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The Track-thirsty Venom Gt by Hennessey Image

The Track-thirsty Venom Gt by Hennessey

Cars × Style

No matter from which angle, Hennessey’s recently unleashed supercar solely exhibits an aesthetic that emanates pure power from the first sight. As a sinister look claims to be accompanied by equally dramatic performance figures, the Venom GT sports a vastly overhauled version of the Corvette ZR1′s 6.2L V8 engine in either a supercharged or a twin-turbo variant producing up to 1.200 horsepower. Hennessey achieved to further extend the use of carbon fiber, which lends the Venom GT to sprint up to 60 in impressive 2.4 seconds whilst topping out at 272 mph. As a matter of course, the Venom GT features excessively adjusted track-relevant systems, such as a programmable traction control and many more to assuage any expectation.

Eterna Madison with Spherodrive Image

Eterna Madison with Spherodrive

Style × Watches

At first glance, this timekeeper aligns with few classic styled pieces, but a little more examining view will reveal the true capabilities of this tonneau-shaped watch, an immensely impressive 8 days power reserve. Due to an innovative mechanism, called the Spherodrive, the Eterna caliber 3510 achieves to reduce friction loss, and the steadily diminishing amount of energy when the springs uncoil. This Swiss haute horological achievement coupled with timeless, classic appearance is definitely among the most resolute statements a wristwatch can offer.

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 in 46-inch Image

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 in 46-inch


Customers of the Danish technology company Bang & Olufsen are known to be a demanding and exclusive circle, therefor superlatives equal superior standards. In accordance to this reputation B&O has now unveiled a new phalanx to their BeoVision 10 flat screen range with an astonishing 46-inches huge 240Hz LCD panel presented in a typical Scandinavian, contemporary look. Enframed in a slender polished aluminum frame, the new BeoVision 10 appeals just like a modern picture, but further conceals potent integrated stereo speakers, which are hidden beneath interchangeable canvas covers that’ll make your own custom stylized TV.

Wexler&Co. for a time-honored Look with the TypeII Duffle Image

Wexler&Co. for a time-honored Look with the TypeII Duffle

Accessories × Style

A rusty nameplate in the venerable halls of the Manhattan-based brand Wexler&Co. unwaveringly reminds everyone entering of Wexler’s century-old ethos: the best is good enough. In accordance with this history, Wexler&Co. has now published a soft-sided, huge carryall that’ll add a firm waft of authenticity to your cosmopolitan lifestyle. The Type II incorporates all the standards of Wexler with being entirely handmade in America with the use of time-honored techniques, and the unique hides of Chicago’s legendary Horween leather company. A hand-pressed oak-grain leather, which exhibits a peerless deep texture achieved through the use of antique press plates that other luxury brands can just pant for, and a waxed-canvas lining in luxurious crimson gives this duffel the unique look that became imperative for both spontaneous short getaway as also the prolonged trip with certain claims.

Le Orchidee from Marc Fish Image

Le Orchidee from Marc Fish

Home × Tables

The desk is undeniable the visual focal point as also the place where innovative ideas and thoughts come to life. In search for a truly unique masterpiece of a desk, that reflects the productivity you bring to life everyday, you’ve to consider the creations of Marc Fish. The Britain-based designer knows to satisfy the most discerning clientèle, and one of his late projects definitely is worth a place in every office. The name Le Orchidee introduces a luxurious compact desk, which major particularity presents the seamless tambour roll top that initially appears to be made of a sole solid piece of wood just to reveal the refined innards.

The ultra-flat Mythos XTR-50 Image

The ultra-flat Mythos XTR-50

Gear × Home Audio

You don’t have to be an inexorably examining audiophile to avow yourself certain demands on the surrounding soundscape’s quality, but that modern hi-fi equipment furthermore has to comply the discerning man’s yearnings for an equally visual satisfaction. For those who want to depict a streamline-perfect media-room, the audio experts of Definitive Technology have revealed the Mythos XTR-50 speaker-bar. Forged from aircraft-grade aluminum, a set of this ultra slender, in figures 1.5 inches thick, wall-mount speakers will complement, moreover enhance any room it’s determined to thrive in. The smoothly organic curved cabinet embodies six potent aluminum dome drivers and tweeter for a dynamic range and extended response as it’s needed for todays entertainment.

L.L.Bean Casco Boat Shoe Image

L.L.Bean Casco Boat Shoe

Shoes × Style

With being a brand that built itself a reputable name for field-tested gear, it’s no surprise that L.L.Bean’s history is punctuated with several landmarks within the challenging realms of hunting gear. With the simple act of stitching a supple leather upper onto a traditional rubber boot hunting shoe, he revolutionized a whole understanding, however this boat shoe heralds no revolution, but a pair of these are imbued with the legacy, and firm dedication to authenticity of L.L.Bean.  Fashioned of full-grain leather, hand-sewn to wrap around your foot for the superior fit, which shall be demanded in action.

