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Pioneer LX01 Home Cinema Image

Pioneer LX01 Home Cinema

Gear × Home Audio

Dark, powerful and striking trebles there can’t be anything more suitable to the recently introduced deep black KURO HDTVs. The LX01 is designed as the perfect home entertainment companion not surprisingly blessed with an appearance to compete a Stardestroyer with ease. This battleship system introduces Pioneers 3-dimensional speaker system which generate sound fields in all directions to mimic a live soundscape through sound-wave developing and to offer true bass power it has a unique designed dual-drive subwoofer-receiver which handles the lower frequencies more precise. To complete this package, it comes with an obligatory 250GB hard disk drive DVD recorder with integrated DVB-T tune Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD capability and 1080p upscaling HDMI.

Puma’s solid soled Swing GTX Image

Puma’s solid soled Swing GTX

Gear × Outdoor

Retro looks does not even stop for the not yet enough time-stagnated golf course vogue. The Swing GTX are unique styled shoes who literally will dig deep, cause Puma’s next generation cleat system, called Smart Quill. This smart idea uses multi-directional permanent spikes to improve traction and this pair of shoes got soled with fiber glass foot plate which make it one of the lightest golf shoes available. [via]

The Private Life of Ralph Lauren Image

The Private Life of Ralph Lauren

Books × Entertainment

This enormous volume beautifully bounds a gluttonous selection of images of the global classic american lifestyle with high gloss XL pictures of his early multiply page spread Ads or the 79′er Roughwear western collection which introduced the western archetype, simply an elegant work mirroring the private life and lifestyle of iconic Ralph Lauren. This piece weights more than 14 and a half pounds and leashes around 700 of unseen illustration material offering a huge peek into the mind of one of America’s most accomplished fashion designers.

Lamborghini’s feared Reventon Image

Lamborghini’s feared Reventon

Cars × Style

A visual sea of edges, an incredible bulked up back and a yet unmatched aggressive look, that’s what the Countach was famed for. Lamborghini upstaged its own supercar top-seller with this pure visual impact, the Lamborghini Reventon. Just like the illustration expresses this gunmetal colored road-fighter is meant to be driven in front of its road-opponents to completely unfurl its bad beauty. The contemporary fusion of a stealth bomber and a supercar, sharp lines and hard angles thirsting to lacerate the road driven by fear oozing 630 evil horses.

Merium Home Media PC by Mesiro Image

Merium Home Media PC by Mesiro

Computer × Gear

In contrast to standard unobtrusive Media Centers this one comes with the intention of personalizing. The Scandinavian Merium Media PC allows you to customize your movie companion with interchangeable covers. Apart the usual color schemes you’ll be a able to brand your own cover design or choose of a list of professional works while taking part on a developing design community. The system is controlled by the approved Vista Media Center which is famed for its DVD upscaling abilities and easy to use interface. The PC also features a raised foot stand creating space to hide the cable mess, HDMI and optical toslink outputs and WLAN abilities.

Dunhill Sidecar Messenger Bag Image

Dunhill Sidecar Messenger Bag

Business × Style

Stop squeezing your folders into that vintage stuff messenger bag and feel this light yet sturdy bag. Neither you’re planning to brain storm at college nor your up for a meeting this messenger bag made of unique grained cowhide leather is suitable for any occasion. Its dark bitter-chocolate color underlines a smart and modern appearance fitting the most situations and it easily packs everything you’ll need on the road. The bag features a hidden magnetic closing tab and durable Palladium plated hardware and is fairly scratch, stain and water resistant.

European Corvette Competition Image

European Corvette Competition

Cars × Style

To commemorate the start of the American Le Mans Series season General Motors created a limited Corvette Coupe variant, called Competition. Being not merely limited to the piece it even appears as an exclusive European model, to hit the road only in European markets. Beside that the Corvette Competition sport features like the Corvette Z06 rear spoiler, unique 5-spoke rims painted in Competition Grey and the famous Corvette’s 6.2L V8 power engine delivering 430 of striking horsepowers.

