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Swinford Backgammon from Ralph Lauren Image

Swinford Backgammon from Ralph Lauren

Games × Gear

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known, which can further be traced back to the ancient Romans, whose Duodecim Scripta (‘twelve lines’) shares striking similarities with the backgammon layout used today. Regarding this history, backgammon shall be played with an adequate set just like the Swinford backgammon from Ralph Lauren. A backgammon set in finest Italian leather and wood, contrasted by tokens and triangular playing fields colored in cream and gold tones assuming a truly royal appealing look.

Röshult Charcoal Table Grill Image

Röshult Charcoal Table Grill

Home × Kitchen

It’s a design language of pure forms and immaculate impressions that elevated Röshult to the Scandinavian design forefront in home appliances. This globally esteemed design is what renders this particular table grill to a truly eyecatcher and conversation piece in a cozy circle. The Charcoal grill complements any outdoor setting with a compelling, pure look whilst further providing elaborate functionality. A removable zincked charcoal holder, and a chromed grate alleviate any arduous cleaning tasks for a distraction-free get-together.

Peasants & Travelers unique Doctor’s Bag Image

Peasants & Travelers unique Doctor’s Bag

Accessories × Style

In a comparable short time, the bag experts of Peasants & Travelers rocketed to the top tier of a worldly man’s sought-after list. Quirky and different, but always in cultivated style with an urban charm, thus a Peasants & Travelers never leaves the spheres of superb taste. To this end, their latest collection offers a Doctor’s bag that perfectly illustrates the traditional leather handwork combined with a vein for contemporary yet timeless designs. Without compromising detail, especially not around the selvage that typically deserves more attention, this Doctor’s bag comes in either a common canvas look, elegant waxed cotton, or in a very unique natural cork look contrasted by a dress shirt lining that cares about a weekend worth of clothing. Peasant & Travelers makes any journey every bit as exciting as the destination you chose.

Lacie Rugged USB 3.0 HDD Image

Lacie Rugged USB 3.0 HDD

Computer × Gear

LaCie is a name that guarantees top-notch technology married with sculptural designs that easily surpasses the imagination of an 60′s sci-fi movie. True to its bright orange, ruggedexternal HDD design, LaCie spends it an update with adding the new USB 3.0 standard that’s sure to take advantage of the utilized 500GB that spins at 7200rpm. Besides being drop resistant up to 2.2 meters, LaCie throws in 10Gb of encrypted online storage for at least a year .

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Image

BlackBerry Bold 9650

Gear × Mobile

No need to boast with an App store, nor with those touch screen solutions, RIM’s BlackBerry forged its own realms revolving just around greatly optimized business utility and a time-honoured, understated design. Research in Motion has now unveiled the highly anticipated successor of the Tour, sailing under the Bold line’s flag as the Bold 9650. With an optical trackpad in favor of the once-signature trackball, the 9650 aligns with its existing colleagues, but moreover provides 802.11b/g WiFi connectivity to fully seize the new Blackberry Mobile Voice System version 5. Further features consist of a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, 3G and UMTS/HSDPA with quadband GSM/EDGE/GPRS, a usual headphone jack, and 512 internal memory.

Reevu for more Safety on the Bike with the MSX1 Helmet Image

Reevu for more Safety on the Bike with the MSX1 Helmet

Bikes × Gear

With the aspiration to further improve the safety of motor-sports and enthusiasts around, helmet maker Reevu readied up a helmet that thrives to proudly herald a new era of traffic clarity with an entirely mechanical, and the ‘world’s first’ patented rear-view mirror system. The MSX1 touts to eliminate the need to move your body significantly, or even to turn all the way around, to probe the traffic conditions behind you due to the use of a mirror tunnel that projects the happening behind you on a small mirror that is located at the top of the eye port, which can further be adjusted depending upon your preferences. Alongside the obvious innovation, the MSX1 features a comfortable visor removal system, an ECE, DOT and British Motorcycle Sport ACU Gold standards approved shell made of Trifibre composite, and a balanced weight of maximal 4-lbs, all that ready to let you experience a new degree of confidence on the bike.

Loake Shoeshine Kit Image

Loake Shoeshine Kit

Shoes × Style

Loake is one of the few fine shoemaker that were able to preserve unique, time-honoured techniques, the service amenities that constitutes through a family-owned company’s passion, and is moreover distinguished with a Royal Warrant. However, there comes a time, a man refuses to seize the full refurbishment service, therefore Loake offers a shoeshine kit for your fine, handmade footwear. Good as gift, and a must for every man, a premium shoeshine kit crammed with high-quality tins of polish, four brushes and suede tools for your Brogues, Oxfords or pairs of choice.

Penfield Oxon Bag Image

Penfield Oxon Bag

Accessories × Style

In the past 25 years, the fledgling brand Penfield has already established itself as a guarantor for durable, functional gear made to resist the most demanding climate, whether strolling over the rainy street of London or in an Antarctic expedition. That being said, the Oxon bag sure is made to accompany you for years of travel and getaways while offering a traditional look that suits the leisure getaway. The Oxon features double buckle flap closure at front with 2 huge front pockets, and an Oxford cotton lining in the inside.

