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Rent an aristocratic palace – the Sheremtev Residence St. Petersburg Image

Rent an aristocratic palace – the Sheremtev Residence St. Petersburg

Culture × Hotels

No matter what is planned, an imminent business conference or a pompous party there might be chance to walk down the entrance of a true aristocratical palace. Indulge that inmost imperial taste and fly-in your friends and feel that luxurious czarist grandeur straight after the first step into the Sheremtev Taleon Residence in the center of St. Petersburg. Still standing after entering the entrance room, well than take a steady look at the seven bedrooms of huge proportions together with sitting rooms which simply have to be savored with an adequate drum. After seizing a tasteful meal in the noble dining rooms the enormous library has to be visited. Still lacking that mood of the upper-class eighteenth than get impressed in the bright white ball room, that finishes anyone.

Maestro Dobel Diamond clear Tequila Image

Maestro Dobel Diamond clear Tequila

Lifestyle × Style

Maestro Dobel is the world’s first crystal clear tequila, well that’s a distinctive marketing clue, however this essence achieved due to filtering processes also offers a subtle flavored and complex taste. The handpicked aged agave tequila finds a home in a striking silver-black designed bottle which is furthermore hand-labeled to ensure a multiply refined taste experience. The Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila is an inevitable drip even for tequila unexperienced sommeliers.[via]

JAR a concrete fireplace Image

JAR a concrete fireplace


The Jar is Planika’s most recent approach to entirely stock appartments with a definetly sense for interior design with the humanity’s first achievement, the fire. Christophe Pillet designed a cask made of cold concrete which can’t deny an industrial appeal harmonized with the warmth mood of dancing flames. However, this will fit in several outdoor settings and is a potential contender for a reddot award.

World’s thinnest LCD HDTV – Sony’s 9mm ZX1 Image

World’s thinnest LCD HDTV – Sony’s 9mm ZX1

Gear × TV

When it comes to future targets there’s always spoken of ‘thinner’ versions, and for some parts it’s of course an positive development. So does the actual happening IFA trade show in Berlin offer decent new products such as Sony’s ZX1 LCD HDTV, which takes a new approach to conquer the throne as the globally thinnest LCD screen. Apart the 9mm measurements, the svelte 40-incher offers a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 120Hz MotionFlow tech, video on-demand solutions, BRAVIA Engine 2 image processing and the new High Definition 1080 wireless transmission capability.

IFA unveils the Samsung X360 (not-box) notebook Image

IFA unveils the Samsung X360 (not-box) notebook

Gear × Laptops

We previously mentioned that thing with the ‘thin-editions’, and actually the technology revealments does not find an end, happily. Take a look at the new Air competitor, with a mere 0.66-inches thickness the ultraslim Samsung X360 laptop catches some attention. Powered with a Centrino 2 ULV processor, up to 4GB RAM, 128 SSD, and a X4500 graphics card it is built to keep in sight and a 7-in-1 card reader, three USB ports, and a common LAN port rounds that decent designed companion. Mentionable for a business oriented notebook is the light weight of just 2.8 pounds and the battery-life of up to 10 hours within that constellation.

Hart Schaffner & Marx a remarkable tailoring history Image

Hart Schaffner & Marx a remarkable tailoring history

Style × Suits

Hart Schaffner & Marx was once the best-known name in men’s clothing. The company always excelled the suit markets entrenched habits and was a pioneer for new developments such as they were the first clothing company with international advertising programs. Today wearing a Hart Schaffner Marx suit is a privilege and statement, it’s a name to swank around with proud and today maybe the best choice to look for a contemporary cut. However, power dressing is a part of success, then why not take the best.

The sharpest home cinema – Panasonic 103″ TH-103PZ800 Image

The sharpest home cinema – Panasonic 103″ TH-103PZ800

Gear × TV

Panasonic spent its heavy-weight 103-inch plasma some essential upgrades. The mightily impressive TH-103PZ800 stunns with an uncomparable picture which might not be a surprise regarding the 10.000:1 contrast ratio. The 750 pounder offers 4 HDMI jacks, VIERA Link compatibility, a built-in SD port and that previously mentioned 7-feet wide screen entirely absorbing any peoples attention in sight. [via]

Don’t touch it, speak with it – the BlueAnt V1 headset Image

Don’t touch it, speak with it – the BlueAnt V1 headset

Gear × Mobile

Headset titan BlueAnt requests you to literally talk to yourself. Intently regarded the new V1 awakes the desire to speak with it. This wireless unit climbs a new level of voice-controlling as the interface does not just obey via voice it also actively answers you. So you’re able to call your assistant without touching the headset and without an battery caused turn-off incident, because the V1 periodically tells you the status. Important calls will stay clear with the highly effective Voice Isolation Technology and the ears won’t be tired cause of an piece weighting less than an ounce.

