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The Can-Am Spyder a Bike – Roadster Hybrid with a driving thrill Image

The Can-Am Spyder a Bike – Roadster Hybrid with a driving thrill

Bikes × Style

Vehicles are not only supposed to be driven, some drivers want to be admired for their car, but at least they want to catch some attention. Attention is the least you can expect while driving this curious fun mobile, the Can-Am Spyder roadster. The Canadian car manufacture BRP strives to fill the gap between motorcycle and convertible and offers a new thrill and driving experience. This on-road power sport vehicle convinces with comfort features of a roadster and an under five seconds sprint to the 60mph realized by 106horsepowers and needle stops at 110 mph.

Bloomberg’s fulfillment of a Stock Venturer’s Dream Image

Bloomberg’s fulfillment of a Stock Venturer’s Dream

Computer × Gear

Bloomberg and Antenna Design created an ultra-thin and rotatable dual-head display for all that stock addicted semi-professional day-traders, goldenboys, or the professional of the financial industry. This highly flexible displays are mounted on an elegant silver arm that allows to easily adjust the screen’s display height, angle, vertical and horizontal orientations for optimum use and the Bloomberg software knows to properly adjust the screen data in overhasted incidents. Or just use this screen to add a sophisticated trading floor charm to your office setting.

Iconic two-way Radio for active oudoor Experiences Image

Iconic two-way Radio for active oudoor Experiences

Gear × Outdoor

Rarely has a chassis concept converted in such a consequent way as in the TLKR two-way radio range. The design literally follows function as even the antenna acts as a usable eyelet for example for closures while climbing the Everest. Just enhance your communication in outdoor sports with an independent powerful device that provide effective and reliable two-way communication up to 5km and a popular iconic form which fells just good in the hand and sturdy enough to withstand a rough golf court.

Callaway Warbird solidly burns the Greens Image

Callaway Warbird solidly burns the Greens

Gear × Outdoor

Callaway is the mega brand par excellence when it comes to world’s greenest game. Apart the actual tools of the game, a high level of care and protection of these are a must, thus makes an adequate bag inevitable. Why not stick with the best and choose the Callaway Warbird“>Warbird which weights just 5 pounds but offers a rewarded sturdiness provided by the XTT base which sits flush to the ground when activated by the leg stands. A lot of features wants to be discovered such as 5 zippered storage pockets a magnetic ball pocket and an Izzo dual carrying strap.

Technologize your Wine Cellar and hire the eSommelier Image

Technologize your Wine Cellar and hire the eSommelier

Gadgets × Gear

Nobody commands you to know detailed facts of any of your stored precious vinos. However, preventing an embarrassing blunder is nothing to reject, so open your cellar and take some time to professionally catalog your liquid trophies. The eSommelier is the first fully integrated residential wine inventory system and uses a 15inch diagonal LCD color touch screen, a Bar Code Scanner and a Bar Code Printer which are permanently connected to an online database in case of hasted information requests.

Bright Green Turtles on the Sleeve Image

Bright Green Turtles on the Sleeve

Accessories × Style

Cuff links are never related to a seasonal happening or an en vogue instance, but these turtle subjected adornments present an actual trend motif. Take a pleasure in this vibrant hand-painted enamels and realize the subtle elegance it creates in contrast to a plain white sleeve. Anyways, it’ll easily blend into a collection even if just as a collectors item.

Dell Studio Hybrid Green Desktops Image

Dell Studio Hybrid Green Desktops

Gear × Tech

The Dell Studio Hybrid range enqueues in the line of green branded, eco-friendly electricity vampires. Touted to use about 70% less power than a usual desktop machine, the Studios are pretty thirstless in any facets as they are designed to fit anywhere with a form factor slightly bigger than a book. Dell even follows the trend with the option to choose a bamboo outfit among six other “jewel toned” color apparels. Of course this living-room media package features a HDMI port, WiFi, Blue Ray and a TV tuner.

