle treatment for the certain scratched look – definitely a decisive choice to suit the dark denim as good as a suit while enduring season after season.

Dunhill Bladon 24-hour Bag Image

Dunhill Bladon 24-hour Bag

Accessories × Style

The British-based supplier of men’s luxury pieces Dunhill became famous for numerous engagements in the automobile industry and moreover built a reputation for catering several influential characters, amongst them Nobelist Sir Winston Churchill to whom the new Bladon bag is dedicated. The Bladon is an utterly capacious bag in a classical leather optic that yet is contrasted by a contemporary rectangular shape. A great performer for the long-haul, work trip or the daily use.

Rivieras Classic Leisure SHoe Image

Rivieras Classic Leisure SHoe

Shoes × Style

The Côte d’Azur is a known playground and runway for superyachts, golf enthusiasts and those who succumb to the sometimes admittedly eccentrically flamboyant vibe of St. Tropez, however it’s also the place that yielded the classic Rivieras leisure shoe. This bright, lofty and comfortable shoe strikes with a homogeneous mixture of a mailed mesh and canvas upper whilst a saddle-stitched welt leads to a rubber sole that meets a relaxed sailing trip’s requirements, but also does well in any scene with a 50s appeal and an imperative dose of distinction.

Longines Expeditions Polaires Francaises – Missions Paul-Emile Victor Image

Longines Expeditions Polaires Francaises – Missions Paul-Emile Victor

Style × Watches

The Swiss watchmaker Longines is not just popular for holding the oldest registered logo in the watch industry, it became famous for its close and centuries-long affiliation to aviation and adventure-seeking individuals, which left several important marks in the history of watchmaking. Longines accompanying numerous world flight records and expeditions, this particular timekeeper with the winged hourglass honors a series of intrepid expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica under the leadership of Paul-Emile Victor in the 1940s. Today, this timekeeper finds additional attention with its slender, utilitarian look made of stainless steel and featuring an automatic caliber L619 with a power reserve of 42 hours.

BMW X3 2011 Image

BMW X3 2011

Cars × Style

After a successful inauguration period, both the crossover attempts of the German propeller bearing company BMW, clarified there sublime class. Now, BMW readies the successor model of the X3 that is touted to strike with an overall better shape means decreased weight while elongated size for up to 1,600 liters cargo volume and BMWs new design lines. The X3 runs the 306 horsepower, turbocharged 3.0L V6, which allows it to accomplish a 5.7 seconds sprint to the 62.

Oxfords for the Summer – The Keene Oxfords of Rachel Comey Image

Oxfords for the Summer – The Keene Oxfords of Rachel Comey

Shoes × Style

Still not satisfied with the chosen shoes that were destined to lead through the broiling summer weeks like a fluffy cloud flattering the exhausted feet, but without sacrificing a certain style-consciousness. Sounds familiar, then the Keene oxfords of the raising fashion designer Rachel Comey might accomplish the task. This bold lace-up oxfords are fashioned of a light canvas expertly detailed with brown leather, and a natural grained leather sole exhibiting a look vastly influenced by a traditional spirit, but made with modern comfort in mind.