Tod’s clear masculine  Messenger Bag for modern Gentleman Image

Tod’s clear masculine Messenger Bag for modern Gentleman

Accessories × Style

A sturdy messenger bag is an important essential whilst traveling or to ease your lady’s burden due to an overloaded bag. Anyways, the dark brown leather messenger by Tod’s is a stunning example for a manly designed daily life companion. A toned down canvas shoulder strap and metal hardware keep the bag’s masculine line without over exaggerating the intention. Apart the outside it packs a business sub-notebook and a couple of magazines whilst hunting the subway.

The serious black S740 mobile by HTC Image

The serious black S740 mobile by HTC

Gear × Mobile

HTC returned to its roots and dropped that clue of the recent touch-incident back to the traditional road, a more seriously usable 12-key keypad with a full set of QWERTY slider. Not just its controlling exudes fast communication, the sleek, sophisticated deep black aesthetics literally shouts ‘look at me I’m tough busy’. Following those statement, HTC equipped the S740 with a customised Windows Mobile 6 OS, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, a 2.4-inch QVGA display and of course the demanded impressive battery specs of up to 6 hours talk time and 400hrs stand-by.

Audiotastic – the M-Audio DSM1 and DSM2 speakers Image

Audiotastic – the M-Audio DSM1 and DSM2 speakers

Gear × Home Audio

Audiophiles lust for them, professionals need them and M-Audio now offers them. The Studiophile DSM speakers are exceedingly accurate speakers which are intended to use with professional equipment instead of just promising studio-quality M-Audio and Digidesign collaborate to deliver a world-class monitoring solution for the creative environment at home or work. Equipped with two on-board amplifiers and a DSP by Digidesign which coordinates the aluminum anodized 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter for the audiophiles experience, the creatives composition or the professionals clear track .

Dom Perignon 1995 Vintage wrapped in gold Image

Dom Perignon 1995 Vintage wrapped in gold

Lifestyle × Style

Dom Pérignon is not just a brand or even just a champagne, it’s a statement on events and parties. The commemorative 1995 Vintage debuted early this year with a special edition Jeroboam which recently raised to the most expensive champagne Jeroboam worldwide. A sheath made of white gold wraps the 3l piece adorned with a laser engraved Dom Pérignon crest and the limited bottles number – one of 100 pieces. [via]

A light and fast men’s street tool – the KTM X-Bow Image

A light and fast men’s street tool – the KTM X-Bow

Cars × Style

KTM is widely popular for a variety of more or less powerful motorcycles, but they lately astonish with one of the most extreme track machines on the globe. The X-Bow is not a luxury cruiser, it’s a serious power machine for the track affine men who feels the need to struggle with a street beast. Fortunately, the X is announced to be available in the States and it’ll be completely street legal which doesn’t includes a license to roughly dissect the pavement. But it sure will leave a mark on public roads with probably 240 horsepower by a turbocharged 2.0L VW engine on a light carbon fiber body. Barely 4 seconds and this men’s track tool breaks the 60.

Cowon’s serious S9 Curve Image

Cowon’s serious S9 Curve

Gadgets × Gear

The Korean technology manufacture Cowon is globally noted for portable media player solutions with a distinguishing design and quality especially when it comes to the durability, to take the concerns for those with fears of contacts for far east media products. The new S9 Curve is no exception and is armed with serious innards to compete the superior apple-scene-gadgets with a 500MHz dual-core CPU powering an AMOLED capacitive touch panel which visualizes a T-DMB digital television tuner or nearly any media codecs available.

Archos’ redesigned Generation 6 portable media tablets Image

Archos’ redesigned Generation 6 portable media tablets

Gadgets × Gear

Archos recently raised the veil of their next generation media tablets primary target to a true portable internet browsing experience. The Archos 5, 5g and 7 internet tablets feature all a high resolution touch-screen powered by an ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessors which does its debut in this devices, and they share other similarities such as a full email application, HD video support, and WiFi capacity. When it comes to its portability factor the whole range shines bright, from the thinnest with 0.5-inches at 5-inch and 60GB to the flagship 7-inch model with a mere of 0.75 thickness and 320GB storage.