Porcelaine, teak and meat – The tasty Eva Solo portable Grill Image

Porcelaine, teak and meat – The tasty Eva Solo portable Grill

Gear × Outdoor

It’s an already iconic design and a laureate piece recently hanged with the highly esteemed IDEA design award, talk is of the Table Grill by Eva Solo. A functional glossy white porcelain grill, small enough to fit on any table but big enough to invite your friends to cook their taste in fondue-style. Its portable design and a practical handle makes it easy to carry with you and to turn any scene into a tasteful barbecue.

Klipsch and BMW present the Palladium Speaker Series Image

Klipsch and BMW present the Palladium Speaker Series

Gear × Home Audio

Prepare to surround yourself in luxury” quoting Klipsch’s statement about its Palladium speaker series. These speakers are born of a collaboration with the American BMW design team which added the luxury touch to the top-notch sound, just adequate to the vehicle’s reputation. Audiophiles will be excited to hear about the carbon-infused, horn-loaded speakers, the 1600 watt peak power handling and the warm colored wood-grain veneer finishes.[via]

Mexico’s Young Blood – the MXT Image

Mexico’s Young Blood – the MXT

Cars × Style

A decent Motor Show distinguishes itself through exclusive debuts, so does the London’s car catwalk these days with the Mexican young blood, the MXT. The car manufacturer Mastretta sets a milestone in the history of Mexico’s autarkic car building with the first attempt at designing and producing a supercar which lusts to compete with European street fighters. A lightweight body wraps a Ford 2.0l engine which produces 240 horsepowers, enough to burst the 60mph in under 4 seconds.

Iocell’s HDD featured Phone Image

Iocell’s HDD featured Phone

Gadgets × Gear

Was just a matter of time till a usual phone get enhanced with a hard disc. The Iocell Content phone offers just that, added with pretty decent looks and nearly any possible options providable by a storage advantage. Feel the convenience of recording your complete conversation and use the phones ability to upload that conversation files through a built-in USB port. No more messing around about what was said and what was left out just rewind and listen, this will find a place at our desks. [via]

SimpleTech tries the simple green way Image

SimpleTech tries the simple green way

Computer × Gear

SimpleTech raises the level of eco-friendliness for green branded hard drives and they do it consequently starting by the spartan package which offers just the essentials without wasting unnecessary materials. The chassis comes with an elegant fusion of recycled aluminum plates and pieces of ubiquitous – at least in asia – bamboo. The (Re)drive comes with an Energy Star certified power adapter 500GB of storage and a USB 2.0 connection.

New Colors for the My Passport Collection Image

New Colors for the My Passport Collection

Entertainment × Gadgets

We recently wrote about the more subtle LG XD1, but the power colored My Passport hard drive range recently received the famed IDEA design award, so we don’t want to hide it from you. This ultra-portable USB powered hard drive is not the conventional business companion, but it dashes some happy colors on the major gray toned canvas of regular life. The My Passport drives are small enough to tuck into a pocket and offers 320GB of storage for your data exchanges on the go and it’s 100% recyclable, WD green thumbs up.

Sony’s rewarded Field Recorder PCM-D50 Image

Sony’s rewarded Field Recorder PCM-D50

Gear × Outdoor

For all that young talents in the fields of movie creating and music recording, Sony offers a high class field recorder which convinces not just as a portable solution. The linear PCM recorder PCM D50 is suitable for producing high quality sound recordings especially in unusual situation with its movable microphones that allow the user to adjust the sound gathering range to match the sound source effectively. Add a sleek and compact design, a lightweight body and 4GB of built-in flash and you’ve the optimal field recorder to professionally capture the most realistic expression and atmosphere of the original sound.

Wedze Comfortable RNS 700 Snow Helmet Image

Wedze Comfortable RNS 700 Snow Helmet

Gear × Outdoor

The helmet is one of that essentials for an enjoyable snow trip. Thus makes it inevitable to choose from the most comfortable, from the best, the Wed’ze’s RNS 700 helmet. This sleek designed fun-maintaining head protector comes with an ultra-light and ventilated structure with an enhanced sense for safety cause of a embedded Recco avalanche signal system. Coming to the comfort part, the RNS 700 features an exclusive goggle-fixing system which efficiently locks the mask on top of the helmet.