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QWSTION’s BLACK Bag Collection raises the travel convenience Image

QWSTION’s BLACK Bag Collection raises the travel convenience

Style × Trolley

The ingenious artisans of QWSTION prove that the Swiss does not are able to solely craft superior timekeepers. In their mission to provide the man with bags that suit the modern traveling needs, they constituted the range BLACK. To absolutely differentiate from the current market, these bags feature the Swiss parachuting pack’s strap belts and buckles. However, the functional perspective remains in the focus as it can be seen in the Three-day wheelie bag with the spacious main compartment, the removable shoe sack and the original top-pocket which adds a level of travel flexibility with a certain eye-catching effect – contrary the collections name, the bags are available in 4 different tones black, brown, anthracite and olive.

Electronics last backup – Tod’s mobile Solar Charger Image

Electronics last backup – Tod’s mobile Solar Charger

Gadgets × Gear

If there’s any device that can be called a stylish gadget, then this. Tod’s handy solar charger is compact enough to slip into the suit pocket whilst supporting enough power for your smartphone of choice. Remember, there might occur a situation where a power source is unreachable but the mobile struggles with itself in midst of a discussion. Support it just in time through photo voltaic cells, which transfer the sun’s power directly into your drained electronics. A fitting small case comes alongside the recharger in either alligator or calfskin for the required engaging appearance.

The Macallan’s The Master of Photography Rankin Single Malt Image

The Macallan’s The Master of Photography Rankin Single Malt

Lifestyle × Style

The Masters of Photography Rankin Edition is the result of the unique mixture of a highly decorated Scottish distiller, the Macallan, and the renowned fashion photographer John Rankin Waddell, also known as Rankin. Rankin was invited to interpret and artfully dissect even the last crevice of the Macallan Estate for a series of 1.000 unique Polaroid photographs, which then will adore the label of this limited single malt. The Macallan fine oak 30-year-old presents a marvelous single malt, which has been allowed to develop for a minimum of 30 years creating a pale gold colour and a deep taste. A black leather box with silk lining embraces the unique Polaroid and the fitting one-of-a-kind labeled Fine Oak bottle.

The final curtain for Honda’s S2000 Image

The final curtain for Honda’s S2000

Cars × Style

The wounded automobile industry exacts another toll. Honda decided to cease production of the famous S2000 roadster, but not without offering a last opportunity to acquire a part of asphalt-burning history. An ever-underestimated vehicle whose street-near chassis can even keep up with a Cobra driving experience, strikes a last time in the colors of Honda’s Formula 1 debutant from 1964. Grand Prix White is the color of the S2000′s last suit while the inside reveals a dark red leather interior. The core of the Ultimate Edition is a 2.0-liter VTEC engine with 237 horsepower.

Edmundson Hide-a-Bar Image

Edmundson Hide-a-Bar

Bar × Home

The term “Hide-a-Bar” does not introduce a futuristic designed compact storage cabinet with some black mirrored sliding doors, it rather entitles a luxurious hardwood cabinet of the old world. However, contrary the Edmundson hardwood bar’s classic appearance, it definitely does not miss contemporary versatility. Generous countertop space for mixing the tipples, which are organized behind the lazy susan-style pivoting center door. Alongside the spacious room it’s totally lockable, so no worries about the least Ardbeg.

Ralph Lauren’s new Lamp collection Image

Ralph Lauren’s new Lamp collection

Home × Lightning

The extensive repertoire of Ralph Lauren’s intriguing pieces for decorative issues, usability enhancement, or nearly anything else a home needs to exude a cosy ambiance, receives another addition with a tastefully interpreted collection of classic lamps. Notable are the Architect Floor Lamp, a reminiscent of the surveyor’s tripods with beautiful brass refinements, the elegant Helmet Table Lamp with the looks of 20s private library lamps fully made of unlacquered brass for a self-ennobling look over time, and the Equilibrium Table Lamp that is the chrome-sparkling highlight of the collection.

Against the rain – the elegant way with Swaine Adeney Brigg Image

Against the rain – the elegant way with Swaine Adeney Brigg

Accessories × Style

For now more than 250 years, Swaine Adeney Brigg shelter the British from the rain. The Brigg, which the finest British umbrella is lovely called, remains the first choice for gentlemen who assert a claim for superior durability and style. The British top class of craftsmanship is a single continuous piece of wood forming an umbrella, which flexibility and unrivaled resilience against the fiercest of weather made it famous all over the globe. Caps and ferrules made of solid brass, springs made of nickel silver, and hand wired ribs and stretchers are prominent details which made the royal family a customer, but secret twists such as the Malacca Cane two-piece with a hidden drinking flask or a gold-leaf pencil embedded in the handle makes the Brigg an option for any gentlemen.

Zwilling Pour Homme with chrome against the unwanted hair growth Image

Zwilling Pour Homme with chrome against the unwanted hair growth

Bathroom × Grooming

Every man has several grooming procedures which he undeniably needs to finish before he has satisfied his care-affine side, and those conversation depressing long nose and ear hairs are simply unacceptable. The German company Zwilling J.A. Henckels has put its highly valued experience in crafting among the finest knifes of the world, into an impressive nose & ear hair trimmer made of the same high-quality stainless steel that has written history. No batteries, no plastic just a pure precision cutter and an impression of chrome.

