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The reissued Ray-Ban Ultra Caravan aviator Image

The reissued Ray-Ban Ultra Caravan aviator

Style × Sunglasses

Ray-Ban recently revitalized one of its most successful frames, the iconic Caravan
. This classic square shaped model got spend a luxury wardrobe in two variations, either a Redfort-esque 18-carat yellow gold plated frame or the understated white gold finish. No matter which reinterpretation has attracted your attention, they both will savor some sunglass state-of-the-art technology with the P-3PLUS lenses providing any known support for a sharp view and the lightweight and durable titanium core for a long-lasting good look.

A. Lange & Soehne “Pour le Merite” timepiece Image

A. Lange & Soehne “Pour le Merite” timepiece

Style × Watches

A. Lange & Soehne once again substantiate their reputation as one of the most valuable brand with the Richard Lange “Pour le Merite” watch. This timepiece displays the German’s exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding history of horological accomplishments with the intricate combination of a fusse and chain transmission. The extremely intricate chain system guarantees constant torque for the built Lange L044.1 calibre movement. Both the available and limited to 200, 18k rose gold piece or the 50 times iterated platinum case perfectly match the white enamel face with the stately Roman signs and the striking blued steel hands. Accompanied with the brown crocodile leather strap the Pour le Merite is an example for elegance on your wrist.

The “new” world’s slimmest LCD TV – LG LH95 Image

The “new” world’s slimmest LCD TV – LG LH95

Gear × TV

LG wants to open the new year with an ambitious claim, providing the world’s “new” slimmest LCD TV. The pack of technology is ready to enhance its environment and likewise to disguise on the wall with being just a mere 24.8mm thick. The LG LH95 comes with the forward-looking 240Hz TrueMotion Drive technology and an impressive 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. [via]

YMC chic leather shoes Image

YMC chic leather shoes

Shoes × Style

Sometimes, there is that certain mood for denim, and to slake that special craving, a pair of fitting footgear is a must – and these sophisticated shoes are simply perfect for a contemporary ensemble with dark jeans. The London label YMC provides a wide spectrum of modern clothing and this shoes are no exception to their philosophy of merging style and longevity. Not to elegant and not to unobtrusive the mixture for the all-occasion shoe.

Music for the eyes by Mark Seliger Image

Music for the eyes by Mark Seliger

Books × Entertainment

The Rolling Stones, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, P. Diddy, in the past two decades, the biggest of the music world were all photographed by Mark Seliger. A chronicle of the best portraits of the former Rolling-Stone picture chief executive has now been introduced and named The Music Book. His iconic portraits are not just fleeting snapshots, it furthermore happened sometimes that he secluded himself to meticulous prepare the one and only shot. Seliger’s pictures of nearly two decades music photography can be regarded as a late-80s incipient chronicle covering all the major key players of the music world. The almost always controversial photographies still offer space for a smart aestheticism, and as this it deserves a place in an enthusiast’s collection.

The overwhelming rooftop bar A60 NY at the 60 Thompson Image

The overwhelming rooftop bar A60 NY at the 60 Thompson

Culture × Hotels

The style conscious gentleman owes his lady an unforgettable meeting. To be prepared for all circumstances, an impressive backdrop has to be a vital line on the “unforgettable meeting” list. Indeed, a location which offers a vast view at the Manhattan skyline fulfills any expectations. New York, located on the roof of the 60 Thompson boutique SoHo hotel tranquilly rests the elegant members-only rooftop bar “A 60“. Around midnight, when the sun is gone arises an overwhelming romantic atmosphere which offers any man the perfect setting for any purposes.

Ralph Lauren’s silver poker card box and spinning mark of the 30s Image

Ralph Lauren’s silver poker card box and spinning mark of the 30s

Games × Gear

Poker is a game of both luck and skill, but to have an unforgettable gambling clash, you need some unforgettably beautiful and diverting accessories. Ralph Lauren’s recent collection of one-of-a-kind vintage equipment perfectly meets those requirements to enhance a long night full of a tangible flair of tradition, where both the accessories as also the level of play reach a professional level. The card box is entirely made of silver and was crafted at the height of the Art Deco movement around 1930. Either accompanied by the antique Gorham spinning poker top or solely, this items always make a crowning jewel to any poker collection.

A man will ultimately end up using it – a shaving brush Image

A man will ultimately end up using it – a shaving brush

Grooming × Shaving Tools

The list which bears the honorably headline “men only” has nearly faded to zero, regarding the bathroom’s goods. However, one inconspicuous little warrior will always be one of the few accessories that really belong to the man alone. Of course, there is talk of the man’s backup, the shaving brush. This historical tool bears its inheritance without ever growing old, instead it furthermore gained in importance to serve a care affine culture. Truefitt & Hill the grooming goods purveyor par excellence offers a meticulously crafted and diverse range to supply any man, be he ever so different. Soft brushes made of the softest badger bristles for the application with a relaxing factor. The Firm brush which doesn’t fears the hard soap for the quick mission and a luxury line made of just the finest pure mountain badger hair for the shave without any unaccomplished demands.

