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The Buddha Bar Image

The Buddha Bar

Bar × Culture

The Buddha bar is an actual infective happening, meanwhile the bars are spread over the globe with its pleasing charm enriching New York, Dubai or Paris. Dimmed light, mahogany furniture, Khmer statues and heavy Far East substances in red and gold tones are a part of the addicting design concept. The opulent furnished gourmet temple is just stunning and the menu offers crispy duck, sushi and many other traditional Asian specialties, but also unaccustomed like the delicious spicy-tuna tartar. Dining in a relaxing mood dipped in soft amber light to the feet of a gigantic Buddha figure – just an impressive way to fade out the day.

Hennessy’s liquid gold cognacs Image

Hennessy’s liquid gold cognacs

Lifestyle × Style

A valuable cognac ripens slowly in space and time. This is even legally regulated, because Cognac is an Appelation d’Origine ControlĂ©e, a protected designation of origin. That gold brownish shimmering distillation in grand tumblers embodies true elegance and distinction. Cultivated gentleman, in the left a chosen cigar, in the right the cognac, lift the glasses from leather armchair to leather armchair to bring out a toast. The perfectly fitting drip might be the complex but balanced tasting Hennessy Richard or the famous rich XO by Hennessy. Hennessy offers exclusive cognacs consisting of a special assortment of 8 different eaux-de-vies from the passed 8 generations which have enriched Richard Hennessy’s cellar over the past decades.

The Art Of War chess set Image

The Art Of War chess set

Games × Gear

Speaking about ‘the art of war’ might awake an impression of the famous wisdom compendium ‘sun tsu’, and of course the process of planing, preparing and acting can’t be overlooked whilst gazing at this opulent chess set. There was “no apparent reason” to create this bar raising luxury game according to its maker Victor F. Scharstein, excepting an innermost intuition. A truly masterpiece seized hundreds of hours in handwork and imagination, and a truly exclusive assortments of precious materials were processed – from rhodium over sapphires to diamonds. The figures are made of solid 14 carat gold which will make you think twice before doing a turn. [via]

The new king’s state coach – Mercedes Pullman 08 Image

The new king’s state coach – Mercedes Pullman 08

Cars × Style

Heads of Government, oil tycoons and top manager can breathe a sigh of relief – the time of confined space and narrowness in the fond of the luxury sedans finally came to an end with Mercedes’ recent limousine dubbed the Pullman. The idea of the living room on wheels initially comes from the railway as the American firm Pullman Palace Car Company produced such wagons with luxurious salon interior. Following the term of a ‘Pullman car’ it features the S 600′s 512 horsepower strong 5.5L V12 engine and apart the vast spaced interior the exterior won’t just shine as an object of prestige and status it offers by standard a military-standard armour resistants.

The revolution of the light switch – the future design object Image

The revolution of the light switch – the future design object

Decor × Home

No room, no apartment, no house cope without a light switch, but even though everyone needs them and uses them, light switches were reduced to their simplest function for many years. Today they come to life and are no longer the stepchildren of designers and interior decorators with pure stainless steel shells covered with an anti-fingerprint coating or studded with sophisticated crystal balls with optical reflection sensors registering the even most gentle touch.

Porsche Designe Group P’9522 Touch Mobile Image

Porsche Designe Group P’9522 Touch Mobile

Gear × Mobile

Unconventional and sophisticated aesthetics paired with top-grade workmanship are the primary targets of the Stuttgarter Porsche Design Group. Their newest iteration of their P’95 mobile phone range is dubbed the 9522 and radiates dignity with a clear design boasting a deep dark 2.8-inches touch display finely embedded in a flawless one-piece-like aluminum block. Additional the P’9522 features GPS, WiFi, a 5-megapixel camera and conspicuous style.

Visconti’s Golden Proportion Fountain Pen – Divina Proporzione Image

Visconti’s Golden Proportion Fountain Pen – Divina Proporzione

Accessories × Style

“Proporzione Divina”, to find the divine proportion was the modest target which the writing instruments manufacture Visconti set themself. In search for the perfect fountain pen, both round as well as angular shaped inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s famous illustration of the “Vitruvius Man”. The unique designed pen gaplessly corresponds with that aforementioned golden mean proportion and finally fulfills an instrument with the ideal aesthetic impact and a sensational writing experience.

