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TSA-approved travel sized shaving and grooming products by GRT Image

TSA-approved travel sized shaving and grooming products by GRT

Grooming × Style

Every frequent flier had someday an inconvenient rendezvous with an new mandate of the TSA – they’ve even picked my toothpaste once. However, small packages do save precious storage space and the TSA-approved travel sized pieces of the Gentlemen’s Refinery won’t raise frustration on the airport. The complete line of shaving and grooming products squeezed to the airplane-fitting size and even a approved brush is of the party.

Watch of the Year 2008 – Piaget Altiplano Image

Watch of the Year 2008 – Piaget Altiplano

Style × Watches

A truly thin watch definitely boosts you’re ensembles level of elegance. We all agree that bold and huge watches are not meant for the occasion with that certain taste and so does Piaget. The Altiplano reinvents classicism with a yet simple round form but a super slim profile, altogether enough to be rewarded as the 2008 watch of the Year. A black silver color mixture lends the model an unobtrusive charm – exactly that type for the fitting looker on the wrist.

Thiel’s Anniversary CS2.4SE floorstanders Image

Thiel’s Anniversary CS2.4SE floorstanders

Gear × Home Audio

Indeed, there is no lack of luxury loudspeakers and even no deficit of tasteful units, but a limited Signature Edition signed by one of the driving force in the sound market is quite a tempting enhancement for every men’s home cinema. The CS2.4SE floorstanders are etched with Jim Thiel’s signature and are made with just the finest boutique capacitors to adequately commemorate the firm’s 30th anniversary. The 70 pounders achieve a pretty captivating appearance with the use of a hand-selected deep-red Birdseye maple just fitting your cherry oak parquet. [via]

Bugatti’s Back-to-Black effort – the ‘sang noir’ Veyron Grand Sport Edition Image

Bugatti’s Back-to-Black effort – the ‘sang noir’ Veyron Grand Sport Edition

Cars × Sports Cars

Bugatti’s top selling luxury Veyron is not just in any media today, the Grand Sport variant deserves another super-derivate. As the ‘white cloud’ has rapidly passed this year, it seems that it’s time to get back to black and the ‘Sang Noir’ is a really aggressive leader for the bloody black-revolution. Carbonfiber piano black panels and a tangerine colored interior embodies the actual most precious appearance in the supercar segment. Edge notices are a top speed of around 253 mph, an open top driving experience and of course the opportunity to feel more than 900 horses copped up under carbonfiber.[via]

The Meet At The Apartment meeting space in NY Image

The Meet At The Apartment meeting space in NY

Business × Culture

Marc and Sara Schiller of Electric Artists and the Wooster Collective created an evolutionary concept targeted to offer a space which seams literally boasts of creativity. The Meet At The Apartment is a two storey, 2.500 square-foot loft with a deliberate arrangement to accomplish the best out of every business meeting. Two breakout rooms, an open space kitchen and even a design focused library are equipped to anybodies utmost satisfaction. The design brainstorming steroid right in New York.

The USB Port-o by Peltier Station Winery Image

The USB Port-o by Peltier Station Winery

Lifestyle × Style

To avert the growing dilution of the general taste of wines and there origin, the European Union protects the nomenclature of a ‘Port’ wine. Indeed, the arbitrary use of the name is confusing, but the fact of not being fertilized in Portugal does not exclude a good taste. The clever minds of the Peltier Station Winery found a way to subtly relate to the label ‘Port’ due to branding their dessert wine ‘USB’. However, a certain knowledge in the technology market is obviously expected. [via]

The perfect hideaway – Neckar Island Image

The perfect hideaway – Neckar Island

Culture × Hotels

Once, the little Neckar island of the British Virgin Isles was a retreaded hideaway for Richard Branson and his guests. Today it’s still one of the most desirable place on earth including 50 employees to take care of every guests whims and needs. 74 acres of any beautiful blue and green tones the bare nature can afford, painting an impressive visual experience right in the unspoilt area of the Caribbean. The hideaway offers way more than a common spa and hotel as you can command what ever you want to without exceptions, including jungle trips and small climbing demands.

