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Paul Smith new Coat Collection Image

Paul Smith new Coat Collection

Coats & Jackets × Style

Admittedly, summer has just arrived and the arduous days of heat are still approaching, but as everyone knows fashion already turned to the next or sometimes even leaped to the after next season. Just like Paul Smith has already introduced his collection of coats packing that compelling British sensibility Smith became famous for. However, this years collection rigorously seem to focus on English tradition, means the typical quirky details are almost left out for this new collection, excepting his signature multi-coloured stripe that can be found hidden as lining in a few coats. But unusual details such as contrasting material mixtures, as seen on the velvet inset Epsom coat in the lapel, can still be discovered with an attentive eye. Furthermore, the collection embraces formal dinner adequate coats, the modern urban street coat with excellent English cut, and even the military-tinted double-breasted pea coat with tight fastened lapel – thus there’s almost no demand unmet.

A decent Portion of America imparted in the Mayfair Independence Trunk Image

A decent Portion of America imparted in the Mayfair Independence Trunk

Home × Storage

Soothe your pioneering appetence a bit with this reproduction of an antique steamer trunk. Over 3.000 hand-hammered brass nailheads, sturdy and substantial leather reinforcements on the corners and the handles, and solid antiqued hardware convey the spirit that places you back to the times of 1776. A skillfully painted heavy cotton flag dignifies this trunk which is proudly named the Mayfair Independence and readies it to serve as a distinguishing apartment detail that definitely will refurbish its environment with a slice of American history.

Ralph Lauren Deauville Crest Cuff Links Image

Ralph Lauren Deauville Crest Cuff Links

Accessories × Style

True to the motto “sometimes, the smallest details make the loudest statement”, comes this pair of simplified wrist adornments. Being one of the most minimalist approaches of the Ralph Lauren collection, this cuff links convince with an initial decidedly modest appearance yet without sacrificing a genteel look. However, on an examining second glance they reveal its subtlety with a Ralph Lauren crest embossed by hand lending this cuffs a striking old world appeal.

Ettinger for The Balvenie leather Hip Flask Image

Ettinger for The Balvenie leather Hip Flask

Gear × Lifestyle

Famous British vendor of luxurious leather goods, namely Ettinger have joined forces with the distillery that managed to retain their reputation as the producer of the most handcrafted malt spirits in the world, the Balvenie, to solely focus on chiseling the ultimate flask for every whisky connoisseur. The result is a mobile companion swathed in the finest Italian brown leather with a captivating subtle grain and an embossed Balvenie emblem. The stainless steel flask holds 2.5oz of liquid and knows to exude a whisky adequate appearance.

Due to actual circumstances, please use following contact for purchase:
Tel: +44 1340 82 2066

Ferrari 458 Italia Image

Ferrari 458 Italia

Cars × Style

As if it was planned, coincidentally with Michael Schumacher’s firm consent to rejoin the F1 circuit, the Scuderia has also unveiled a mid-engined two-seater crammed with top-notch F1 technology whilst simultaneously providing Ferrari’s most improved fuel economy. Right from the first glance, the 458 Italia strikes with unbelievable refined bodylines conjured straight from the hands of ingenious Pininfarina who had the task to blend ultimate aerodynamics without sacrificing that prestigious Ferarri optics. To ultimately satisfy, the 458 Italia bears a full aluminum chassis mixed with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission known from the Scaglietti, enhanced steering ratio and advanced traction systems to get a track-like immediate response allowing this supercar to virtually hook to the streets. In the heart beeps a newly created 4.5-liter V8 producing 570 horsepower, which enables for a close 3 seconds sprint and a top speed of about 201mph.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Reserve de Marche Moon Image

Vacheron Constantin Malte Reserve de Marche Moon

Style × Watches

From almost the very outset of the history of haute horology, the name Vacheron Constantin is a term synonymous with timeless appeal, innovation, unparalleled reliability and superlative mechanics providing a level of precision that can only be offered by the finest Swiss craftsmanship. Their newest creation flaunts an entirely in-house made calibre that proofs its superior stance with bearing both the Hallmark of Geneva and a beautiful Côtes de Genève engraved on the manual-winding movement. Further, the Malte Reserve de Marche Moon watch boasts, as the name implies, an accurate moon phase intricacy that is set to inform precisely for the next centenary. Saddle finished alligator straps optional in black or brown, complete the classical timeless optic and make this masterpiece a veritable versatile wrist companion.

The good old Klipschorn by Klipsch Heritage Series Image

The good old Klipschorn by Klipsch Heritage Series

Gear × Home Audio

When it comes to the sound system, audiophiles are as discerning as the common home cineast and almost always stick with the novelty acclaimed technology. But, considering the fact that the history’s soundscape influencing company Klipsch is continuously producing the same unchanged loudspeaker for more than 60 years with comparatively brisk sales, deserves same attention. Prick your ears, as Klipsch now offers the Heritage Series that offers exactly said Floorstanding speaker, excepting some minor revisions that are just of aesthetic nature, which became famous as the perfectly harmonized corner-horn speaker. This enormous speaker is dominated by a folded-horn 15″ bass driver that is also accountable for the ‘corner-horn’ title, as it uses the walls to further improve the low frequency accuracy. However, experience the bygone solid craftsmanship within a bespoke routine that offers to apply your custom veneer finish. source

TheFirstOne by Novero Image

TheFirstOne by Novero

Gadgets × Gear

The German manufacturer of technology goods Novero has now introduced a headset that intends to cater the independent style-aware contemporists. That being claimed, said Bluetooth headset’s paramount particularity lies within the sleek appearance that can still arrogate discreetness which, in the whole, aims to become a daily companion. Dubbed the TheFirstOne, it prides itself with an effortless one-button use geared with dual-microphone noise reduction and voice command technology which is ready to serve your calls for up to 4 and a half hours.