Both a Pocket- and a Wrist-Watch – Chopard’s L.U.C Louis Ulysse Image

Both a Pocket- and a Wrist-Watch – Chopard’s L.U.C Louis Ulysse

Style × Watches

The habit of having an amount of loose cash in your tailored trouser’s pockets on hand survived the merciless progress, but a sophisticated pocket watch somehow has been exiled, or gradually superseded by its wrist adorning substitute. However, for those who want to roam the world without sacrificing neither the handiness of a wristwatch nor the extravagant appeal of a pocket watch, Chopard has introduced the L.U.C Louis Ulysse, which embodies both worlds. With featuring an easy to use, extremely reliable cradle system that offers you to switch from pocket- to wrist-watch in one swift move. The 49.5mm huge case is made of 18kt white gold in a satin finish, and embodies a mechanical hand-wound L.U.C EHG movement, a Chopard in-house creation, which oscillates at 21,600 vibrations per hour and has an incredible 80 hour-plus power reserve.

Nigel Cabourn Mandalay packaway Coat Image

Nigel Cabourn Mandalay packaway Coat

Coats & Jackets × Style

Over forty years of persistent passion for vintage clothing and details, forged the trend defying design philosophy of the British original Nigel Cabourn. To be geared up towards those unpredictable rain showers of spring, Nigel releases the Mandalay packaway coat that boasts with the obvious advantage to be packable into its own pocket, which is concealed on the inside of the coat. Further details that deserve mentioning are the double adjustable stud closures on the hood, and the military grade, lightweight cotton-silk mixture that has been used to craft this spring essential.

Dunhill’s Holdall with the Carbon-Fibre Look Image

Dunhill’s Holdall with the Carbon-Fibre Look

Accessories × Style

There’s no question that Dunhill knows to supply men with premium gear, thus we’re almost used to receive extravagant releases from them just like their newly introduced Chassis collection. Particularly the collection’s holdall knows to represent the new patented leather texture, which emulates a carbon-fibre weave inclusively comparable properties, thus this bag is entirely water- and scratch-resistant. Whilst the inside exhibits a subtly grey colored microfibre lining, and a comfortable access due to an enormously wide opening, the outer streamlined appearance further features unique buckle closures on each end that lend this carryall a further interesting visual and functional detail, as those can diminish the size of the bag according to your needs.

Sony’s colossal 3DTV – The LX900 Image

Sony’s colossal 3DTV – The LX900

Gear × TV

Albeit marketing key metrics concentrate on reflecting the consumer’s demands as accurate, and quick as possible, it took them over a decade to re-invest into a technology that already was deemed as having passed its zenith. However, 3D is back, reinvigorated and in a massive upswing, and regarding Sony, it deserves a colossal optic as well. The recently introduced edge-lit flagship 3DTV, named LX900, impresses from the first view with a modern monolithic design, and guarantees to enhance not just the media room’s aesthetic. The 60-inch huge LX900 features WiFi connectivity, face tracking systems for advanced settings and comfort, and comes readied up for the flawless home 3D experience with two RealD active shutter glasses and a built-in IR emitter.

Distilleria Bottega – 10yo Riserva Privata Image

Distilleria Bottega – 10yo Riserva Privata

Lifestyle × Style

Since the early 70s, the Distilleria Bottega successfully cultivates an influential position in the grappa market. Now, they’ve introduced the 10yo Riserva Privata, an exquisite blend of Amarone, Cabernet and Prosecco grappas with a comparable strong character, and a dark-deep amber presence, which comes from a 10 year long maturing phase in small casks of Slavonia oak, Limousin oak and American oak. To support your penchant for mellow cigars, the Riserva Privata offers an overall sweet bouquet with hints of honey, vanilla and a lil spiciness followed by a mellow finish, which features a subtle note of the noble woods this drip matured in.

Samsung’s little Brightness Wonder – TL500 Image

Samsung’s little Brightness Wonder – TL500

Cameras × Gear

There’s no inevitable necessity to sacrifice a tad of quality if you prefer to carry significantly less weight around, or if you simply favor the freedom of movement a point and shoot can give you. Samsung has now officially unveiled a compact wonder, which deserves receiving a mechanical milestone badge with incorporating a peerlessly attentive f/1.8, 22mm wide-angle lens, and a comparatively huge 1/1.7” CCD sensor in a rugged and virile, black aluminum body. Alongside the sensitive lens, comes a articulating AMOLED display as also a vast range of manual controlling abilities, video recoding, RAW mode for the prolific enthusiast, and both optical and digital image stabilization to ensure the 10-mega-pixels capturing the desired scene.

Hermès Arceau Duc Attele Pocket Watch Image

Hermès Arceau Duc Attele Pocket Watch

Style × Watches

Besides being a luxury brand of leading reputation, a fashion monopole for ties and the first address for a myriad of fashion accessories for the lady, Hermès is always good for a bright, bold collaboration or a timeless pocket watch every style-conscious gentleman longs after. The new Arceau Duc Attele displays a well-rounded visual feast of Hermès’ exceptional made leather nestling an 18kt white gold case, which embodies a dial made of white mother of pearl, superbly hand-engraved with a motif depicting a detail from a drawing by Alfred de Dreux. At any occasion, this watch, nonchalantly pulled out of the pocket inevitably captures any surrounding appreciation.

Asus O!Play HD2 boasts with USB 3.0 Image

Asus O!Play HD2 boasts with USB 3.0

Entertainment × TV

Searching for your next entertainment room’s technical focal point, you won’t be able to avoid Asus’ visual tidbit of a media player, dubbed the O!Play HD2. Alongside an enticing sleek, black appearance, the O!Play withal trumps with an industry’s first detail, featuring the new, ultra fast USB 3.0 port. Further mentionable are both its WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, the HDMI 1.3, composite, component, s/pdif and eSATA ports as also card readers for SD, and Memory Sticks.