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Mini’s second Spring venerated with the 50th anniversary Mayfair and Camden Edition Image

Mini’s second Spring venerated with the 50th anniversary Mayfair and Camden Edition

Cars × Style

Designed as a minimalistic car, became famous as a sporting ace, reanimated as a fascinating cult object, and it’s currently in its second spring. The quintessential English car, the Mini, has achieved a steep career in the past 50 years since its debut in 1959. BMW celebrates the 50th anniversary of the vehicle that is considered as the originator of the modern compact car, with two limited editions, the sporty striped Mayfair and the quirky Camden. Both editions sport numerous 50th anniversary badges and exclusivities such as unique 17-inch wheels, and they are available in every imaginable configuration.

Sony Ericsson potent 12.1-megapixel Satio mobile phone Image

Sony Ericsson potent 12.1-megapixel Satio mobile phone

Gear × Mobile

Admittedly, Sony Ericsson‘s recent mobile handset is not the business-type phone, doesn’t bears a premium brand design signature, but it will become the best companion for those shrewed observers of the everyday life that are always prepared to capture their environment. With a 12.1 megapixel camera in the tow, the introduced Satio handset is optimal geared towards aforementioned clientèle. Further features are a microSD slot, 450 hours stand-by and 10 talk time, HSDPA, A-GPS,Bluetooth and WiFi, and the centerpiece Symbian s60 5th Edition OS provides the smartphone with a unique touch focus system that targets and focuses an object by tapping it on the large 640 x 350 3.5-inch touchscreen.

The Ondus – Grohe’s vision of Simplicity and visual Irresistibility in the Bathroom Image

The Ondus – Grohe’s vision of Simplicity and visual Irresistibility in the Bathroom

Bathroom × Home

Personalization is the key in luxurious comfort. If there is a service that has to be optimized than it’s always about enhancing the level of comfort through a more customer oriented design, feature or product. In this case, the internationally leading authority in sanitary products Grohe, has introduced a truly intelligent bathroom collection. The Ondus is an unprecedented approach to find a synergy between the most sensual minimalist design and an unseen level of digital personalization capabilities to offer the most refined relaxation routines. On the forefront is the Aquafountain shower whose modern slender appearance finds culmination in a primary unobtrusive streamlined digital controlpad that rapidly reveals a range of yellow glowing icon controls when being activated. Preset functions and temperature control ensure a simple access for your very own short contemplative time.

Higdon Fountain Pen that fits your Car’s precious Wood Interior Image

Higdon Fountain Pen that fits your Car’s precious Wood Interior

Business × Gear

Somewhere in Georgia hides a small inconspicuous manufacture that is known for making hand lathed fine writing instruments that are made of the most sumptuous and rare woods that can be found on earth. Higdon is the name of the house that made itself a name for making bespoke pens matching the customers other essential, the car and its precious interior. That unique flair that instantly captures you whilst entering a luxury vehicle is evident  in Higdon’s extensive Chairman fountain pen range. Whether the Chairman comes swathed in Amboyna burl, considered as the world’s most rare wood pattern, or in the pristine whites of American Holly, a Higdon makes always a discreet accessory for the well-appointed man.

Microsoft new Zune HD Image

Microsoft new Zune HD

Gadgets × Gear

The next iteration of Microsoft’s music player pretends a certain claim to the throne of top-notch touch screen media players. The updated Zune HD enters the stage in a contemporary sleek attire that looks substantial and impressive from all angles and follows function with an 3.3-inches capacitive OLED touchscreen display. Alongside the HD boasts a built-in HD radio receiver, a full-screen Inter browser, HD 720p output capability and WiFi to get connected with the vast marketplace of the Xbox LIVE system providing the Zune disciples with a huge database of movies, music and even games for the friends of a refreshing play in the meantimes.

Brooks Brothers and Hartmann collaborative Lugagge Collection Image

Brooks Brothers and Hartmann collaborative Lugagge Collection

Accessories × Style

Two of the leading classic brands, both with a book-filling heritage, gathered to give their cumulated expertise an adequate form. Famous and globally esteemed Brooks Brothers partnered with the innovative craftsmen of Hartmann to pay homage to independent American craftsmanship with a classically chic capsule line that packs the best of the old and the modern world. With the modern and established serious traveler in mind, the collection offers a timeless and captivating appearance led by light brown toned American leather details with Hartmann’s signature Aged Belting Leather trim at the visual forefront. Functionality is of paramount importance for the modern frequent flier, complied by a water and dirt repelling Recovery Coating, a spring wire welt frame and TSA-approved locks. A laptop briefcase, carry-on, a mobile office and an expandable mobile traveler that packs a week’s worth of clothing whilst maintaining an easy move completes the range of vintage inspired luggage.

The simultaneously most alerting and appealing First-Aid Kit Image

The simultaneously most alerting and appealing First-Aid Kit

Home × Tools

The modern furniture brand Radius aspires to fill the voids that appear whilst examining the international industry for design goods and furniture. A key part of their aim is to offer an unmatchable original design, and their first-aid box stands up as a truly witness to their tasteful design language. An indispensable eye catcher that just can’t be overlooked when it once unfortunately has to offer its service. Made of attentively folded stainless steel contrasting the alerting red first-aid kit creating a chaste but striking appearance that unerringly expresses its inherent use.

LaCie Core4 – Core7 USB Hub Image

LaCie Core4 – Core7 USB Hub

Gadgets × Gear

The tech-design innovators of Lacie once again stepped up to the plate to introduce an USB hub that is designed for the tech-savvy man on the go. The Core4 confidently hides four USB ports and a mini USB cable under a design of British artisan Sam Hecht that spreads a burst of color when the core has to be revealed for utilization. To suitably customize your mobile connectivity needs you can opt for a core in fresh blue, a quirky yellow or the more straight laced shades of a grey-in-grey color combination – for additional needs the bigger Core7 is prepared to manage up to seven USB devices.