Porsche Design’s debut self-made Men’s Clothing Collection Image

Porsche Design’s debut self-made Men’s Clothing Collection


For the first time, Porsche Design releases a functional clothing collection for men on their own. That in mind, the Stuttgarter don’t intend to distance from successful cooperations, it’s more about introducing several innovative processing techniques imparted into a line of high-quality material products that can genuinely translate the acknowledged Porsche streamline aesthetics. Decisively on the forefront are the limited leather jackets coveting with a snow sport level of functionality through welded seams and waterproof membranes. However, man’s classics such as a nylon made parka also savored the high-tech treatment to completely stock the modern metropolitan with astute and different gear.

Carl F. Bucherer Patravo ChronoGrade Collection Image

Carl F. Bucherer Patravo ChronoGrade Collection

Style × Watches

An integral devotion for excellence complemented by a refined business acumen is what made the Swiss fine watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer a name to be mentioned when talking about prestigious timekeepers. The combination of traditional jeweler techniques and a, at this time against the tides, penchant to bold and exceedingly functional watches was and still is the motivation. Now they’ve introduced their novelty collection, the 2009 Patravo chronogrades, the fruit of over a century great expertise. The collection caters any taste from the stainless steel look to the traditional leather-stainless optic, each equipped with an automatic caliber moving on 51 jewels with offering a power reserve of 41 hours.

Marc by Marc Jacobs rugged Toiletry Kit Image

Marc by Marc Jacobs rugged Toiletry Kit

Accessories × Bathroom

Crucial for any trip, regardless the duration, are almost always the smaller parts such as the range of protecting grooming products or shaving tools for the convincing appearance in the meeting. Following this case, Marc Jacobs did his job and released a slightly different canvas toiletry kit. Paramount obviously is a rugged utilitarian-esque optic, flawlessly finished with a leather handle and a brass buckle for the style-conscious man who demands the certain discerning note of quality for any equipment, even for the rarely seen bathroom essentials.

Sony overhauls the insatiable Megachanger Image

Sony overhauls the insatiable Megachanger

Gear × TV

Sony yet again proves that they care about the diligent cineastes with further refining(pardonnez moi) the behemoth Blue-ray megachanger. However, filling this piece of finest technology might take some time as it eats 400 Blue-ray or other media discs with ease. The overhauled megachanger is introduced to enter the home theaters as a basic model, the BDP-CX960, and the fully equipped BDP-CX7000ES. Said flagship BDP-CX7000ES features all the obligatory basics such as TrueHD and DTS-HD audio encoding, Profile 2.0, and an Ethernet connection to automatically update the changers program. But the Sony proprietary picture enhancements, namely HD Reality and Super Bit Mapping offering a 14-bit equivalent color quality, built-in WiFi, 7.1 analog outputs, an RS-232 port, IR in- and outputs, and the  the comfortable XMB interface that enables to ride through your arduously gathered collection with comfort, is what makes it a true flagship.

Fred Perry Vintage Leather Holdall Image

Fred Perry Vintage Leather Holdall

Accessories × Style

If you’re in search for a retro inspired holdall or you simply prefer that bag size then this Fred Perry original might satisfy your demands. Chocolate brown colored leather acts as the canvas to be painted with the Fred Perry typical sporty details, all together depicting a streamlined and excellently fabricated vintage-esque holdall for the definitely captivating appearance. Not just the potent presence draws inspiration from bygone times, the craftsmanship behind that subtleties and the substantial leather is geared to conserve style for life.

Elegant lacquered – glossy finished Docking Station Image

Elegant lacquered – glossy finished Docking Station

Gadgets × Gear

The more electronic devices infiltrate our daily routine, the more we’ve to struggle with the extended cable clutter and other maintenance burdens they encumber us with. However, there is definitely no lack of docking station that can recharge, hide the peripheries and offer an organized place for that already crucial gadgets, but there aren’t many docks that can match up with the elegance this three times lacquered stations have to offer. Made from wood with a glossy finish to perfectly blend into a classy interior.

The most dignified Air Circulation Solution in the World – the i:wing Image

The most dignified Air Circulation Solution in the World – the i:wing

Gear × Home

Following the vision of a dignified ventilation system, German company Bionic Motion conceived a luxurious piece of art that besides elevating the visual appeal of any home follows a demanded function. The i:wing imitates the natural flawless strokes of a bird’s wing in an over sized dimension realizing a decisively different air circulation that has to be felt on the skin once in a life. Experience natural smooth and absolutely silent breezes that oscillate from the i:wing’s graceful motion which almost solely invites to immerse into a contemplative mood – definitely a worthwhile investment, regardless its final destiny.