Home Hero Design Fire Distinguisher Image

Home Hero Design Fire Distinguisher

Decor × Home

Many apartments are merely bursting of design concepts and home decor ideas. Most of them are close to form a private exhibition of living design structures, but there’s always missing one solid point, home safety. Having a fire extinguisher readily available has to be self-evident and thats where the Home Hero hits the stage. The Home Hero Fire Distinguisher is designed to compliment any home with a contemporary appearance while offering a simple and intuitive single-handed ergonomic to help even under the most challenging circumstances. Featuring a molded rubber grip and trigger on its handle allow to deploy the product in comfort.

Incase iPhone and iPod Touch Slider Case Image

Incase iPhone and iPod Touch Slider Case

Gear × iPhone

To ease the usage of the touchy iPhone, Incase made a simple little helper to prevent some frustrating moments with scratches or docking tries. The sturdy Slider Case offers the functionality to fit your iPhone on docks without having to remove the case via a sliding bottom cover allowing you to dock your iPhone with ease. This ultra slim Slider Case is a 1mm thick hard shell plastic case which features interior rubber guard rails to provide shock absorption as well as impact and scratch protection and is available for the handsome iPod touch as well.

Rhys Coffee Table by Pottery Barn Image

Rhys Coffee Table by Pottery Barn

Home × Tables

Actually, coffee tables design stagnate in a period of clean lines and cubist surfaces. Despite this contemporary statement theory the Rhys coffee table from Pottery Barn is a pleasing spark in the darkness of monotone clean-cut tables. Built from richly grained mahogany and a precise attention to details this table gives a traditional and comfortable atmosphere to the scene. Add a value of richness and beauty with the dark mahogany wood tones and some functionality with an open shelf above three drawers that open from either side to let you stow what others don’t need so see.

Western Digital My Passport Elite Image

Western Digital My Passport Elite

Computer × Gear

My Passport Elite is Western Digitals newest portable storage piece of the famous Passport collection. Just like the suffix indicates this is the luxurious and elitist variant of the known powerful portable HDDs. The Elite justifies its names statement with an attractive bundle of powerful features like the 128-bit encryption protection and the MioNet remote software professionally crammed in a sleek designed disk. A soft-touch finish makes this tiny and lightweight 320GB companion satisfying not just on the first look even on the first touch. Choose of 4 contemporary colors for a subtle show-off in the meeting-room.

Electrolux Inspiro your Private Cook Image

Electrolux Inspiro your Private Cook

Home × Kitchen

Quite usual, I’ve to hurry with finishing an adequate private dinner and getting suited at the same time, while the mobile always likes to disturb that times of silence. Let’s get back serious and take a look at a serious revolutionary new oven which will achieve the desired results without any hasted walk-by-looking incidents in the kitchen. The heart of this tech-heavy oven is a solid heat management program which automatically selects the right heating mode based on the contents of the oven, which basically means let the kitchen do the cooking and get on with the black one.

Pontiac Solstice Targa Top Coupe 2010 Image

Pontiac Solstice Targa Top Coupe 2010

Cars × Style

The Solstice Coupe is the new targa-top variant of Pontiac’s latest buffed stable inmate. Taking place in the successful range of performance cars the Solstice Targa Top Coupe will pique your interest with its strengthened roof structure which also gives the coupé a sleek fastback-style roof-line which attempts to differentiate from its top-selling roadster root. This limited vehicle is powered by either a standard 173 horsepower 2.4L Ecotec four-cylinder engine or with a 2.0L turbocharged 260 horsepower engine for the GXP coupé.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5119 Image

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5119

Style × Watches

Complementary to the recent Geneva Motor Show, take a look at a product of the oldest family-owned firm in Geneva, the timepiece manufacture Patek. Philippe Calatrava 5119 is the company’s proud signature model and is completely made of self-made extensively tested and certified components, from the alligator bracelet to the mechanical movement. This phenomenal rose-gold framed timepiece upgrades your suit with its discreet and timeless form and color mixture. A relaxed twinkle in the actual period of bigger, flashier watches which ruled the roost.

Townhouse Travel & Business Tie Case by Tumi Image

Townhouse Travel & Business Tie Case by Tumi

Business × Ties

Ties made of true 100percent silk does unknit in less than 4minutes after getting thrown onto the bed. I’m used of getting surprised of a refreshed tie while i rejoin the room still having a brush in my mouth, but being in the air on a regular basis sometimes costs some ties some rough treatments. To prevent that take a look at this flat leather case which even can protect your collar stays if you’re on the road – air again.