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Yamaha YSP-3050 Single Soundbar Image

Yamaha YSP-3050 Single Soundbar

Gear × Home Audio

The most convincing single speaker surround sound solution, the YSP range got a new sibling which offers a versatile sound experience occupying less space. Yamaha’s YSP 3050 uses directed sound-waves which pretty well create a convincing rich sound landscape. This space saving but interior complementing sound bar features 21 beam drivers, two woofers, 23 corresponding digital amplifiers, DSP, analog-to-digital conversion, HD upscaling, component/composite and two HDMI inputs.

AKG’s Professional Earphones K 702 Image

AKG’s Professional Earphones K 702

Gear × Headphones

As the web’s influence continues to grow, its segments are getting more and more professional. The Austrian company AKG recently announced its more sophisticated headphone the K 702, targeted to recording professionals, broadcasters or just performance-minded audiophiles. Based upon a sturdy lightweight body detailed with a leather headband and personalized earpads. The studio life grown headphone features the renowned flat-wire voice coil technology for accurate sound evolved from “60-year heritage and single-minded commitment to quality audio in all applications“.

Scrabble Anniversary Auction Board Image

Scrabble Anniversary Auction Board

Games × Gear

Hasbro partnered with ‘Clothes Off Our Back’ to celebrate the 60th birthday of the didactically meaningful board game Scrabble. This luxury Swarovski Crystal encrusted Scrabble board is the only one of its kind and is being put up for auction to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Being signed by celebrities and created just for a charity purpose makes this piece a grateful collectors trophy and a twice profitable investment.

Jaques and Dunhill Pure Black Table Tennis Image

Jaques and Dunhill Pure Black Table Tennis

Gear × Sports

The former inventor of table tennis Jaques of London collaborated with the men’s luxury goods company Dunhill to develop a table tennis kit fit for champions, just in time for the Olympic Games in China. This precious table is crafted of solid wood and savors an all-black cellulose and resin bonded surface for a sublime appearance still meeting the international requirements. To give the set the Dunhill standard masculine lines it features a solid Heist leather cover which stows the professional bats and balls.

Improve your Grip with the SensoGlove Image

Improve your Grip with the SensoGlove

Gear × Outdoor

The goal is always to improve your technique and in second to maintain the achieved improvements, but all golfer’s know, one tends to revert to old habits. German ambitious golfers and engineer genies introduced the answer to easily adjust one of golf’s fundamentals, the SensoGlove. Four sewn-in sensors constantly provide instant feedback and advices how to improve your grip via changing the fingers grip tightness accordingly. Well, the otherwise ordinary looking glove might be a smart additional, but unfortunately it does not track the loose stance.

Sony’s Overhauled ES Receiver Range Image

Sony’s Overhauled ES Receiver Range

Gear × Home Audio

Sony’s close relationship to audiophiles opens a next chapter with unleashing the overhauled ES receiver range. As these receivers start to develop to media-hubs, Sony added a suitable graphical interface, the XMB. Apart this eye-feature the versatile glossy 7.1 flagship features a 120 watt amplifier, six HDMI inputs, 3-zone audio and 2-zone HD video output, analog-to-1080p video upconversion, lossless audio decoding, Sirius and XM satellite radio compatibility, automatic speaker calibration and a wide spectrum of audio codec support and of course the contemporary media port to hook up your player of choice.

Collector’s Gold Edition Scrabble Image

Collector’s Gold Edition Scrabble

Games × Gear

A classic table game concept still offering an unrivaled satisfying level when beaten the game opponents, the best on it: you’ve beaten them twice, in the game and with superior vocabulary skills. Get the dictionary ready and convince in the classic collector’s edition of Scrabble. A noble crafted wood-framed playing board builds the fundament for 100 letter tiles individually minted and coated with 24 karat gold styled with custom-graphics. An elegant invitation for a subtle verbal clash.

