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Industrial North Design’s Vanguard-Precision Image

Industrial North Design’s Vanguard-Precision

Style × Watches

The artistic prowess behind the British watch brand fledgling that bears the name Industrial North Design, combines a honed expertise in automotive industry design with the filigree mechanical work and upscale demands of fine watchmaking. The result is the announced Vanguard-Precision timekeeper, a veritable modern sculpture, sharp and bold in appearance accompanied by the best of both worlds. Albeit the immaculate and virile design it still makes use of traditional manufacturing techniques adding a welcoming charm to the elsewise modern precision engineering methods such as laser engraving achieving a proper sharp patterned face. Beneath that masculine case beeps self winding mechanical IND-ETA 2428 movement, and each timekeeper enjoys a made to measure custom leather strap to offer a perfect fit.

A pure playing Experience ba Ralph Lauren’s Hammond Chess Set Image

A pure playing Experience ba Ralph Lauren’s Hammond Chess Set

Games × Gear

Even the most ambitious man has to take a break from time to time, but being in your office doesn’t innately imply a variety of diversionary options to rebalance your inner harmony.  For those who find personal balance in a valuable game, the Hammond chess set of Ralph Lauren displays an outstanding immaculate design any executive’s office craves to be complemented with. The blackened nickel board and the clean-cut metal chessmen reveal an unique luster and impose a precious playing experience that any fellow worker would enjoy just like you. The Hammond kit comes completely shipped with a optically contemplative leather clad case that stores all the games necessities.

Motorola Droid – A worthy Claimant to the Throne Image

Motorola Droid – A worthy Claimant to the Throne

Gear × Mobile

Recently, the highly anticipated Droid smartphone, which was designated to induce a hausse the beleaguered mobile phone company Motorola longed for, has finally been unveiled for general public and rushes on the stage with an equipment that seeks competition. With being the first smartphone run on Android 2.0, it is no surprise that is offers next-generation speeds evident in a perceptibly accelerated browsing and overall quicker and flawless utilization. Especially for those who live at a fast pace, the close-collaboration with Google yielded a few further debuting features, such as Google’s Maps Navigation application that aims to become a potential navigation system’s substitute. Alongside, it features a convincing huge 3.7-inch bright and crisp touchscreen, a 5 megpixel camera, a slender slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 16-GByte of on-board storage, 3G, WiFi, a 3.5mm standard jack, voice-activated search functionality and all the Android amenities.

Hard Graft’s manigfold leather Companion – 3Fold Image

Hard Graft’s manigfold leather Companion – 3Fold

Accessories × Style

In case of the in Austria located bag experts of Hard Graft, it’s versatility, which constitutes value, of course immediately followed by utilizing just materials of outstanding quality. Their seemingly stoneless path to global acknowledge produced an eminent range of bags that bear their trademark material mix of wool felt and soft brown leather details. However, on their first foray into the world of leather the 2Unfold, now follows the 3Fold bag. Crafted from fine vegetable-tanned Italian leather, it’ll spruce up your presence whilst the ability to transform in either a slender-cut notebook bag, an A2 portfolio or a spacious overnighter makes it the ultimate bag for the organized man.

Property of… Miller Work Bag Image

Property of… Miller Work Bag

Accessories × Style

In the search for a proper office bag that remains in the bounds of casual chic, but is able to likewise fit a more formal occasions if required, you can’t get around ‘propert of…‘ bags. Particular their new Miller work bag is ready to lead you through the daily urban struggle in style. Made of heavy nylon twill, it is able to withstand harsh conditions whether created by weather or street incidents and its spacious innards and organized compartments offer the flexibility and capability to effortlessly make the day.

Intelligent Design’s ID Mouse Image

Intelligent Design’s ID Mouse

Computer × Gear

Admittedly, it’s tough to establish periphery of a premium degree in an industry that is that dominated of glossy white plastic designs as it is fact in the computer business. However, the Dutch artisans of Intelligent Design venture an approach with the certainly different ID mouse. A capable laser sensor is concealed in an enticing sculptural packaging, which surface is made of hand-formed grade 1 titanium swathing a high-quality plastic resin. Besides the symmetric design’s capability to serve either the left- and right-handed person, the ID mouse also features a neodymium scroll wheel for an almost floating scrolling.

Goorin Bros. ever-becoming Flat Caps Image

Goorin Bros. ever-becoming Flat Caps

Hats × Style

Hats and caps were once and became again the maybe most becoming accessory besides the tie. Add a distinctive edge to your nonchalant look with a well-executed and fashionable flat cap of the tradition-steeped Goorin Bros. hat specialists. Whether opting for a piece made of a warm herringbone fabric, a corduroy-made head accessory evoking a retro look or even a flat hat fashioned from a flashy plaid fabric, they’re an eternal ode to the old dandy era and an addition to make your ensemble cut.

Reinvigorate your Delight in Traveling with the Zen Class Organizer Image

Reinvigorate your Delight in Traveling with the Zen Class Organizer

Accessories × Style

Over the course, the opportunity to go by plane evolved to a less exclusive way of transportation, as it was at the early beginning, and unfortunately development further entails even business class seats to become less and less convenient. Finally, to make flying easier and relieve onboard inconveniences, a couple of intrepid voyagers and collector of numerous air miles released the Zen Class organizer. When unfolded, this versatile travel bag is able to hook directly on to your seat back tray table to give you immediate and convenient access to your travel essentials and needs, when folded it becomes a fully functional carry-on. Plethora of pockets are ready to stow your mobile or PDA, common clutter including an integrated bottle holder, and compartments to hold your id, tickets, passport and all those documents that are convenient to have close at hand en route or between the terminals.