The Kilgour shops in London’s Savile Row Image

The Kilgour shops in London’s Savile Row

Style × Suits

Several star actors with the certain propensity for an elegant appearance can’t avoid international tailors. Richard Gere, George Clooney – Gentlemen wear ‘made to measure’ bespoke. The methods of London’s renowned Savile Row create the finest and most exclusive, bespoke suits for gentlemen and the tailors of Kilgour belong to the most experienced experts there. The use of the finest of threads, the fulfillment of every wish and a long fairy of 80 hours of work lay within every suit of the Kilgour.

Nissan’s ’09er 370Z Image

Nissan’s ’09er 370Z

Cars × Style

Nissan has official unveiled the first complete redesign of the famous fun sportscar, the 350Z. The successor still maintains the iconic appearance, but furthermore solidifies the Z’s desire to slit the tracks with a sharper crease along the trailing edge of the hatch and a more aggressive face. The proud 370T is expected to get a 4.5-liter V8 engine delivering 330 horsepower, regarding the intended lighter body, the new Z might excel its predecessor. Indeed, a true fun vehicle attainable for almost everyone who feels the tracks vein.

Payton Smart Media & Gaming Console Image

Payton Smart Media & Gaming Console

Furniture × Home

Electronic gadgetry more and more overwhelms the living space. As those are commonly helping easements for the everyday life, there is particularly a need for an organized storage space. The Payton smart Media&Gaming console is specially designed to accommodate devices from the DVD player to a space demanding gaming console without abusing else intended room for a neatly arranged cabinet including a built-in power source for p to 5 units. Crafted from hardwood and birch veneer and finished with a Zen brown tone, maybe the right addition for the gadget filled home.

The pure office short battle – the Rockland Tic Tac Toe Image

The pure office short battle – the Rockland Tic Tac Toe

Games × Gear

We play it occasionally, but somehow all the time. TicTacToe is a game nobody can evade or would even lose any interest of, because it’s simply the most direct competitive game existing. This interpretation of a block figure version, easily raises the game’s innermost competitive charm with a sophisticated antique look. An eye catching office accessory and an invetation to play.

Coats of arms back on the modern knights wrists by Angular Momentum Image

Coats of arms back on the modern knights wrists by Angular Momentum

Style × Watches

Historically, Coats of arms were used to identify a knight and to furthermore differentiate the blazons holder. The Swiss watch artisans of Angular Momentum recall those tradition and pay tribute with the Coat of Arms watch. At the first glance a trivia timepiece, but the second view reveals a precious hand refined guilloche medallion which deserves to stand out of your ensemble. Under those engravings works a self-winding lever movement with 25 jewels and fitting black alligator straps.

Tesla’s Model S 4-door Sedan Image

Tesla’s Model S 4-door Sedan

Cars × Style

Tesla‘s aspiration to get the Apple-like icon of electric cars and to offer those zero-emission vehicles for every purse and purpose seems to find another stage of realization, with the introduced Model S 4-door sedan. The luxury sedan is aimed to convey up to five passengers on a 240 miles trip without the need to recharge, but still offering an exceptional under six seconds sprint to break the 60mph. This is obviously once again a pleasing step towards a sleek scenario future.

NEC’s professional P221W LCD Image

NEC’s professional P221W LCD

Computer × Gear

NEC highly esteemed supplier of professional level monitors recently unveiled the 22-inches big debutant of its MultiSync P serie. The major notable fact about the P221W LCD monitor is its offering of true professional color-accuracy accompanied with a pretty affordable price tag. Professionals are used to work in color-critical environments, but the casual audience will be astonished by the KURO-comparable dark black tones and those bright and correct colors provided by the 10-bit LUT and the S-PVA panel. Other features are stable 1.000:1 contrast ratio, a widescreen typical 1,680×1,050-pixel native resolution, Ambibright enhancement and a four-way ergonomic stand for any, really any unexpected incident.[via]

Glen Grant 10 Years Old – Tastefull to the last Drop Image

Glen Grant 10 Years Old – Tastefull to the last Drop

Lifestyle × Style

Exceptional character and a special taste-experience – that’s Glen Grant. Only the best ingredients combined with the tradition of one of the most established and oldest distilleries of the Scottish highlands, accomplish an ideal companion for moments with that certain something. The rich, golden color of barley Glen Grant 10 Years Old already speaks volumes and after a 10 year lasting refinement in selected oak barrels transforms it to a demanding single malt. An intense, fruity flavor and a soft, nutty finish to be the first choice for connoisseurs.