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Apple iPad – Just an oversized iPhone? Image

Apple iPad – Just an oversized iPhone?

Books × Gear

Due to an explosively growing tumult and flood of speculations fueled by sporadic emerging information fragments, the recently big unveiling-show conducted by Apple was less of surprise, but still caused a great stir. Solely in the spotlight, the iPad, Apple’s literally vibrant answer to the eBook reader commotion. Confusingly, the iPad runs on the iPhone OS, and is managed by iTunes, which are both that flawlessly implemented that it simultaneously grants the iPad the ability to utilize the myriad of available Apps and a market-leading fast browsing. Driven by a modified 1Ghz ARM CPU, the iPad’s 1.024×768-pixels 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD display with IPS panel shows an unprecedented brilliant picture. The iPad’s exterior is heavily influenced by the iPhone coupled with the sturdy materials of the MacBooc series. Further notably is a 10-hour battery life and a month of standby, a 30-pin Dock connector, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi and optional 3G, an integrated speaker and the iPhone typical accelerometer and compass, and of course the measurements of 7.47-inches wide by 9.56-inches tall by 0.5-inch thick, and 1.5 pounds of concentrated eBook power.

PENTAX Optio I-10 embellished with the Charm of the 80′s Image

PENTAX Optio I-10 embellished with the Charm of the 80′s

Cameras × Gear

Following the certainly sensitive retro trend, Pentax has unveiled the new flagship of their Optio range, which carries obvious nostalgic design cues inspired by the once successful 110 SLR. Pertaining the abilities, the new I-10  features an optical 5x zoom, 12.1 megapixel CCD sensor, which further provides 720p HD movie recording, a 2.7-inch LCD, smile capture, face detection, and a potent optical image stabilization mingled with a pixel track system, and a shake reduction mechanism for steady shots no matter the circumstances.

A whole Stellar Map on your Wrist – Jaeger-LeCoultre’s nouveau Grande Complication Image

A whole Stellar Map on your Wrist – Jaeger-LeCoultre’s nouveau Grande Complication

Style × Watches

With the recently introduced new ultra rare addition to the fabled Master Grand Tradition collection, Jaeger-LeCoultre proves their superior sensibility in catering the upscale collector with a timekeeper that strikes attention alongside the best stocked collection. This veritable feast of iridescent blue colour tones is crafted to the most exacting horological standards and incorporates three complications of historical value, a minute and hour repeater with crystal gongs, a flying tourbillon and an eternal zodiac calendar. As the face, the utilized manual-wind and assembled by hand, in-house caliber 945 exhibits a largely decorated surface underpinned a power reserve of 48 hours.

A MacBook in Disguise – Twelve South BookBook Image

A MacBook in Disguise – Twelve South BookBook

Gear × Laptops

What could be more appropriate then wrapping a notebook in its reputed eponym, a real solid book of heavy leather. Something like that might have been the foundation of Twelve South’s creative artists’ last brainstorming after which they came up with the simple but striking BookBook case for your latest apple emblem crested notebook. As for any laptop cases, protection is of paramount importance, therefor this particular book features heavy hardback covers and a decently padded spine, which furthermore says BookBook, absorbing the severe midtown bustle impacts, while the MacBook remains nestled in a soft, padded interior. To maintain the elaborate look of a distressed book that has survived years of use, even the zipper come in a bookmark-esque disguise.

Cartier’s bold Poker Set Image

Cartier’s bold Poker Set

Games × Gear

There’s a sheer infinite amount of storage solutions and diversely branded poker sets on the market, but just a few possess the potential to become the focal point of the pre-game conversation with your dapper comrades. Jeweler of worldwide reputation and ever-present name, Cartier, grants us a poker set with rich appearance, bold and sumptuous as it could only be done by Cartier. A bold red-black theme describes a conversational pattern for a refreshing decorative element, whilst the inside reveals an understated black Alcantara lining embedding 2 card sets, 360 chips in 5 colors and 5 dices, anything with a touch of Cartier.

