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Lotus Exige TriFuel takes it all Image

Lotus Exige TriFuel takes it all

Cars × Style

Alcohol in the tank,hybrid drive and electric racer: The British tradition forge Lotus wants to brand a new reputation as a pioneer for environmentally friendly sportcars. The Lotus Exige Tri-Fuel burns conventional gas, Bioethanole and Methanol but can run fully with one of that extracts. Its 273 horsepowers engine throws the two-seater to 155mph
and reaches the 60 in around 4 seconds. The TriFuel could be the vanguard of a new potentially climate neutral generation of conventionally powered vehicles.

The Strida Folding Bike and Bike Bag Image

The Strida Folding Bike and Bike Bag

Gear × Outdoor

Touted the “first completely new bicycle geometry in 95years” using a unique design to distinguish in competition with other folding bikes and to offer the most ambitious level of comfort and portability. The Strida folding bicycle succeeds in every key factor, if it’s about the portability and performance the light-weight aluminum frame with a record fold-time of 6 seconds checks the box or about the level of comfort with the superior upright seating position which gives the rider a good vantage point in traffic. Get the most recent accessory for the Strida to care about it the right way with the bike bag thus makes it leave no grease on your business attire when you arrive at the office.

Backyard Outdoor Theater System Image

Backyard Outdoor Theater System

Gear × Outdoor

Still smelling the gone steaks, the conversations are getting more silent and the sun sinks slowly leaving a deep orange shimmer on the pool set – now rapidly set up the 12′ wide Outdoor Theater and offer your friends the ultimate outdoor entertainment. This movie screen will even held the aggressions of a lost football game as it comes with an aluminum framework and stainless steel fittings. This package also includes a set of durable outdoor 80Watts speakers and an Epson MovieMate.

Iomega’s 1TB Super eGo External HDD Image

Iomega’s 1TB Super eGo External HDD

Computer × Gear

Packing around a terrabyte of information data nearly got obligatory for the common lifestyle. Iomega bows to the inevitable and introduced its 1TB sporting flagships, christened the Super eGo. This external HDDs sport the eGo family flask-like designs with a metal chassis and a matte finish featuring 7200 rotations with 8MB cache, a single one-terabyte HDD and established USB 2.0.

Mini Cigar&Drink Case Image

Mini Cigar&Drink Case

Accessories × Style

Picnic in another way with an elegant touch and sophisticated style. This portable leather case will adequately care about your favored cigars and social drinks. Made of precious brown leather and detailed with antiqued hardware complete its stowing abilities with a humidor, four acrylic glasses and an insulated container to keep ice cold for up to four hours of social connectivity.

Alfred Dunhill AD88 Meridian Sound Image

Alfred Dunhill AD88 Meridian Sound

Gear × Home Audio

As a gift fitting a man’s taste or as a fantastic powerful audio system complementing its elegant interior neighbors, the Alfred Dunhill Edition of the Meridian AD88 Sound System will fit the bill. Dunhill attached those extra details which add a masculine appearance to a formerly audiophile modern gadget such as the dark polished wood frame with piano lacquer finish to not only offer a sophisticated system that sounds incredible. The package also convinces with an adaptive iPod Dock, DVD player, DAB, AM and FM radio.

Sony Sountina Glass Tube Speakers Image

Sony Sountina Glass Tube Speakers

Gear × Home Audio

A clear visual statement with unusual effective sound streaming abilities, the all new Sony Sountina Speakers. This extraordinary yet unique speaker design introduces omni-directional speaker layouts for the audiophiles. The Sountina uses a transparent organic glass tube that vibrates to radiate omni-existent sounds between 50Hz – 20.000Hz. It’s not recommended to use the coaxial input but it does exist beside the advanced optical port.

Murrey Outdoor Pool Table Image

Murrey Outdoor Pool Table

Gear × Sports

Its summertime which includes pool time wasting. A man always needs to keep some activity – tough job to just soak up the sun like our adored ones like to. Skill, fun, competition and sun enabled through the most developed weather-resistant outdoor pool table, the Murrey Outdoor 3000. The tables frame and compartments are made of UV- and water-resistant materials as the body is made of precious 3/4″ diamond-ground Brazilian slate and the cloth is made of patented Sunbrella fabrics. Get a cue, change the setting, change the drink and enjoy the game.

Suissa luxury Tower called Enlighten Image

Suissa luxury Tower called Enlighten

Computer × Gear

Suissa succeeded a step forward in the luxury segment for tower modifications. The title ‘Enlighten’ adores this glass,wood and metal harmony which confuses at first glance with an unprecedented unique appearance also satisfies as a neo-industrial sculpture. The Canadian luxury computer manufacturer offer a first-class personalization grade to match the PC-sculpture evenly to its foreseen interior. Beside its visual persuading power it also features top-notch hardware like an AMD X2 6400+, single NVIDIA 8800GTX, 4GB memory and 1TB hard drive space. [via]

Summer Beach Shorts Image

Summer Beach Shorts

Style × Swimwear

This summer’s beach prêt-à-porter is controlled by the golden middle in length as the 60′s shorts are back on the sands. Having half the length of the last year’s en vogue surfer shorts and a relaxed ‘not to tight not to wide’ cut for the sunny beach event. Take ‘em with floral surfer patterns, checker pattern or anything else just keep bright and loud colors in the spotlight.

Panasonic Diamond-like RP-HJE900 Image

Panasonic Diamond-like RP-HJE900

Gear × Headphones

“There has to be something else” might be the thesis as Panasonic thought about using a material for earbuds which normaly is used to imitate Diamonds. The speak is about Zirconia often seen in a pair with Moissanits but this time used to dramatically reduce sound distortion. These pair of sound smoothing buds does also come with removable cables for an optimized organization and replacement. Be prepared for the high karat variation.

Kinesis Personal Vision by TechnoGym Image

Kinesis Personal Vision by TechnoGym


Thought about getting back to a regular workout basis, but no time to join a fitness club, than the Kinesis Personal will fulfill the intention. A fitness machine created to revolutionize the home-fitness market with an interior complimenting and unusual luxurious visual impact combined with an innovation named ‘Full Gravity’ which allows a free movement reinforced by arbitrary resistances to ensure a natural training. Anyways, the Vision’s primary task is to build up strength, flexibility and coordination but it makes a great conversation piece even if not in use.

Custom Leather Notebook Cases by Renaissance Art Image

Custom Leather Notebook Cases by Renaissance Art

Gear × Laptops

This is not a collection of sleek, polished high-end cases, this is about solid craftsmanship and unique looking leather bags to add a classy touch to the modern technology life companion. Renaissance Art offers completely personalized notebook sleeves, bags and cases just as you wish, as big or as small, extra pockets or extra space form a precious leather case around your laptop and your demands. Even available with MacBook predefined measurements.