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Bill Amberg’s rapid Short Trip Protege Image

Bill Amberg’s rapid Short Trip Protege

Accessories × Style

At least, a short flight out needs one additional attire to prevent unpredicted circumstances. To maintain your flawless impression, the Bristol suitcase is designed to conceal a complete ensemble including the jacket, and even the shoes in a neatly arranged and inviting way. The cases outer impression is dominated by a perforated calf leather exuding a maritime and casual touch. In fast situations, Bill Amberg’s short trip protégé further provides a slim pocket to conveniently store that required documents or the essential newspapers.

The decisively different upscale Sunglasses by Chrome Heart Image

The decisively different upscale Sunglasses by Chrome Heart

Style × Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a new set of shades that does not only differentiate via a brand signature that promises established upscale luxury, and you desperately want a set that matches a rough jeans look, then the ultra rare sunglasses of Chrome Heart will probably satisfy you on the whole line. These sunglasses create sensation with a refined concept of merging common high quality materials with roughed steel emblems or leather parts for the certain extraordinary detail. Acclaimed craftsmanship combined with a palpable Rock’n’Roll design definitely has to be handled with care, but nowadays occasions are versatile as its patrons.

The Italian Essence of elegant Shoes – A.Testoni Image

The Italian Essence of elegant Shoes – A.Testoni

Shoes × Style

In the dream of creating the most beautiful men’s shoes in the world, Amedeo Testoni further refined the crafting techniques that already were famous as the most advanced, the fine methodologies of the Bolognese craftsmen. Today, with an uncompromising and ever-evolving effort, a.testoni has brought the Italian essence of elegant shoes to the whole world. With that marked history of ultra refined craftsmanship in combination with the utmost delicate finishing procedures and absolute quality materials, investing in a pair of a.testonis means acquiring a pair of shoes that you can expect to be a class all in its own.

Dining with Gun Powder, Nail Marks and Planks – the Gun Barrel Dining Table Image

Dining with Gun Powder, Nail Marks and Planks – the Gun Barrel Dining Table

Home × Tables

The first impression when you enter a dining room is, in case of an unobtrusive table, the more or less tasteful and fitting decor. However, this totally astonishing table made of salvaged gun barrels found in a Great Britain’s distillery, will under any circumstances turn the complete attention to its stately appearance. To maintain a homogeneous and undeviating look of an at first glance rough, distressed and imperfect piece that somehow fascinates, they’ve carefully hand selected, planed, sand smoothed and finished any plank that were used to finish each of the totally unique and one-of-a-kind tables. The table’s seriously virile nature but smooth appearance definitely enhances any atmosphere, and seeks an interior that it doesn’t matches.

ILVE’s coffee machine for the modern savorer of the dark brew Image

ILVE’s coffee machine for the modern savorer of the dark brew

Home × Kitchen

Even if the coffee brewing ritual is an inherently traditional process based upon centuries of refinement and indulgence, modern connoisseurs of the dark brew sometimes demand a machine that heats the beans with a prevailing taste. Pioneering manufacture ILVE, unveiled their understanding of a machine that saves the time to enqueue at your favored crema purveyor. The S-CM6 comes with a marvelously contemporary uncluttered appearance led by a touch control panel that further invites for a convenient one-push barista-esque coffee experience. Alongside it’s equiped with an automatic cleaning program that start after 100 coffees, cappuccino steamer, coffee presets for day and custom timings, a decaffeinate function, and a hot water function for the diversified start into the day.

The Traveler collection by Dunhill in collaboration with travel guru Andrew Harper Image

The Traveler collection by Dunhill in collaboration with travel guru Andrew Harper

Accessories × Style

The acclaimed travel guru Andrew Harper decided to once oversee his monthly Hideaway report, to spend some time to form a concise range of luggage in collaboration with England’s top choice for luxurious luggage, Dunhill. The three piece collection, aptly dubbed the Traveller, is decisively inspired by Harper’s inimitable sensibility to find the ultimate luxury retreats and to know how to travel the imposing way. A tan leather holdall, a smart grained leather document case and a rucksack are permitted to bear the Traveller signature, and with it a unique and compact proportion especially designed to work in the most uncomplicated way.

The Model S – The Automobile of the Future by Tesla Image

The Model S – The Automobile of the Future by Tesla

Cars × Style

There is that inner voice lead by the prevailing opinion that advises to save up for black days – Of course, that’s definitely the most uneconomical strategy these days. The smart man invests in the future, and Tesla’s recently unveiled Model S confidently heralds the next generation of all electric vehicles, and maybe someday the future of automobiles. The Model S is a refined luxury sedan with serious futuristic design lines that further aim to maximize usability through maximizing interior volume. The car’s smooth sloping roof line and clear visual impact goes further to the interior that seriously convinces with a 17-inch touchscreen control panel smoothly arranged besides a futuristic full-digital dashboard in contrast to classic vegetable tanned Italian leather linings. Touted the future, the Model S features the QuickCharge ability allowing to rapidly recharge the battery pack that fully loaded runs up to 300 miles with some serious performance facts – a zero to 60 sprint in 5.6 seconds, and a top speed of 120mph.