Pellevera’s leather club head covers for the style conscious golfer Image

Pellevera’s leather club head covers for the style conscious golfer

Gear × Sports

Leather simply creates that refined style which doesn’t solely allures the traditional players on the green golf fields. In case your beloved Callaway bag just don’t want to be replaced of the “Bugatti of Golf bags“, or if the functional lightweight construction simply surpasses the heavy leather clad piece, but you crave for some leather suited enhancement then the numbered head covers of Pellevera fit the bill.The persuading covers are made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather and will keep your clubs dry and clean with a “fresh” 30s flair.

Mercedes McLaren – the SLR’s last big bang! Image

Mercedes McLaren – the SLR’s last big bang!

Cars × Sports Cars

The end of Mercedes McLaren’s super sports car series SLR is an unavoidable fact, however a car of this caliber doesn’t leaves the covers with a quite “goodbye”, instead it impressive with a last loud bang. The final last appearance of the SLR will be made by the full throttle speedster SLR Stirling Moss special edition. The modern reminiscence of old 50s race cars honors its name giver the legendary British race car driver Stirling Moss, who won his first F1 GP in a Mercedes. The last silver arrow of the SLR line will be powered by a supercharged 650 horsepower V8 which accomplishes a 3.5 seconds sprint from 0-60 and the needle stops at 217 mph. Only 75 of this fully carbon clad street rockets will be produced. [via]

Play better in old style – the Bobby Jones Workshop Edition driver by Jesse Ortiz Image

Play better in old style – the Bobby Jones Workshop Edition driver by Jesse Ortiz

Gear × Sports

Someday, every golfer comes to the point where he has to admit that high-tech equipment simply is inevitable to sharpen his play. As golf is a competitive game its players should aspire to gain experience and achieve further improvements. For all those traditionists who adore that old clubs, but just don’t want to miss the modern enhancements, the Bobby Jones Workshop Edition driver combines a to be liked traditional appeal with modern technology. A huge five-five inches, 460cc triangular head made of Russian beta-titanium forgives more than the old TaylorMade and as addition creates the most crisp “kling” you’d ever heard as success message.

Zino Davidoff’s “Elegant Understatement” – the Very Zino Collection Image

Zino Davidoff’s “Elegant Understatement” – the Very Zino Collection

Style × Watches

“Elegant understatement” is the motto of Zino Davidoff‘s young and successful collection “Very Zino”. Zino Davidoff, the newest manufacture of the lifestyle badge Davidoff is located in Switzerland and knows how to convince even in that tough market of haute horology. The exceptional oval shape is an example for the brand’s focus on a classic elegance and finds perfection in the combination of the brown alligator straps hitting a 18 carat rosegold case with the côtes de genève finish.

Our Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2008 Image

Our Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2008

Lifestyle × Style

If you still stumble through the malls in need for the right gift, then you should take a look at our last-minute Gift Guide in motion. In view of the scarce time, there must have occurred a lot of uncertainties and dissatisfactions with what the stores have to offer. However, don’t give up maybe our guide can inspire you once again. We gathered some potential presents to provide an idea for your adored one. Relax your strained and fogged must-gift-seek mind and take a look.

The first Danish supercar – Zenvo’s ST1 Image

The first Danish supercar – Zenvo’s ST1

Cars × Sports Cars

ST1 is it, the name of the first Danish supercar, and it’s a debutant which has nothing to fear. The gifted minds of Zenvo Automotive found a vent and strained all their expertise to achieve a truly expressive supercar which screams for competition. Not that the ST1′s appearance is exclusive enough, the supercar’s first run is limited to 15 iterations. Tottering? Then take a seat, and imagine the 1.104 horsepower which wait to find a track where the super-charged 7.0-liter V8 engine can go wild with a top speed of 233 mph. The initial performance test’s 3.2 seconds score still waits to be excelled.

Denon’s Mahogany Enhanced AH-D7000 Flagship Headphones Image

Denon’s Mahogany Enhanced AH-D7000 Flagship Headphones

Gear × Headphones

It is pretty tough to retain a smart appearance with a huge, but oh-so aurally pleasing pair of headphones. However, Denon’s AH-D7000 will help in that situation and comes with additional class, thanks to the real mahogany earcups and the fitting leather cushions with a soft feel. The lightweight magnesium frame makes this headphones a truly comfort wonder, which again lets you sink into the music. The neodymium diaphragms deliver a detailed and bassfull sound for either the aficionado of fine music or the home theater epicure.