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Cole Haan Nike collaboration reveals tastefull Golf footwear Image

Cole Haan Nike collaboration reveals tastefull Golf footwear

Shoes × Sports

There’s just a marginal space to further enhance a golfer’s look as the wardrobe is predominantly restricted to more or less modern or straight conventional pieces, really not much space left to differentiate your appearance via accessories. But considering the female perception, the shoes are a decisive factor for the visual success of a man’s ensemble. From the cooperation between Cole Haan’s artisans and Nike comes a duo of shoes that strives to act as a dynamical relation between the feet and the grass. These two wingtip golf shoes use a longitudinal flex groove that allows the foot to flex from side to side as long as possible without leaving the ground to further increase the power output on the swing. Alongside, the Air Landon and the Logan feature breathing waterproof calfskin leather shells, Nike Max cushioning and green-friendly arranged spikes.

Louis Vuitton’s Trolleys for the style-conscious Men Image

Louis Vuitton’s Trolleys for the style-conscious Men

Style × Trolley

It’s really simple, a man’s wardrobe does not have to be crammed with uncountable shirts, suits and more, he just needs a few timeless and combinable essentials. Principally, timeless classics always match with fashion parts. As early as a serious collection was gathered you’ll probably realize the need for an adequate plane companion. In terms of frequent fly-outs a trolley will fit the bill perfectly, just like the practical and stylish trolleys of Louis Vuitton. Contrary Louis Vuitton’s slightly dusty existence in the women’s fashion minds, Vuitton is just reaching its climax in the men’s fashion industry. Whether for the gruff crowded terminals with the Conquerant 65 trolley made of climbing-proven Géant canvas, or whilst roaming through the upscale duty free areas with the style conscious Pegase 60 – always flashy, but not pretentious with the traditional Damier pattern.

The Cadillac of Leather Sofas actually is named Cadillac Image

The Cadillac of Leather Sofas actually is named Cadillac

Home × Seating

Andrew Martin’s extraordinary awareness of how to almost over-distress leather without trespassing the line of elegance, proudly supplies the modernists apartments with unique furnitures. This acclaimed design language also reveals a chair that bears the prestigious name Cadillac without disappointment. The adroitly refined leather lining in contrast to the glossy stainless steel armrests emanates a distinctive chick that just get trumped when sinking in the fall-in soft and warmth upholstery.

Waterman’s Serenite Fountain Pain Image

Waterman’s Serenite Fountain Pain


“Show me your handwriting and I’ll tell you who you are” No wonder that companies request handwritten résumés. Thus, what you write can rapidly gain a whole new importance through how you write it. Considering that, a classy writing utensil becomes vital and relevant. The elegantly majestic silhouette of the Serenite fountain pen from the traditional house Waterman seems to be tailor-made for a modern appearance. The distinctive curved design craves for at least one page of harmonious letters and gently inspires for some more.

A Scotty Cameron Original has to be played once in a lifetime Image

A Scotty Cameron Original has to be played once in a lifetime

Gear × Sports

Putters sculptured by Scotty Cameron, head artisan of Titleist, we’re once especially renown for an elegant appearance, by far the most elegant looks you’ll get in sight close to the hole. Fact is, he was the first who ventured into bespoke putters, pieces that are fine-tuned to fit the stroke of the individual and today those putters perfectly melt form and high-tech function. With a refined attention to weighting the Newport range is an impressive complementation to any golfers equipment. As a serious player you’ve to feel a Cameron, at least once in your life. There’s only one question left: which of that immense roster of Scotty Cameron. We recommend a play with a limited Button Back Newport with Teryllium-inlay for the characteristic hit and a tasteful engraved leather grip for the unmistakable look.

LG’s versatile Versa mobile Image

LG’s versatile Versa mobile

Gear × Mobile

That a mobile phone comes with a portion of functionality is self-evident. However, LG’s latest listing excels the conventional notion of usability, and adds the independence of deciding on your own to whether carry a spacious QWERTY keyboard or to better go with a sleek touch-screen unit. For now, the LG Versa boasts a detachable full QWERTY keyboard that is implemented in a stylish cover clad in unpretentious brown leather and further bears a small OLED display on the outside, but further attachments are planned. Apart that, it features GPS, a 2.0-megapixel camera with face detection and built-in image editor, USB and microSD card slots, Bluetooth connectivity and EV-DO Rev.A.

SanDisk contemporary Multicard Readers Image

SanDisk contemporary Multicard Readers

Gadgets × Gear

As the performance of actual memory cards constantly increase, the natural advantage of those tiny nail-sized storage devices finally raises a stage of usefulness. However, it was a tough job to find an appropriated multicard reader that matches the otherwise contemporary desk devices. SanDisk now introduced two “reader stations” bearing that demanded ever-stylish high gloss appearance and furthermore adds a mat silver accent on the detachable magnetic feet. Said readers are the All-in-One that is able to fully exploit even class 6 cards with 30mb/s and supports any known memory card type, and the smaller sibbling the Multi-Card is able to read SDHC, SD, MMC, and xDs.

