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Sperry revives a Sailing Original in Partnership with Band of Outsiders Image

Sperry revives a Sailing Original in Partnership with Band of Outsiders

Shoes × Style

It’s the composure that makes sailing that intriguing. The wide sea confidently overwhelms and pulverizes that ordinary concerns till you’re almost lost in contemplation about the things of true value. “To be successful at sea we must keep things simple” insists the legendary boat craftsman Peter Culler, and Sperry is that certain American original that achieved to perfect an simpled-held authentic sailing appearance. In collaboration with forward-thinking artists of Band of Outsiders appears a limited reconstruction of Sperry’s  Original Top-Sider boat shoes. Hand-sewn suede, inside-out vamp, and a rough lace-replacing twine conveys an old-world vibe that instantly ensures a durable and totally fit for purpose – and the maritime street performance.

Reiss visually manifold Aurelius Messenger Image

Reiss visually manifold Aurelius Messenger

Accessories × Style

The British leading fashion brand Reiss diversifies with the aim to cater the modern man with an extend range of contemporary cloth and accessories that’ll always blend in any possible ensemble. The Aurelius bag strikes with an at first glance understated look that reveals a spectacular refined combination of tightly-knit canvas and supple leather. Definitely a messenger that strives to fit and appeal to any environment in favor to your appearance.

Acronym arms your Wardrobe with the 3rdArm System Image

Acronym arms your Wardrobe with the 3rdArm System

Accessories × Gear

The German ingenious minds of Acronym follow the man’s natural technical ambitions, and decidedly focus on creating the purest blend of technology and style in apparel. That unique design language has already been approved by several collaboration partners such as Burton Snowboards and now finally found a vent to burst into your personal wardrobe with an autonomous appearance. A collection of unparalleled high-end technical bags with the aim on ultimate performance strikes with contemporary and urban appearance. Particular the 3A-5TS messenger exemplifies that distinct military inspired issue with excellently incorporating the Tec-Sys webbing that allows to rapidly append all Acronym 3rdArm System modular adaptive pockets or gadgets such as the potent mobile solar battery. Fully packed it’s ready to be your omni-versed kit for the actual precarious condition and urban struggle.

Brequet freezes time with the remastered Classique Ref.7337 Image

Brequet freezes time with the remastered Classique Ref.7337

Style × Watches

Brequet is a name with deep history in the exclusive realms of fine watchmaking and has recently unveiled a wristwatch that proudly shares the optics of a timekeeper that witnessed the iconic heritage of innovation and technical enlightenment. The original Ref.3330 pocket watch’s ingenuity is displayed in the Breguet Museum on Place Vendôme in Paris, and posed for the novelty Classique Ref.7337 that is absolutely in tune with contemporary demands. The decent yet elegant watch features a display situated above the Breguet signature off-centered hour chapter that shows the phases of the moon with a visual perfection. An ultra-modern extra-thin Breguet caliber 502 beeps with a frequency of 21.600 vibrations in the 39mm 18-karat gold case sculpting an fine piece that finally meets perfection with being rigorously refined by the Brequet artisans.

Patrón’s pure Tequila expression – Silver Patrón Image

Patrón’s pure Tequila expression – Silver Patrón

Culture × Lifestyle

Whilst Grey Goose sadly feels the rough effect of current recession, their’s a spirit that even now knows to perpetually thrive well. The stellar rise of Patrón’s premium white tequila, the Silver Patrón, derives from the passion that creates the drip as also the charming handmade bottle together radiating true authenticity. The smooth and mild flavor of this luxury pure spirit offers a distinctive versatility and adaptability that makes statement when being the essential ingredient for your perfect cocktail at home.

Ray-Ban Reissue of the Fashion Scene’s hidden Gem – the Clubmaster Image

Ray-Ban Reissue of the Fashion Scene’s hidden Gem – the Clubmaster

Style × Sunglasses

Being the world’s most mentioned name when it comes to sunglasses makes clear that Ray-Ban knows a thing or two about eyewear. Now, they’ve decided to reproduce the frame that once had the reputation of a truly hidden gem in the fashion scene as it made its first appearance in the mid-80′s – talk is of the iconic Clubmaster. The reissued classic-cool Ray-Ban model knows to blend an nostalgic touch that derives from the shade’s inherent Browline design with novelty vibrant colors enriching the distinctive brow bar. However, the foundation of traditional materials doesn’t excludes avant-garde technical refinements that are exemplified in several metal details or engraving effects. Just as Ray-Bans decades of success, the Clubmaster is still an unmistakable statement, but requires a certain taste.

Humidors of Vigilant a Trump’s Choice Image

Humidors of Vigilant a Trump’s Choice

Home × Storage

Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard and Bill Gates have at least on thing in common – they’ve all invested a serious amount of time in a garage, but that definitely payed off and led to brand names with global reputation. Charles Griffith the founder of one of the most respected cigar and wine storage manufactures, aptly dubbed Vigilant, is a man that might one day be mentioned in a row with aforementioned persons. Despite the huge display cabinets or bespoke Armoires, the manufacturer’s desktop humidors are in particularity an excellent choice to keep the freshness and quality of that fine small home reserve of every serious cigar enthusiast. These treasure chests are crafted with a certain portion of respect for tradition, meaning an attentively artisan craftsmanship in combination with classic nuances. A refined electronic system sedulously guards the 200 precious leafs-bundles that quietly rest in the Spanish cedar lining – a treasure chest and a prudent investment for an recession-defying pleasant anticipation.