Some mobile Splendor for your Timekeepers by Asprey Image

Some mobile Splendor for your Timekeepers by Asprey

Gear × Watches

Even though a mobile watch box is used for practical purposes, there’s still plenty room left to shine with the same quality looks as its content likes to exhibit. Over 200 years of concentrated expertise in creating famous luxe goods, guarantees you an infallible appearance of flawless executed leather, and as functionality is paramount an elaborated interior organization. Either available with six precise watch winders or in a more mobile model, for the three watches you’d like to favor for the weekend overseas meeting.

The Countryman – An off-road Mini Experience Image

The Countryman – An off-road Mini Experience

Cars × Style

With unusually frequently revealed concepts and ideas, the steersmen behind the popular Mini brand simultaneously inspired a certain curiosity and anxiety in the unquestionably reserved community of the iconic car with the expressive face that once dominated the front line in Rally happenings. Mini has now officially unveiled another foray into an undiscovered segment with the Mini Countryman. The new Mini undoubtedly will split minds as its unusual predecessor the Clubman, with a huge cosmetical refurbishment offering the Mini enthusiast a rugged new off-road experience. Alongside the common front-wheel-drive, the Countryman is said to offer an all-wheel option and the known Mini tiers with the Cooper S at the higher end, featuring a turbocharged 211-horsepower engine.

Omega’s next Mark – The skeletonized Central Tourbillon co-axial Platinum Edition Image

Omega’s next Mark – The skeletonized Central Tourbillon co-axial Platinum Edition

Style × Watches

Abundantly rich in heritage, a watchmaker like Omega does not have to prove itself, but they enjoy to show off their dynasty’s splendor, which additionally benefits the craving cloud of collectors. Only 18 pieces of the skeletonized Central Tourbillon co-axial Platinum Edition will leave the doors of the OMEGA’s venerable Cellule Haut de Gamme in Bienne, and each with the certainty to amaze with beauty and perfection. The central Tourbillon, an industry’s singularity, comes embedded in a titanium cage that seems to float freely whilst completely rotating once every 60 seconds in a harmonious motion that invites you to immerse into the enormous craftsmanship concentrated in this timekeeper. Almost each of the 320 unique parts has been refined with a decent sun-burst pearlescent finish and polished by hand. All done with passion and immaculate commitment for a look that effortlessly elevates any man’s reputation to another tier.

Piaget celebrates its Mastery with the Altiplano Anniversary Edition Image

Piaget celebrates its Mastery with the Altiplano Anniversary Edition

Style × Watches

The rigorous dedication to the pursuit of precision, and reliability in combination with perpetually pushing the micro mechanical limits, garnered the prestigious watchmaker Piaget an eternal place in the vast history of haute horology. To adequately celebrate their latest masterpiece movement, the caliber 1200P, the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget chose the timeless, iconic Altiplano watch to become the display of excellence. Despite its peerless slenderness, the Altiplano strikes with an infallible classic appearance refreshed with an evocative blue dial textured in a hand-guilloché circular pattern. Impeccable reliability resonates by the filigree adornments, which add further exclusivity to the utilized 1200P movement. Talk is of beveled bridges, sunray-brushed wheels, a Piaget coat-of-arms engraving, and a number indicating one of 235 limited pieces, engraved on an oscillating weight. Combined with 21.600 bph and a 40-hour power reserve, it’s an anniversary edition that gives the dedicated collector of timekeepers the rare chance to acquire a piece of history.

Bodum Nero Storage Container Image

Bodum Nero Storage Container

Business × Gear

On the daily commute it’s quite simple to differentiate and identify most passenger’s profession simply due to their accoutrement and attire. The classic and immaculate power-suit of the Wallstreet specialist, the exposed attire of the marketing person, the designer’s laid-back clothe almost always accompanied by a Mac, and the Architects, which tend to be recognized through a huge folder and the translucent plastic storage tube. Latter might listen attentively as the Danish company Bodum provides you with a lightweight and flexible solution, the Nero storage container.  Made of a specific rubber blend, lined with a polyester-cotton mixture, Nero is able to safely transport any kind of documents, plans, or even baked good or tools you need to transport with a size of up to 35-inch and a diameter of 3.2-inch.