A place of tradition and men’s grooming history – D.R Harris London Image

A place of tradition and men’s grooming history – D.R Harris London

Grooming × Shaving Tools

It’s a popular misunderstanding that the modern gentleman’s keen interest in grooming and beauty is a modern, or more precisely new emergence. The long established elite knows that they had those habits in common once upon a time, thus it is time to decline a part of grooming basics. St. James’s Street, London retains a part of shaving history, the D.R Harris & CO. LTD.. Looking back on 200 years of heritage, this shop is a must-see place without even regarding the refined assortment of shaving products. For the perfect shaving experience dip your brush in that globally famous shaving cream, and feel the history that formed these beautiful razors whilst sharpening your look.

Porperty of… seriously appealing Sam Cycle Bag Image

Porperty of… seriously appealing Sam Cycle Bag

Accessories × Style

In search for a bag that is soft in touch whilst retaining that not too casual yet not too business balance, you won’t come around the Sam cycle bag of Property of. This cotton bag with a special wax shimmer, definitely is a serious choice for not just the ambitioned campus appearance. Sam stows both todays essential notebook and folders at once, and knows how to relieve the shoulders with a wide and durable shoulder strap.

The Chairman hand-assembled to serve the modern Executive Image

The Chairman hand-assembled to serve the modern Executive

Gear × Mobile

When avant-garde artisans of fine watchmaking cooperate with pioneering talents of the technology segment then the final result simply has to astonish. After a long phase of rigorous development, Swiss upscale watchmaker Ulysse Nardin finally found a partner that is able to instill the tradition brand’s prestige into a contemporary device. The glorious piece, dubbed the Chairman, is said to further transform the mobile market as it is equipped with a cutting-edge kinetic rotor system that recharges the batteries in the possibly greenest way via movement as it is known from mechanical timekeepers. Apart the pioneering intricateness, the Chairman mobile strikes with a mechanical visual impact, an aesthetically combination of traditional timelessness and impressing modern technology such as a fingerprint lock or a multi touch screen. This ‘hybrid smartphone’ doesn’t occurs to compete in a competition, this piece of fine mechanical beauty solely participates to instantly ascend a throne.

Refreshing colors in the Summer Sunglass Collection of Emporio Armani Image

Refreshing colors in the Summer Sunglass Collection of Emporio Armani

Style × Sunglasses

With the first rays of the sun it is about time for casual looks and fitting accessories. Sunglasses are not only a functional protection against harmful UV rays, they further present a straight fashion statement of the wearer. With tinted or clear glasses, in various colors an shapes, but they’ve earned themselves a permanent place in the everyday life of every gentlemen, even when the sun is waiting. This year’s summer sunglass collection of Emporio Armani brings some refreshing vibrant colors to the wardrobe that almost scream to be worn in correlation with a white shirt.

Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3 Image

Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3

Cars × Style

So you’ve an affinity with Porsche’s behemoth of a car Cayenne, but you aspire some more distinction than just driving a common Cayenne - than the Stuttgarter’s latest design special edition will serve your demands. The Cayenne GTS design edition 3 clads a performance enhanced SUV in subtle dark gray tones. From the major Lava Grey paint job with discerning black stripes to the black painted 21-inch wheels, anything optimized to create an understated, but impressing appearance from the first glance. The power for this vehicle comes from a 405 horsepower 4.8L V8 creating a typical Porsche-esque roar once more deepened through a special in-house exhaust system.

“Now more than Ever” – The RS 2000 sportscar of German Melkus Image

“Now more than Ever” – The RS 2000 sportscar of German Melkus

Cars × Style

There’s still life and enthusiasm in the dark shaded automobile industry, even the smallest companies rather seem to rise up a “now more than ever” mentality. The German tradition car manufacture Melkus has now introduced a low, compact, and powerful competitor that participates in the street sportscar segment. “The car has to be an exciting prospect from any angle,” says Lutz Fügener chief of design for the German ultra exclusive sportscar, “our aim was to create a powerful yet timeless form without any modern distractions – a pure visual and technical focus on driving experience”. This explicitly reflects in the consistent lightweight construction. The RS 2000 convinces with a body made of glass and carbon fiber, and a pure aluminum chassis. The extraordinary gull-winged car further justifies its position against the Cayman or Lotus Europa with several aerodynamic clues such as the entirely closed underbody. Less than 2.000 of street craving pounds driven by a turbo charged four-cylinder engine that produces 270 horsepower and provides a claimed under 4 seconds sprint from zero to 60, are armed and ready for the asphalt.

Ulysse Nardine’s time machine for the Desk Image

Ulysse Nardine’s time machine for the Desk

Clocks × Home

A timekeeper that informs you when you’ve to hurry to join the next meeting is essential, but a totally capturing construction that shows any time measure that exists displayed with glass, gold and mahogany, is intriguing for every man, and overwhelming for trophy hunters. Ulysse Nardin introduces the possibly most impressive presentation of time that further offers a view on the exact position of the sun, moon, signs of zodiac and the major important fixed stars in relation to any location on planet earth. The intricate mechanism of sedulously working gears definitely animates conversations, at least it also can show the time.

Wacom’s new Intuos4 tablet range Image

Wacom’s new Intuos4 tablet range

Computer × Gear

Wacom has finally released the successor of every ambitioned designer table’s essential. The new Intuos4 tablet line comes with revised looks and controls. The slender, contemporary glossy black device offers an extremely fluid pen operation through an enhanced pen with an new sensor in the nib that supports 2,048 levels of smoother scaled pressure sensitivity. Alongside, the new tablets feature LED labeled ExpressKeys, a convenient Radial Menu for quick operations, and USB ports on both sides.