BUBEN&ZORWEG’s cigar aficionado astonishing Grand Connoisseur humidor Image

BUBEN&ZORWEG’s cigar aficionado astonishing Grand Connoisseur humidor

Cigars × Gear

The name BUBEN&ZORWEG stands for the highest demands on quality of materials and craftsmanship in harmony with an outstanding design language that almost raised from a truly insider to the epitome of luxury in the world of exclusive watch collectors. Passioned watch aficionados already value the brand for their uncompromising aspiration to perfection and the Grand Connoisseur humidor definitely wont disappoint anyones additional passion for good cohibas. The Grand Connoisseur lives up to its name as it is 5.6 feet tall and boasts just the finest German craftsmanship manifest in leather inlays, stainless steel frames, breathing Spanic cedar wood and the vital state-of-the-art humidification system.

The decisive manly appearance by Cole Haan’s Dylain Plain Toe Boots Image

The decisive manly appearance by Cole Haan’s Dylain Plain Toe Boots

Shoes × Style

It needs no cowboy association to realize that casual-cut denims exude an undeniable virile presence in combination with all-time-wearable distressed leather boots. We don’t assume that any man would maltreat his footwear on purpose, but seriously here and then accidentally occurs a scratch or two. Fortunately, that happenstances just suits Cole Haan’s Dylan plain toe boots and won’t decrease it visual value in any way. The already distressed by hand sole, heel and leather will furthermore gain some contrasting wrinkles of time.

Sunglasses straight from their roots – the Hawaiian Maui Jim Hanalei Image

Sunglasses straight from their roots – the Hawaiian Maui Jim Hanalei

Style × Sunglasses

Sunglasses have their roots in sunny beach sets, and what’s more screaming white sands, blue ocean, and tanning sun rays than the picture perfect islands of Hawaii. Thus it is no surprise that one of the fastest growing sunglass makers has started right there with the feet in the pristine sand. Maui Jim rapidly matured and developed several unprecedented technologies in terms of glare reduction, color and UV protection. Now they’ve introduced the Hanalei, named after the north end of the Kauai island that is known for its mountains and waterfalls, boasting the color correcting PolarizedPlus2 technology on super-thin polycarbonate glasses framed by a flexible Grilamid frame .

Aston Martin’s DBS Volante Image

Aston Martin’s DBS Volante

Cars × Style

Aston Martin decisively avoids deviating from the immense expressive DBS design principles and introduced the final touch for the DBS lineup, the fabric roof bearing Volante. The irresistible visual meal continuous its delicate taste through the whole vehicle with the mean sounding 6.0L V12 producing 510 horsepower and in the seat pressing 420 lb-feet of torque. Performance edge data feels as impressive as the mighty but majestic seeming visual impact with a 4 second sprint and a 155 mph top speed.

The nature-friendly vegan laptop case Archive by Matt & Nat Image

The nature-friendly vegan laptop case Archive by Matt & Nat

Accessories × Style

The Montreal-based brand Matt & Nat made it to their business to literally teach a forward thinking fashion sensibility of nature-friendliness with unique pieces whose construction is reduced to the use of recycled materials. The illustrated laptop carrier Archive is an example par excellence that stands out with a faux-suede lining and a vegan leather design derived from recycled plastic bottles that redefined the Matt & Nat aesthetic. The subtle appearance in combination With the three pockets on the outside and the inners pockets for the mobile, PDA, and a protected laptop sleeve makes it irresistible for the modern fashion-savvy man.

Audi TT-RS 2009 Image

Audi TT-RS 2009

Cars × Sports Cars

Still the understated smooth appearance, but it got spend a few sinister lineaments that conveys a presentiment of what overtakes you in a blink. Audi adds the final driving pleasure to the recently unveiled TT with a turbocharged power package comprising a serious styling and roaring performance. The suffixed RS tag includes a turbocharged 2.5-liter in-line five-cylinder motor that unleashes 340 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque clawed on the streets with the renown Quattro all-wheel drive. [via]

Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV Image

Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV

Gear × TV

Philips introduces a HDTV that heralds the era of true-cinematic 21:9 bar-less TV experience. The 56-inch ultra-widescreen behemoth features the also once pioneering Ambilight feature that could floodlight a whole set. The Cinema HDTV will conjure a moment of surprise to your favorite movie scenes as the 2.39:1 aspect ratio will revive the cinema memories you once gathered and shows what the director originally intended without any black obstacles or stretched pictures. [via]