Lacie adds Flexibility to your Memory Card Fleet Image

Lacie adds Flexibility to your Memory Card Fleet

Gadgets × Gear

Lacie once again trumped the competition with introducing a deliberated design piece of a memory card adapter that’ll add superior flexibility to that meanwhile accumulated assortment of precious data containing SD cards on your desk. The DataShare lets you comfortably access your stored data as when split it reveals SD/SDHC and microSD card slots that then instantly correspond with the built-in exchange-craving USB plugs.

Bill Amberg’s Rolls trolley – Competes to Convince Image

Bill Amberg’s Rolls trolley – Competes to Convince

Style × Trolley

Bill Amberg’s reinterpretation of his own range of classical designed luggage is led by a strenuous will to add a modern style code without leaving the bounds of discerning design. The Rolls trolley offers exactly that certain level to delight with excellently combining dapper design subtleties and an neatly organized interior. Considering Amberg’s coveting signature perforated calf leather surface, the Rolls seriously appears to convince without overstating, but with a distinguishing appearance that strikes with subtle elegance in tan, brown, black and BA’s brand red perfectly contrasting cream color note.

BOSS Green Golf Shoes ’09 Image

BOSS Green Golf Shoes ’09

Gear × Outdoor

The new BOSS Green collection reveals two bright green impressions that are armed to impress and to differentiate even in contrast to the greenest golf courts. Constructed upon Hugo BOSS’ adept craftsmanship, comes a pair of golf shoes that crave to serve as a comfortable relation between your feet and the ground. Equipped with longitudinal flexible parts placed on the medial side of the sole to further assist your stance whilst swinging and to enhance the final power-output. Breathable materials and an absolute water-resistance are a feature as a matter of course as also modern green-friendly arranged and forged spikes.

Breitling the Book Image

Breitling the Book

Books × Entertainment

For the very first time, comes a comprehensive publication that has the arduous task to capture 125 years of an ever-evolving quest for excellent quality, ingenious finesse and the struggle for independence of the most influential chronograph spirit, the Breitling spirit. Breitling The Book is committed to adequately tell an imposing history that once started with Leon Breitling’s first pocket watch and has left some clear marks in the perpetual technical development of chronographs and the boundless realms of aeronautics. Inspect a lucid and detailed exploration of time depicted with 450 unprecedented high quality illustrations and written in a vivid tone tastefully displayed in a striking black hard cover.

The Ultimate Spring Bike – Royal Gazelle’s Toer Populair classical Dutch Bike Image

The Ultimate Spring Bike – Royal Gazelle’s Toer Populair classical Dutch Bike

Bikes × Style

Amazing build quality and a sober elegance through simplicity that has been reserved for over a century defines the largest bicycle producer in the Netherlands, Gazelle. The reissued Toer Populair commemorates the 115th anniversary in business and is based off the original model designed in 1892 that was the only bicycle endorsed by the Dutch royal family. Looking back on a true illustrious history rife of majestic transportation and aesthetic refinements, offers today a reissued sophisticated bike that strikes with begone elegance. Following a path of tradition aspiring the perfect combination of comfort and style, the classic Dutch bike features a comfortable and relaxed upright sit position cushioned by an original Brooks seat and instantly emanates a spring dominating urban outdoor-chic. Get Up for a ride and escape the city for a small journey whilst being a visual tidbit in the stream of mundane bicycles.

The Pinnacle of futuristic Lawn Mowing Image

The Pinnacle of futuristic Lawn Mowing

Gear × Outdoor

The world’s largest producer of lawnmowers and diamond refined cutting tools, Husqvarna introduces the first fully robotic lawnmower. The 260 ACX with no doubt is the pinnacle of futuristic lawn mowing possessing the chief characteristics of being inexhaustible and designed just for the most demanding green fields. It charges itself, it operates itself and in case of required assistance it also is able to send a status report containing short message via built-in GSM. Furthermore it is totally irresistible to any weather related influences or circumstances, thus you’re free to seize that additional time just as you wish. [via]

Aliph colorful Jawbone Prime Image

Aliph colorful Jawbone Prime

Gear × Headphones

From version to version, it always gets rewarded as the most functional, the best of its segment, but Aliph, the creators, always find new edges and concerns to further enhance the most acclaimed headset, the Jawbone. The successor is proudly and firmly dubbed Prime and appears on the scene in a variety of colors such as black, platinum, green or orange with the task to add a smile to your gear. Prime’s improved Noise Assassin technology is ready to sneak through 10mph fast walls of wind, a readjusted fit and sensitized voice activity conception ensures a fail-safe and merciless function, and the subtle textured surface further refines the minimalistic styling. Further features are composed of added Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and offers a talk time of 4 hours and up to 8 days standby.

An impression of begone times by Ralph Lauren’s Wine Tote Image

An impression of begone times by Ralph Lauren’s Wine Tote

Gear × Outdoor

Fresh air energizes after a fertile work day, and it also allows your favorite vino flourish its flavor a tinge better. Now then cut and up to a picnic with your beloved lady or inner circle. Anyways, a refined wine carrier will cause some conversation and securely transports the bottles of choice. As wine is classy by nature it won’t be wrong to have a style matching tote such as the Benthurst case of Ralph Lauren that shares the design of Lauren’s classic furniture trunks. Crafted of tight woven raffia with supple saddle leather details in dialog with stainless steel caps conveys an impression of begone times and provides a surely confident appearance.