The Bobsleigh of the Future has a Name – Alurunner Image

The Bobsleigh of the Future has a Name – Alurunner

Gear × Outdoor

Already been to Aspen this season, but there’s still an inner appetite leftover, that certain appetite, which demands for more powder, slopes and thrills. Then don’t hesitate longer and spend yourself a new snow experience. The concept basically remains the same, but that was about all what the Alurunner shares with ordinary sleds. This stunning piece of German engineering skills combines just top-notch materials and crafting techniques to create an ultra light-weight and collapsible aluminum sleigh, which leaves nothing to be desired for the extreme alpinist. On top of the bold mechanical appeal of the Alurunner is a transparent seat made of a highly durable polycarbonate, called Makrolon. A removable polyethylene coating on the wide runners further enhances the supersled’s performance figures, whilst a huge aluminum claw, positioned under the sleds center, tames the speedrun with a powerful yet still controllable brake without influencing the actual direction. However, the true innovation is beneath the seat, an industry-first adjustable seat suspension with 165mm steel spring that even allows the intrepid rider to take off, and all that available in 5 different color schemes, plain white, the lady’s choice pink, forest green, standard silver, and a modern white-black design.

Hermès adds a jingle to your Wardrobe Image

Hermès adds a jingle to your Wardrobe

Accessories × Style

In search for the quite different cuffs broaden your undoubtedly extensive collection of dapper wrist details, you’ll probably stumble over the creations of the old Parisian fashion brand Hermes. However, contrary their commonly known bold and bright designs, this pair of cuff links focuses on proud distinction through form not color. This particular cuffs made of highly polished silver superbly exhibit Hermès‘ design intention, as what makes a more subtle, loud expression as an immaculate jingle of a bell.

aroma_ID’s Active Tools for the Man’s Lunchtime Image

aroma_ID’s Active Tools for the Man’s Lunchtime

Gear × Kitchen

Whether in the train, car, at the workplace or simply on the go, there’s always that one question left unanswered, where to tuck the crucial victuals? However, there’s of course a myriad of solutions, but the Active Tools of the German aroma_ID design boutique possibly constitute the most sophisticated way to transport your meals. A masculine trio, lunch box, bottle, and a flask crafted and sculpted by hand of high quality stainless steel. An industrial visual impression just interrupted yet contrasted with vibrant red canvas straps for the distinguishing experience at lunch.

Aliph’s dazzling Flagship Headset – The Icon Image

Aliph’s dazzling Flagship Headset – The Icon

Gear × Headphones

In terms of fashion-forward designs and a knack for peculiar naming in the headset industry, there’s an iridescent brand man can always reckon on, Aliph the originator of the legendary Jawbone. Precise as a watch movement, they’ve unleashed the headset that is touted to further perfect its acclaimed precursor’s impact with further improved NoiseAssassin technology, even smaller measurements, vast personalization abilities and a built-in “operating system”, aptly dubbed the Icon. The latter will enable its user to customize Icon’s multifunction button with a plethora of functions provided by downloadable Audio and Dial applications, such as a visual battery gauge when you pair the Icon with an iPhone or a voice-to-SMS “app”. Further notably is the multitude of ear fit options, seven earbud sizes plus an earloop, six decent designs of which each expresses one of six available voice profiles in different forms and finishes corresponding to their personalities, a power slider switch on the back, voice activity sensor and automatic volume normalization.

The Highland Park 15yo Spirit in honor of Earl Magmus Image

The Highland Park 15yo Spirit in honor of Earl Magmus

Lifestyle × Style

By 1798 Highland Park had been founded, since then the history of the Highland Park distillery is imbued with adventurous tales, happenings, and more importantly  reflects the distillery’s perseverance and loyalty to their unchanged exacting standards. In honor to the most venerated Earl of Orkney, Magmus II, and the St.Magnus cathedral, which was built in his memory and still dominates the skyline of Kirkwall, this really strong spirit has been created and filled in a bottle that features an image of the saint taken from an ancient stained glass window. Being influenced by the history of the Viking Orkneys, the Earl Magmus 15 years old single malt is meant to be enjoyed respectfully to seize the strong cedar scent and the spicy finish, and of course to prevent you falling off the chair.