An elegant Home Theater Companion – The Remote Control Caddy Image

An elegant Home Theater Companion – The Remote Control Caddy

Gear × TV

There exist a multitude of multi-functional remotes, which are well-engineered and developed to adopt the control of any possible device, but it happens that a well-appointed home cinema exceeds those capabilities, or a few cine-phile enthusiasts elaborately avoid to have less dictating scepters. However, this remote control caddy excellently complies the task to display all the required remotes in an adequate manner. Made of a sturdy wood construction finished to reveal a deep burled look, the case accommodates up to 6 remotes, which will be elegantly presented via a lift-mechanism, and a further concealed compartment hides the additional home theater clutter.

Bertolucci Giro Chronograph Image

Bertolucci Giro Chronograph

Style × Watches

What makes this automatic chronograph called Giro a noteworthy watch is that, besides being a fine work of horological art, its brand itself is born out of a seldom seen historical twist, namely the moment the Italian Remo followed his from first-sight beloved Swiss woman to join her family watch-manufacturing business, located in Bienne. However, besides the brand’s mentionable and certainly romantic background, Giro’s 42mm wide 18kt rose gold case strikes from the first glance with precious elegance coupled with a certain sobriety. The inside houses an ETA caliber 7753 with 27 jewels that beats at 28.800 bph and offers 44 hours of power reserve.

Handpresso Outdoor Kit Image

Handpresso Outdoor Kit

Gear × Outdoor

Even the well-appointed man might recognize that there’s a void left in his repertoire when it comes to assuage those espresso yearnings on the go, by himself, for example during an extended picnic. This particular Handpresso outdoor kit will ascend to the top tier of desirability of men who are slightly governed by the dark brew and are unwilling to sacrifice a dram of style. The compact Handpresso machine enables you to rapidly brew an authentic espresso via the use of a high-pressure extraction system powered by the strength of your hand. Alongside, the set features four unbreakable cups and two small napkins as also enough space to carry your favorite E.S.E. espresso pods.

Brooks Brothers Country Club Golf Belt Image

Brooks Brothers Country Club Golf Belt

Accessories × Style

In cooperation with the minds behind the green friendly golf belt movement to encourage a prevalent attitude for better greens, Brooks Brothers introduces their country club golf belt. Not just to complete your possible Brooks Brothers golfing ensemble or to become any golfer’s decent sartorial finish, this belt further adds functionality to a classy appearance, derived from crocodile leather and sterling silver trimmings, with a removable divot tool in the tip.

The Veritas RS III – Exclusivity, Power, Looks – Test Drive Wanted Image

The Veritas RS III – Exclusivity, Power, Looks – Test Drive Wanted

Cars × Sports Cars

In an inconspicuous manufacture located in Grafschaft-Gelsdorf, a German city near the famous Nürburgring, the Vermot AG has resurrect the long-lost Veritas marque with debuting the RS III, a track-phile supercar geared to bare its teeth. This classic 1+1-seater with a covered passenger seat enjoyed an elaborate manual work, which finds expression throughout the whole ultra-light carbon chassis and construction. A sinister-eyed shark-esque face introduces this streamlined air slicing supercar, whilst the rugged tapered inward-curved side sills guide to an extreme flat tail, which might be the most perceived part regarding the monstrous 5-liter V10 engine lend by BMW’s M5. An Autobahn conform top speed of more than 250 mph and a thrilling close 3 second sprint complements the power anticipating appearance for a to be rivaled driving experience.

Ettinger London Bank Attaché Case – Traditional Values for the Gentleman of Today Image

Ettinger London Bank Attaché Case – Traditional Values for the Gentleman of Today

Accessories × Style

Imagine, it’s deceptively simple to let your attire exude the stately elegance of the picture-esque old world business fashion. There is no magic formula, you’ve just to stick with the established classics such as England’s eternal phalanx in traditional business accouterments, namely Ettinger London. This particular attaché case resembles Gerry Ettinger’s own long-time companion and is, as that, made of the same high grade thick bridle leather, which sturdiness makes a wood frame redundant. The classical interior is extended by an extra pocket, attached to the inside of the lid, and the brass trimmings are just of the best quality to ensure that this distinctive case will differentiate its wearer for generations.

Drambuie – The Royal Legacy of 1745 Image

Drambuie – The Royal Legacy of 1745

Lifestyle × Style

The family-owned liqueur label Drambuie achieved world-wide fame due to a myth-enshrouded secret elixir that defied the transient trends of the past 260 years, and now solemnly heralds Drambuie’s centenary of the first commercial bottling with the The Royal Legacy of 1745 premium malt whisky liqueur. The Royal Legacy comes presented in a decanter, which appearance was chiseled and honed to resemble a royal garment with cloak and crown, for the final touch of a regal centenary. The spirit itself is said to offer a full-bodied spectrum of flavours with dominating citrus notes and a mellow finish. As a rigorously limited bottling, each package bears the bottling date, bottle number and signature of the Drambuie Master Blender.