Seiko’s fine watchmaking Spring Drive Moon Phase 2008 Image

Seiko’s fine watchmaking Spring Drive Moon Phase 2008

Style × Watches

To confute the common stereotype opinion about Asia rooted watches, Seiko released the Spring Drive watch technology after 28 years time investment. Battle was just declared and rapidly followed the consequences, the of 400 components consisting drive garnered a wide range of awards for its uniquely integration of traditional watchmaking with actual electronics. The limited Moon Phase edition seriously knows to demonstrate Seiko’s expertise and dedication to fine watchmaking with a truly excellent design, equally masculine and elegant for the right appearance.

Arvus Prerenaissance Speakers Image

Arvus Prerenaissance Speakers

Gear × Home Audio

Most apartments or estates does not permit those extravagant tower loudspeakers just cause of the space, but the Prerenaissance might fit the modern ambient even regardless the enormous power and quality it delivers. The in New Zealand based company Arvus is accountable for an exclusive speakersystem clad in wood, equipped with a carbon fiber front disguise and a plinth made from hand carved granite for a complete grand and sublimed look. Three channels of amplification totaling 1.500-watts of clear frequencies out of a pair luxury speakers.[via]

Stars and Stripes enhanced Leather Sofa Image

Stars and Stripes enhanced Leather Sofa

Home × Seating

Between those hectic election debates and the whole thoroughly decent election period, there is still some time to show some autochthonous patriotism. Andrew Martin chiseled with great attention to detail a distressed yet classical appearing leather sofa with the stars and stripes banner tone-in-tone cloaked into the precious treated leather lining. The result of all that afford is a sofa with a fall-in soft and warmth upholstery suiting any psychologist’s clinic with a pulsating vein for the States.

Sony Vaio TT Blue-Ray Image

Sony Vaio TT Blue-Ray

Gear × Laptops

Mobility is the actual A and O when it comes to successfully market a laptop, but mobility just consists of light weight and a small form factor. Those lean machines predominantly lack the use of high quality materials, powerful innards and a sense for original style, that are exactly the keywords for Sony’s new Vaio TT. The TT’s prominent sales argument is that it packs a Blue-ray drive and a 256GB solid state drive RAID 0 system under a 11.1-inch XBRITE-Duraview display. Thanks to a sturdy and precious carbon fiber chassis, the notebook weights just a mere 2.87 pounds but packs the power of Intel’s ULV enhanced Centrino 2 and 4GB of Ram.

Allen Edmonds Evanston traditional yet modern cap-toe Image

Allen Edmonds Evanston traditional yet modern cap-toe

Shoes × Style

Allen Edmonds got famous for their unparalleled crafting abilities and quality. The Evanston is one of those shoes which easily distinguishes from the common footwork with a contemporary shape and striking color that just perfectly fits any tone of jeans and the more sophisticated dinner dress at once. The skilled artisans of Edmonds finished this cap-toe with a truly cloud-walk-like sole for the workaholic’s day routines.

Bentley’s final goodbye for the Arnage Image

Bentley’s final goodbye for the Arnage

Cars × Style

Perceiving the name Bentley arouses a feeling of safety, luxury and an innermost power. The Arnage is accurately known for those essential attributes and Bentley recently announced a limited production line, more precisely the Arnage’s Final Series. To take an adequate farewell to the historical limousine, the Arnage will once again accelerate its enormous appearance with a breathtaking power offered by an all-aluminum twin-turbo 6 3/4L V8 producing 500 horsepower. Just barely 5 seconds are pinned to overrun the 60mph and the bespoke 20-inch wheels accentuate that pompous show off. Only 150 runs were permitted whilst each is maintaining an entirely personalized experience as no car will be alike the other, from the cocktail cabinet to the wood veneer.

Armrevolution unique Cufflink Collection Image

Armrevolution unique Cufflink Collection

Accessories × Style

The men’s wardrobe does not offer a wide spectrum of refinements. Especially masculine accessories are limited, but fortunately apart the tie, cufflinks once again vanquish as an necessity. An excellent modern example makes the Armrevolution Perpetual Series which strikes with elegant and sophisticated forms suitable for any occasion with the need for an upper-class show off. These unique cufflinks are inspired by the intriguing Bauhaus movement and are made from the finest Japanese stainless steel, refined with a unique number providing the registered owner with exclusive invitations – if they aren’t already.

Vicente Gracia’s Silver Collar Stays Image

Vicente Gracia’s Silver Collar Stays

Accessories × Style

Strength and dexterity engraved, cloaked and fitted into your shirts collar. The by Trojan emblems refined collar stays by Vincent Gracia – who is under the world’s 20 most respected jewelers – are not just precious in material with being handmade of silver, they furthermore radiate those luck bids a superstitious business man vitally needs. To cover any available collar form the set comes with several sizes.