Sonoro visually and aurally pleasing elements W Radio Image

Sonoro visually and aurally pleasing elements W Radio

Gear × Home Audio

Sonoro’s perpetual development found a recently unveiled vent in the web-connect successor of the highly acclaimed elements radio. The elements W comes with both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity to connect with over 16.000 online sources, and the eDock that allows this visual totally intriguing radio to play your favor music directly from your iPod. Alongside the W features Sonoro’s signature minimal flawless design applied on a wood sculpture swathed in the finest piano lacquer making an impressive statement, visual as of aural nature. Inside the wood casing works an internal bass reflex tube to further amplify the sound experience which is controlled by the distinctive iPod-esque control ring that dominates the front and also remains on the remote for an as-Steve-Jobs-intended convenient control.

Mykita ultra light and oh-so comfortable Sunglass Collections Image

Mykita ultra light and oh-so comfortable Sunglass Collections

Style × Sunglasses

It’s even an arduous challenge to find a well fitting pair of shoes, but when it comes to fashionable sunglasses the scale gets raised a tad more. That being said, a pair of shades that simultaneously accentuates the shape of your face whilst offering a comfortable fit has to find appreciation. Straight out of the capital city of Germany, come the innovative minds of Mykita which rapidly become a noteworthy name in the eyewear industry. Responsible for their exploding reputation is the use of an ingenious joint- and screwless patent realizing incredible light frames that assume form just through a folding process of pressed steel. The famous Rolf specs of the Collection No.1 are fashioned of that ultra-thin top-quality stainless steel and knows to merge that unparalleled comfort with an design that easily can be explained as an elegant retro inspired synergy with modern details.

Sergio Rodrigues overwhelming comfortable Mole Armchair Duo Image

Sergio Rodrigues overwhelming comfortable Mole Armchair Duo

Home × Seating

Following the concept of ‘only the time decides about true quality’, already the modern masterpieces that can be found in the program of ClassiCon are consequently collector’s items from its inventor’s first sketch. Definitely of timeless aesthetics is the revised leather armchair-footstool combination named Mole of Sergio Rodrigues. Came to existence in 1961, this chair has already passed decades being a constant rival to the famous Eames creation, and now finds revision in a sustainable eucalyptus wood construction with a lush and inviting leather upholstery becoming a comfortable steadfast refuge warding off any stress.

A pure American Spirit instilled in the Cardholders of Tanner Goods Image

A pure American Spirit instilled in the Cardholders of Tanner Goods

Accessories × Style

The list of essentials differentiate from occasion to occasion, but that times in favor of jeans, rather than a second skin garment, often gets affected by an annoying bulge drawn by the crammed wallet. Regardless the filling, a smart cardholder that knows to merge a utilitarian form with an enticing look for that grab-and-go incidents will supersede any wallet. The in Portland located manufacture Tanner Goods, decisively roamed through the US to gather the finest materials that are able to form a pure American good in accordance to their wise ethos of regional-only sourcing and manufacturing. Fashioned from exactly that black felted wool and wax finished top grain leather comes a range of hand-crafted cardholders that find refinement in traditional techniques and an unique urban-style making a range of absolutely reliable companion.

The Datron timekeeper by Movado Image

The Datron timekeeper by Movado

Style × Watches

Once, Movado‘s founder and chairman Gedalio Grinberg, escaped the Castro regime to ignite a revolution on his own as a visionary pillar of the fine watch market. Recently, they’ve introduced the Datron as part of the Series 800 that represents a rejuvenating approach on their classic 1970 quartz-pioneering automatic chronograph. The certainly 70′s inspired 40mm oblong steel case of the reminiscent Datron conceals a contemporary automatic ETA 2894-2 movement featuring 37 jewels and a 42 hours power reserve. Amidst the reminding details, this Movado original constitutes an informal but sober appearance resulting in a dapper look in both the black or silver colored face timekeepers.

Japanese finest – Suntory 12yo Hibiki Image

Japanese finest – Suntory 12yo Hibiki

Lifestyle × Style

While everything seems to feel the need to get more complex, there are certain things in life that take strength from simple elements and for decades unchanged processes. In 1923, Japan’s first malt whisky distillery come to light in the vale of Yamazaki and evolved to win global acclaim and a loyal discipleship that even got the brand’s flagship to achieve the prestigious World’s Best Blended Whisky title. The famous Suntory Hibiki range now celebrates a new addition with the highly anticipated 12 year-old blend, a truly extraordinary essence whose aim is to further spread the famous Suntory taste with an impressive feat of blending. Matured in Japanese plum liqueur casks delicately draws out an expressive fruity nose underlined with orange, and offers a long, sweet and smooth finish adequately balanced to fit the impeccable amber colored appearance.

Edwin Jagger Shaving Essentials Image

Edwin Jagger Shaving Essentials

Grooming × Shaving Tools

Since its inception in 1988, Edwing Jagger followed his vision of a man’s perfect shaving tool, and with this specialized in manufacturing wet-shaving products contrary the machines that started to significantly gain attention. The manufacturer’s superior realized combination of cutting-edge technology with the traditional old British Sheffield craftsmanship techniques has elevated them to the foremost manufacturer of exquisite men’s razors and shaving essentials. Their unrivaled experience of forging classy yet modern designed tools and the great emphasis on selecting just the best materials created a wide range of highly appreciated pure badger hair shaving brushes, straight razors, safety razors, modern blade razors and anything for the discerning grooming routines with a serious touch of tradition making a reminder of the ages-old art of a good and proper shave in any man’s bath.