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The Mini Hummer H3 Golf Car Image

The Mini Hummer H3 Golf Car

Gear × Sports

Rewarded as the “worlds most luxurious electric vehicle” especially on a golf course. Built to imitate and convince even at a glance, the Mini Hummer H3 is adorned with the obligatory signature 7 slot louvered grille and the famous oversized tank-a-like tyres, of course in the measurements compared to the chassis as this golf car sports 18inches alloys. The car is able to speed with 30mph over the green hills and also features a IntelliQ onboard computer which manages the charging system for the most economical efficiency. Not only perfect for the more demanding golf enthusiasts, this Mini-Hummer H3 is the ultimate men’s toy.

Classic Digital Picture Frame by Andrée Putman Image

Classic Digital Picture Frame by Andrée Putman

Decor × Home

Precious memories deserve to be hold and displayed in the most adequate and elegant frame. Parrot assigned the known French designer Andrée Putman to form a classic and elegant sleek picture frame which will subtle blend with any interior and packed in Parrots modern digital technology to achieve the yet most sophisticated digital picture frame. Use your Bluetooth capable mobile or PC to feed the frame or plug in a USB or SD unit.[via]

Meeting the Wobble Chess Game Image

Meeting the Wobble Chess Game

Games × Gear

Don’t we all recognize the old times of Battle Chess PC competitions, was a pleasure to see the figures moving and adding a nuance action to the otherwise mind controlled game. Umbra takes the task and gives a unique new look to this ancient game. To create a little interaction the board’s squares are slightly concave so that the quivering chess figures rock in that maple and cherry milled squares. The board succeeded its job very decent and adds a modern edge to the typically slow-paced game.

The first Blue-Ray Home Theater-in-a-Box by Samsung Image

The first Blue-Ray Home Theater-in-a-Box by Samsung

Gear × Home Audio

A CES 2008 Innovations Honoree and the industry’s first home theater-in-a-box and able to pamper the audiophiles ears with crystal clear 7.1(5.1 in the f-suffix series) surround sound, that’s what the Samsung HT-BD2 home theater system expresses. A piano black lacquered appearance fused with the most sophisticated Blue-Ray home theater system to provide richer and powerful sound with a Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio format support and 1080p upconversion capability to enlighten the yet ‘classic’ DVDs. To offer theater-like audio output in almost any environment it comes with wireless communicating satellites and sub-woofer.

La Valise Documents by Erwan Bouroullec Image

La Valise Documents by Erwan Bouroullec

Business × Office

The Valise document holder is one of that underestimated things nobody thought about giving it a modern appearance. Even in times of digital overwhelming data access and storage capabilities, a true piece of paper is a convincing instrument in business. This is a filing system with a lid and a handle attached for a comfort use, protecting, shifting and classifying. Leaving an organized shelf these handy document holders are a great way to clean up the mounting clutter of paperwork.

Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel by Fanatec Image

Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel by Fanatec

Computer × Gear

Porsche 911 Turbos are a rare seen street object these days. To indulge your innermost desire for a ride in one of these Stuttgarter classics the manufacturer Fanatec created an authentic ’911 gaming wheel system for the gameophiles and the casual gamer who won’t miss the feeling when not playing on the road with the lacquered one. A licensed original reproduction of a ’911 leather wrapped steering wheel and optimized pedals to imitate an authentic tip-feeling to create the most authentic Porsche feeling for the virtual world.

Alex Noboko Aircraft Designs Image

Alex Noboko Aircraft Designs

Business × Style

The honorable target of designer Alex Naboko is to understand the amenities of luxurious standards and to adequately project that into raised aircrafts. Passing the last 4 years he achieved to customize not only jets of personal property, he’d also done some approaches to fulfill any frequent flier’s desire of comfort. Any amenities you’d expect from reputable hotels and the most comfortable flight, that’s what this jets have to offer.

Steamer Bar Cabinet Image

Steamer Bar Cabinet

Bar × Home

Crafted of American ash solids and hand-stained veneers with a distinctive recessed panel grid design and a rich ebony finish, sounds pretty much like an elegant cabinet. Well, not that far from truth considering that the cabinet is hiding an more than adequately equipped home bar which offers pull-out glass racks for up to 30 wine glasses and 20 drinking glasses, four door shelves holding bottles, a 4×4 separated wine bottle shelf and a separate serving tray which is removable for passing drinks.

