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Maui Jim Mahina Sunglasses Image

Maui Jim Mahina Sunglasses

Style × Sunglasses

Maui Jim shades are always an infallible choice, not just for the style-conscious appearance on a secluded island – a modern-take aviator like the newly released Mahina, which means moon on Hawaiian, will also unfurl its charm amidst the urban jungle. Besides all the Maui Jim typical top-notch features like the nine-layer PolarizedPlus2 optics, the Mahina’s frame is made of the super-alloy Monel, which  finds increased use in marine engineering constructions due to its excellent corrosion resistance especially against sea water.

Jaybird SB2 Sportsband adds a Color Splash to your Workout Image

Jaybird SB2 Sportsband adds a Color Splash to your Workout

Gadgets × Gear

It takes a single workout routine to determine whether you’re of the in-ear bud type who prefers a perfect isolation whilst doing the 220lbs bench press or you’re not disturbable anyway, but you can’t sacrifice to listening to your playlist anyway. Around a half year ago, the latter has been delighted by the introduction of Jaybird‘s SB1 Sportsband that recently has undergone a summer-adequate color revitalizhttp://www.gentlemansgadgets.com/for%20men/images/2008/03/bikebyme-bike.jpgation. The new SB2 oozes the same strong retro-character of its predecessor enhanced by a bold color palette, and it further received sharp adjustment for a richer bass and overall sound quality due to an on-board apt-X connectivity, better voice quality, and an enhanced cable-free experience for eight hours of continuous wireless music support.

The Bike By Me by You Image

The Bike By Me by You

Bikes × Style

It’s definitely no secret that the Scandinavians share an exceptional strong affiliation to their rich history of bicycle building, and considering their expert advice, customization is key for a perpetual devotion to your bike. To this end, the Swedish motorcycle company DinScooter created a slender, blank canvas of 20 pound, hand-refined chrome molybdenum steel to fulfill your curiousest vision of a bike. The Bike By Me comes in either a fixie or single-speed set-up, stainless steel spokes, strong u-brakes, and the wildest colors you could imagine (more to come).

Sieger Design and Conmoto for the Taurus Barbecue Image

Sieger Design and Conmoto for the Taurus Barbecue

Gear × Outdoor

At some point, or to be more precisely, at some temperature, the majority ends up enjoying the fresh breezes in a sunny setting, even though the existence of a totally climate controlled office might still be more comfortable. To round those days off, a barbecue grill that lends any patio an exclusive yet masculine look will be just right to complete the perfect atmospheric summer nights under starry skies. The German outdoor furniture and fireplace expert, Conmoto, introduces a piece of the prestigious Sieger Design company, entitled Taurus grill. A clear, reduced design language describes the Taurus, made of powder-coated, galvanized steel, belted by a stainless steel railing it conjures a quintessentially elegant appearance. This grill further features a storage space for the firewood, two height adjustable grills, a removable charcoal tray, and is completely weatherproof.

Jil Sander White Lace Ups Image

Jil Sander White Lace Ups

Shoes × Style

Although the white cloud is a term of the past considering vehicles, and despite white being a pretty precarious affair to match with almost any attire, this sleek yet almost classic lace-ups will fulfill its mission as your ensemble’s bold highlight. A thick, bright brown leather sole further puts the shoe’s impression into spotlight whilst a linen inner lining ensures a good appearance even doffed.

Motorola Droid X Image

Motorola Droid X

Gear × Mobile

The recently unveiled mobile flagship of Motorola doesn’t needs a fiercely marketed lifestyle attribute, the Droid X simply comes to elevate your mobile communication experience with a myriad of live widgets to flawlessly stay connected, leading hardware specs and more presented in an understated dark graphite suit. The Droid X features a 854x480px, 4.3-inch touchscreen animated by the entirely new state-of-the-art TI OMAP3630 processor that runs at 1Ghz. Further on the board is DLNA and HDMI connectivity, a 8 megapixel camera with dual flash and 720p video capture mode, and 8GB of on-board storage expandable up to 32GB – and of course the vast Verizon 3G network.

Jaguar celebrates its 75th with the XKR 75 Image

Jaguar celebrates its 75th with the XKR 75

Cars × Style

Around the time jazz began to influence and build up a new culture, and Art Deco reached its point of culmination, the British island became witness of the era Jaguar. Another child of the roaring twenties that has announced to celebrate its 75th anniversary with a highly limited model of the elegant XKR coupe, aptly entitled the XKR 75. A striking visual package including a whole body-kit, 20-inch alloy wheels in a dark gray finish, a Stratus Gray paintwork, and a fitting interior in charcoal leather lends the 75er an asphalt-hungry look that fits the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 very well – in figures, 522 horsepowers and a peak torque of 483 lb-ft. are eager to work.

Aiwa Leather Book Satchel Image

Aiwa Leather Book Satchel

Accessories × Style

The young leather craftsmen of Awai joined forces with the Savile Row member b store, to yield an exceptional slim-line satchel that has been designated to serve a single purpose – to carry a book, even being it of electronic nature. This leather bag doesn’t handles large volumes of paperwork, but the chosen work, or two, will be carried in tanned, thick leather, and protected and presented in an understated yet timeless look.