A stable Italian investment – Shoes by Artioli Image

A stable Italian investment – Shoes by Artioli


The Italian shoe artisans of Artioli are globally famous for their collection of classic leather shoes. Strictly said, shoes of Artioli epitomize the idea of the Italian classic in it’s purest form, a smart and slender silhouette made of the finest and durable materials for a long-lasting optimistic appearance. Each shoe undergoes a process of over two-hundred intricate operations masterfully done by hand, breathing life into the finest quality leather pieces. Such a superior pair of shoes is a prudent investment in bitter times.

Victorinox celebrating 125 years of supplying men with Swiss finest tools Image

Victorinox celebrating 125 years of supplying men with Swiss finest tools

Style × Watches

If there is any tool which a man can ultimately rely on then it’s the omni-functional Swiss Army Knife, which MacGyver can tell you a thing or two about. The prestigious Victorinox manufacture proudly celebrates its 125 years in business with two exclusive interpretations of the Infantry Vintage timekeeper. The salient achievement finds an adequate display in the flashy red Infantry Vintage Edition with with yellow gold accents and a limited run of 125 pieces, and the tasteful olive green Infantry Jubilee chronograph whose 44mm casing will be produced in regular production numbers.

Belstaff’s recent engagement with Hollywood Image

Belstaff’s recent engagement with Hollywood

Coats & Jackets × Style

Belstaff’s ambitions for the big-screen reached another culmination point with a range of three distinctive leather jackets, made to sharpen your appearance and Brad Pitt’s latest performance as Benjamin Button. Each for itself represents another tier of desirability: either it reinforces the man’s rough side with the Raf Blouson, adds a different touch to the contemporary wardrobe with the already iconic S-Icon, or the modern interpreted classic for the style-conscious Indian driver aptly named the Panther jacket.

David Yurman’s Exotic Stone Cuff Links Image

David Yurman’s Exotic Stone Cuff Links

Accessories × Style

In search for an accessory with a fairly strong expression and an touch of individuality for either the contemporary outfit or the appropriate suit, David Yurman’s cuff links of the Exotic Stone Collection will definitely end up creating a spark on your wrists. Either the ocean blue Pietersite stone expressing immaculate elegance, or the sophisticated Tiger Iron in the cable bezel sterling silver, no matter which it’s a guaranteed hit for any man’s wardrobe and will supersede the sober cuffs by time.

The Cam with the certain roar – Leica M8.2 Safari Image

The Cam with the certain roar – Leica M8.2 Safari

Cameras × Gear

The world of cameras isn’t really an industry whose products are a measure of status, even if it’s about the world’s finest digital cameras, such as the digital rangefinder M8 of the German-based company Leica. However, a limited-edition of only 500 iterations world-wide, refined with a totally eccentric but stunning olive green outdoor-color-scheme, definitely enjoys a certain prestige. The M8.2 Safari is also worth rethinking as a beneficial investment, because a comparable model was launched 1977, and has already reached a highly demanded status among collectors. At least, if the cam isn’t predicted to rest behind a window, the Leica Elmarit-M 28mm lens will take some nice shots of delightfully playing lion babies.

The Journey to one of Geneva’s last secrets Image

The Journey to one of Geneva’s last secrets

Accessories × Style

Financial crises here, recessions there, but the show somehow must go on, and a limited-edition always adds a splash of luxury to an otherwise shattered complacency. Today, times of financial carelessness found an end, thus the product has to offer something special, like Caran d’Ache’s triumvirate of writing pens telling a story of a journey along the shores of Geneva’s beautiful Lac Léman and its precious witnesses. Only who can locate that fine mechanism can take part in that mysterious journey, and it already started with the platinum-coated Secret Journey I, which task is to hide a quotation of Voltaire, to be found whilst following the engraved cartographies. A 18-carat gold nib shows where to go through an engraved compass on each of the 300 finely crafted fountain pens completed with a black lacquer box depicting the Lausanne region – a truly trophy hunter’s task.

What the new Porsche Museum Stuttgart has to offer Image

What the new Porsche Museum Stuttgart has to offer

Cars × Culture

Porsche opens a chick new museum in the midst of the economic crisis against all pessimism. The angular house is a colossal building, a looker directly from the outside. The inside reveals 82 vehicles representing the impressive history of the German marque. The exhibits bear names such as Targa, Spyder or Carrera, and they’re all still in shape. All cars are in working order, and are regularly maintained by experts, so that no sportster gathers dust on its famous badge. Since some vehicles participated in historic races, the displays will be occasionally changed to proudly remember even the vehicles of forgotten niches such as the Diesel Tractor. Next time you’re around Cologne, Frankfurt or directly in Stuttgart, the 5.600sq meters filled with 77 years of Porsche history have to be visited as a must-do for every car interested man.