JVC’s World’s Slimmest HDTV Image

JVC’s World’s Slimmest HDTV

Gear × TV

“39-74-46″, what sounds like ultra-thin bio-facts are pretty decent figures of JVC’s latest HDTV silhouettes, touted as the world’s thinnest LCD with an integrated bulk-less digital tuner. Clearing up the numbers, the 46″ wide LCD measure a mere 39mm with a maximum depth of centered 74mm and offers full 1080p, 3 HDMI inputs, TV Tuner, S-Video / VGA port, touch sensor controls, fanless heat dissipation, USB and common headphone compatibility.

Porsche C4S Turbo AWD Image

Porsche C4S Turbo AWD

Cars × Sports Cars

The classic Porsche 911 still impressive in an elegant yet sporty way, doubtless without competition. Fuse the all-known 911 visual impact with an all-wheel drive and get an all-season conveyance you’d even get satisfied by just watching it from the outside. Porsche recently revealed the C4 range which even enhances the silver-beige lead sports-car with an 3.8liter engine delivering 385horsepowers and the new 7-speed double-clutch gearbox. As even the widened rear form factor likes to please the eyes, there is no point to reject a ride.

Pershing Collection by Parmigiani Image

Pershing Collection by Parmigiani

Style × Watches

Collaborations with an entrepreneurial background actually form pretty decent results, so does the Italian prestigious luxury yacht constructor of Pershing and the known Swiss watch artisans of Parmigiani. This ambitious partnership targets two premium segments which cannot exist without each other and achieved an luxury watch with immanent sports value obviously perceivable through the rubber push-pieces. The watch also features 200 meter water resistance, unidirectional turning bezels, sapphire glass, a polished satin finish and of course the limited engraved individual number.

Linea Slim Laptop Case by Orbino Image

Linea Slim Laptop Case by Orbino

Accessories × Style

The experienced experts of Orbino unveiled another noble notebook case, this time not that casual one like the rewarded Arista case for the air-thin Air. To adequately present the most contemporary lifestyle accessory yet business essential, the Linea forms an ultra slim leather case with a form-fitting factor which allows an on-the-fly use to defuse hasty situations sovereign. Apart its stunning stitchless profile, the selected notebook is perfectly protected by a durable balsawood frame and Italian metal closures. An entirely handmade crafting process might be the perfect enhancement for a metal-lead daily tech object.

Maserati Quattroporte 2009 Image

Maserati Quattroporte 2009

Cars × Style

After five doubtless successful years, Maserati revamps its flagship, the Quattroporte exotic four-door sedan. Treated to some new bodywork to tauten the Pininfarina lines and to appear more aggressive and GranTurismo like, from the tip to the tail. Fortunately, the hasting sedans got an engine update as they are driven by the more powerful 430-hp 4.7-liter unit provided by the Alfa 8C tar-boiler and of course the anticipated transmission update with the built-in ZF-sourced six-speed automatic.

Samsonite Black Label Iconic Trunk Collection Image

Samsonite Black Label Iconic Trunk Collection

Accessories × Style

Samsonite revives the nostalgia of the days when a transcontinental trip was luxurious and a prestigious happening. Talking about the all-suited 20′s, that years as the Shwayder brothers crafted the most iconic cases in travel history now recreated as a limited edition of travel pieces. The original Heritage Trunk, the One Upright on wheels, a Beauty Case, an attaché and a pilot case exquisitely handcrafted with the utmost care of 90 years craftsmanship experience combining a classical design with the functionality of modern TSA functionalities for todays Gentlemen on the go.

Philips GoGear Workout-Player Image

Philips GoGear Workout-Player

Gadgets × Gear

I just want to be a part of it!” followers of this intention of an Easton Ellis story protagonist quickly choose an iDevice. However, Philips asserts a claim to compete the Shuffle’s position with its recently introduced GoGear sub-MP3 player which features a miniature dot-matrix LCD screen glimmering through a polished reflective square chassis. The tech part offers the FullSound technology and up to 20 hours continuously playing time – worth a thought for the next workout player.