Seiko Slimstick Pedometer Image

Seiko Slimstick Pedometer


Ordinary Pedometers are aimed to keep you on track about your daily steps you’d made so far, but in times of office exercise routines the classics fail to track your activity level adequately. Packed in a solid, minuscule brushed metal coat, the Seiko SlimStick offers to track the vast variation of your movements with modern dual-axis accelerometers. Clip the yet understated Slimstick onto your Strellson trousers and it’ll count the number of calories burned throughout the day, the length of time you were active, total number of steps walked, overall exercise quality score and it’ll save the data of that little workouts.

Pioneer’s Kuro Projector Image

Pioneer’s Kuro Projector

Gear × TV

True to the motto ‘Black is Beautiful’ the spectacular selling and convincing Kuro range of color striking plasma HDTVs gained another piece to infiltrate the projector segment with black beauty. Taking place in Munich, Pioneer recently unveiled the Kuro KRF-9000FD 1080p projector which will stream full 1,920 x 1,080 native resolution with 600 lumens brightness and a Kuro branded 30,000:1 contrast ratio achieved through a high reflectivity LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology via 2 HDMI ports.

Dumbbell Shaker by Ralph Lauren Image

Dumbbell Shaker by Ralph Lauren

Bar × Home

Having missed out a workout routine always crosses one’s mind in improper situations, like exactly when reaching a martini glass and peeking over the barware. This reminder intentionally mimics a dumbbell as indulging the mixology does not only reminds you for the training appointment, it also adds some special routines to it. The Ralph Lauren Dumbbell shaker makes a great and unique conversation plated in silver.

John Allan’s 63 Razor Image

John Allan’s 63 Razor

Grooming × Style

“It’s my job to try and get them to go just a little further,” intentions of grooming guru John Allan. The lines of the 60′s Aston Martin roadster chiseled the gun metal finished body to form an yet rare produced and exceptional elegant grooming piece. This daily mans companion is lead by anodized zinc blades which rapidly advanced to a collectors item cause only 1.000 of that blades exist. However, this razor just feels right and makes a great upgrade to any bath interior.

Keating’s TKR Image

Keating’s TKR

Cars × Style

The Bugatti Veyron, lovely called the one million dollar car, kept the throne of the world’s fastest production car with 253 mp/h till the SSC Aero outpaced it with an achievement of around 4 mp/h more. Today British sports car manufacturer Keating took the silk wraps off its new flagship supercar, the TKR. This bullet measures sharp, defined, 1-meters and 10-centimeters in height at over 4-meters in length, and gets accelerated by a Corvette V8 7.0L engine buffed with an incredible charged twin-turbo producing 1.500 horsepower, securely cooped in a carbon-fiber chassis. This package is determined to overrun its rivals with ease.

Spring ’08 Trench Coat by Burberry Image

Spring ’08 Trench Coat by Burberry

Coats & Jackets × Style

Spring time means trench coat time without satirizing it, spring oozes just the right atmosphere to wear a light and charming trench. Though, classic trench coats tend to unfold its most sophisticated expression under a rain shelling which doesn’t discourages true gentlemen in traveling with a double breasted belted trench coat with authentic epaulettes.Choose your personal favorite of one of three color variations – classic beige, modern pale beige or a timeless black one.

Pure Satin by The Shower Company Image

Pure Satin by The Shower Company

Bathroom × Home

Anthony Robbins preaches that the best ideas knock your mind under the shower. To hook up with the leading entrepreneurs its maybe just an ask of equipment. The top notch shower, aptly named Pure Satin occupies the luxury shower supremacy with any imaginable function and treatment clue such as the back massage jet, a steam module with time and temperature display or a wireless feet built-in FM radio with MP3 option. To maximize the blood flow and to maintain the optimal brain storming it also features a foot massage bottom segment which targets the acupuncture points on the sole, thus its just a shower far from the next clue.[via]