Altec Octiv Mini Image

Altec Octiv Mini

Gear × Home Audio

From the creator that published the world’s first surround-sound computer speaker system back in 1995, comes this minimalistic single-speaker dock to serve in almost any space as it’s decidedly modest in terms of spatial demands using just marginally more space than the iPhone it charges. The sharp edged shape of the Octiv Mini flawlessly blends with its environment, and in combination with Altec’s free Alarm Rock app its ready to let its 3-inch driver play your track at morning.

TAG Heuer STH 810 Collector’s Stop Watch Image

TAG Heuer STH 810 Collector’s Stop Watch

Style × Watches

With being 150 years at the forefront of the Swiss avant-garde horology, TAG Heuer definitely knows how to satisfy a demanding clientèle. Within the vast scope of TAG Heuer’s 150′s anniversary comes this simple held, vintage-racing-inspired stop watch in an edition of 1.860 pieces, the year TAG Heuer’s rise began. The STH 810 is a 120g piece of chrome-plated brass, measures 55mm and features a manual-wind movement that’s protected by 9 jewels – utility is probably no the prime aspect of this stop watch, but it’s a collector’s worthy conversation piece in eternal commemoration of TAG Heuer’s deeply rooted affinity for the racing world.

Toshiba libretto W100 Image

Toshiba libretto W100

Computer × Gear

Innovative steps sometimes are inspired by abandoned concepts that once have been archived somewhere in a cellar just to be unearthed at another time. Within the frame of the celebration of a successful quarter-century in the laptop business, Toshiba has now unveiled an ultra-portable dual-screen laptop that renders homage to Toshiba’s libretto line. The 1.8-pounds light libretto W100 comes in a limited run and features two 7-inch, capacitive touch-screens with tactile feedback, a 1.2GHz CULV processor, 2GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD, one USB port, a SD card reader, WiFI 802.11b/g/n connectivity and a built-in accelerometer managed by a full Windows 7 Home Premium installation – on the whole, not the working animal for the pocket, but a considerable mobile media experience.

NBS pure copper Phono Pre Amplifier Image

NBS pure copper Phono Pre Amplifier

Home Audio × Music

Despite all those top-notch hi-fi equipment, few particularly demanding audiophiles simply refuse to accept the smallest interferences that might disturb the perfect sound experience of their rare LP collection. In order to flawlessly amplify a low-level signal to a veritable feast for your ears, a pre-amp is in need, and the recently introduced universal phono pre amplifier of NBS will spoil your ears and eyes. In fact, this pre-amp is a heavy 65 pounder cast out of pure copper that conveys unparalleled signal quality due to the exceptional shielding and grounding the chassis provides, supports both balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs, and combined with the expertise of NBS this veritable sculpture of a pre-amp is a life-lasting companion for numerous home concerts.

Aldo Bruè – Another Insider’s Choice Image

Aldo Bruè – Another Insider’s Choice

Shoes × Style

In the early 70′s, the Italian independent cordwainer Aldo Bruè ventured into the discerning industry of man’s footwear with the intention to establish a veritable alternative to the popular names. Today, shoes of Bruè retain the reputation of an undisclosed insider’s choice for urbane gentleman, proven by pieces like this smooth leather slippers. This particular pair exudes a quiet almost formal appearance with a slender, low-profile shape, a full leather sole and a flawless sleek surface.

Dunhill ADV8 Holdall Image

Dunhill ADV8 Holdall

Accessories × Style

Albeit Dunhill evolved to a modern icon of British style, they’ve managed to maintain a distinguished heritage they consistently cherish and remind of with stately achievements such as the ADV8 holdall. This streamlined overnight carry-on bag recalls the look of the driving gloves and leather wrapped steering wheels of the bygone era where racing was an important gentleman’s sport. Fashioned of finest British leather with numerous embossed detailing, subtle contrast stitching, brushed palladium hardware, and a in durable high-tech microfiber lined inside makes the ADV8 a modern, boasting V8 of a man’s bag.

Novero Victor – True contemporary Jewelry for Man Image

Novero Victor – True contemporary Jewelry for Man

Gear × Mobile

TheFirstOne, was the name of their debuting device and entrance into the technology market, but over the course of a year, the German company Novero managed to establish its name at the forefront of the European industry for fashionable, wireless, lifestyle solutions. Now they’ve introduced an unique headset that blends contemporary design with timeless materials and advanced technology for the style-conscious man always on the move. This headset, dubbed Victor, works like a pendant, therefore can be worn discretely by sliding it on the lapel of a suit or shirt, and with its sharp yet understated look, a black polished piano black body accented by a silver plated cap, it guarantees for a discerning sartorial bliss. Besides the extraordinary single ear bud design, the headset provides 5 hours of talk time and a dual-microphone sensor with noise cancellation to satisfy the technology demands for this contemporary piece of jewelry.