Peter Millar Signature Golf Bag Image

Peter Millar Signature Golf Bag

Gear × Sports

Chris Knott is a man that consistently pursues a vision of a dressed man that always exudes a charisma of distinction, no matter if he’s on the fairway or whilst careering along office floors in a contemplative mood. In 2001, he gave that vision a shape, and the label Peter Millar was born and ready to instantly elevate to a staple in the men’s luxury apparel industry. Never anachronistic, just timeless, old-world style that already has been worn by many PGA Tour pros such as Steve Stricker. Now, they conceived their first foray into the realms of golf accessories with an immaculate golf carry bag. The Signature bag weighs 3 pounds and features a dual strap, six pockets for the game’s indispensable gear such as a towel or water bottle, a rainhood, a steady leg system with lock mechanism and many more.

Dunhill’s exceedingly elegant Poker Set Image

Dunhill’s exceedingly elegant Poker Set

Games × Gear

Poker is not just a stalwart game like many others, it’s furthermore known for a social class and gender transcending characteristic. On a poker table everyone is equal, and shares the same passion as also the same motivation, however the poker player’s tools distinguish. This sleek poker set clearly strikes a huge statement of sumptuous luxury, and a masculine appeal every gentleman would be proud to play with. Dunhill conceived an elegant, understated black lacquered box that accommodates quirky colored, solid aluminum chips, weighted poker dice and two packs of chrome-edged cards illustrating the exceptional standards of Dunhill and this poker set’s consistent appearance of luxury.

Special Black Edition of Würkin’s Power Stays Image

Special Black Edition of Würkin’s Power Stays

Accessories × Style

There are collar stays forged of mother of pearl, metal stays embellished with symbols, or even plated with gold, but no matter the material Würkin’s magnetic power stays possibly present the best fitting remedy. The Power Stays are made of a special high-tech alloy that won’t impede your progress at the check-in, as it is undetectable whilst still complying the unique reputation of instantly transforming a regular collared shirt into a hidden button-down  simply with a the use of a magnetic counterpart on the collars backside. This special edition furthermore offers a black travel wallet that cradles 4 pairs, each with an unique etch-design and a subtle satin finish.

Demanding Just the Best – Audi’s new A8 L Image

Demanding Just the Best – Audi’s new A8 L

Cars × Style

For those who are just on the edge where a chauffere becomes a necessity and expression of position, or those that favor to be chauffeured in an exclusive environment, or simply those who want to drive an elegant, boldly long and powerful statement on wheels, Audi has now unveiled the A8 L. The L variant stands for a long-wheelbase, but could also easily be mistaken as a luxury edition, considering the immaculately luxurious and compelling interior of the finest leather and wood trimmings. The L’s extra 5-inches solely benefit the rear cabin for a comfortable transportation with SPA-competing amenities as the fauteuils enjoy ventilation, heat and massage function and the right rear-seat offers over a meter of legroom due to an electronically adjustable front passenger seat. A 6.3-liter FSI W12 engine drives this road cruiser, and produces 500 horsepower for an under 5 seconds sprint from 0-62mph controlled by an automatic six speed Tiptronic transmission.

The Rugger amidst the Wash Bags Image

The Rugger amidst the Wash Bags

Accessories × Grooming

The grooming gear is a quintessential part of every trip, whether being it for an extended fligh-out or for a meeting abroad. However, there’s a rich offering, but just a few are capable to convey a sporty, laid-back statement like this toiletry bag named the Rugger. Living up to it’s name, this wash bag maintains its shape no matter the accident due to a solidly woven canvas layer in a seaweed green.

Frédérique Constant in Commemoration for Chopin Image

Frédérique Constant in Commemoration for Chopin

Style × Watches

In celebration of the 200th birth anniversary of one of the most influential and popular pianists of the 19th century, namely Frédéric Chopin, the venerable experts behind the fine watchmaker Frédérique Constant commemorates the virtuoso’s life and achievements with an immaculate, classically designed timepiece. Designed to celebrate the anniversary, this timekeeper comes in limited editions of 1810 pieces in understated steel and in Yellow gold case. Each hand-polished watch exposes a classical dial with a fine piano keys pattern in the center and comes in its own handmade miniature Frédéric Chopin piano, completing a true heirloom piece.

Frye’s Harness Carry-On Image

Frye’s Harness Carry-On

Accessories × Style

With its roots tracing back to supplying innumerable, arduous missions on several adventurous fields with unique boots that even got constituted to represent the style of the 60′s in the Smithsonian Institute, Frye learned to handle leather to construct something very durable without losing an eye for an expressive design. This carry-on tries to live up to this influential heritage, and comes in a sober look that obviously aims for ultimate function. The Harness is a spacious bag made of supple leather, fully equipped to offer a place for the business essentials on the go whilst cradling a weekend of clothes.