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Maserati GranTurismo S Coupe Image

Maserati GranTurismo S Coupe

Cars × Style

The GranTurismo was Maseratis black panther and was characterized by its dominating power of the Maserati brigade. Now it got an upgrade with the GranTurismo S. In the heart of this Trident coupé works a 440 horsepowers V8 4.7 engine which is coupled with the MC-Shift gearbox arranged in the transaxle layout typical of high-performance sports cars. To keep a tight rein when needed, the GranTurismo S makes use of the high-performance brake system using a dual-cast technology of cast iron and aluminum brake discs with aluminum 6 piston calipers developed with Brembo. The exterior got an exclusive make-over by Pininfarina to create a more aggressive look as well as the interior got a more sporty flair with alcantara accents. [via]

“Nostalgic Vinyl to Digital Mp3″ Record Player Image

“Nostalgic Vinyl to Digital Mp3″ Record Player

Gear × Home Audio

The majority of our department didn’t got the experience of vinyl, as a part of the sony walkman generation with the yellow headset we are used to a more pocket-sized solution. However, the generation of vinyl disciples still claim that you’ll not find a better sound compared to the legendary 45ers. To port that ear-candy and to convince even the newer generation about dad’s nostalgic tales, Sony created a solution for easily converting all of those classic vinyl records to MP3s. The PS-LX300USB record player is still able to play your favored records with 33 and a third spins and 45 rpm’s with a quite belt drive and a built-in pre-amp, but with its USB connectivity you’ll be able to edit and save the tracks as MP3s to play on your favored PMP. [via]

The Best Bluetooth Headset Ever Image

The Best Bluetooth Headset Ever

Gear × Mobile

Referring to Jawbone their bluetooth headset is “the best bluetooth headset ever”. Well, it’s pretty easy to claim something like that about your own products, but this tech piece proofed its mentors generous descriptions. The sleek designed Jawbone Bluetooth Headset comes with the revolutionary Noise Shield technology which combines the latest innovations in acoustics and audio processing. This rewarded technology virtually eliminate all background noise allows you to be heard clearly and is able to react to your environment sound level changes to seamlessly adjusts the speaker output so you can hear your caller’s voice better. If you’re in need of a clear, uninterrupted, and productive conversation than this headset might be your choice.

Vivace the Anti-Bacteria Air Conditioner Image

Vivace the Anti-Bacteria Air Conditioner


In fact air conditioners are one of the most sold “home add-ons” in the United States. Now, Samsung decided to upgrade this daily life assistant in functionality, appearance and even in an environment-friendly sense. indeed, it’s as cool to be cool as being protect against fungus and bacteria. Samsung’s proprietary Micro Plasma Ion(MPI) technology is capable of effectively eliminating 78 percent of fungus and 58 percent of bacteria in a 30-minute time frame, within an enclosed environment. This sleek piece is equipped with a carbon deodorizer that removes odors and bacteria, a long-life Silver Nano evaporator and a Catechin filter developed from a green tea extract. The complete package gets capped with up to 30 percent energy savings compared to equivalent effective air conditioners.

The Worlds most luxurious Picnic Trunk Image

The Worlds most luxurious Picnic Trunk

Gear × Outdoor

Harrods’ luxury Krug Trunk is the perfect piece to impress anybody in sight. This well-crafted case is attractive and sturdy and very durable as its corners, hinges and handles are built to last which means they’re corrosion proofed to ensure that the case maintains its stately appearance. The Krug ensemble consists of a trunk with a classic vivid red colored calfskin interior, an ice bucket originally designed by Francois Bauchet, three bottles Krug Grande Cuvee champagne and to complete an exclusive picnic it comes with a removable trunk lid which does have dual functionality — it also can be used as a table. Oh, we’ve not yet mentioned that it’s limited to only 30 pieces, that might be worth a thought about really taking it to the central parks green.

Breitling Mark VI Image

Breitling Mark VI

Style × Watches

This exclusive watch of the Breitling for Bentley line boasts a mechanical complexity based upon several centuries of horological expertise. This sophisticated Breitling chronograph consists of 500 parts and received the COSC(Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) certification. To fulfill any expectations it is crafted exclusively in 18kt rose gold and platinum and reflects its noble character via the 38 jewels adorned Calibre 29b self-winding movement, 30-minute and 12-hour counters, a perpetual calendar including season and moon phases and it’s 100 meters water resistant. Well, we don’t recommend to do that just because of the alligator straps.

Jensen&Stenway “Model D Music System” Image

Jensen&Stenway “Model D Music System”


Even good design is aging, but it is aging beautifully. 2008 celebrates the Danish design company Jacob Jensen its 50th Birthday and as good as all pieces from the studio at the Limfjord are as unique they got because the majority is either already part of the world’s most important museums or sparkle in the show-rooms of private investors homes. Now the prestigious piano manufacture Steinway & Sons chimed in to design a music system ‘which lends wings’. You can see, hear and be amazed: The Model D Music System was born and got polished to the max. Apart from the systems breathtaking Steinway gloss-look they’ve completed the highest stage of form and function harmony. This is not just a life investing, this is a sound miracle.

Leather iPhone Case by Want Image

Leather iPhone Case by Want

Gear × iPhone

The iPhone for itself has some luxurious acting design accents like the polished metal frame, but what it still misses is a vertu-like leather part which is actually rising to this technology-decades luxury style icon. Thus lends us to this exquisite case made of premium calf leather which attempts to fill that design gap. To convince the modern gentlemen it provides a practical interior with a silver and gold detailed full-zip closure and an embedded card sleeve. [via]

“CHAPEAU DE VIN” Bottle Cap Image


Bar × Home

Have a heart for cap-less wine bottles and take a look at this refined small chapeus. To compete with ordinary or in some cases extraordinary wine decanter, this filigreed cap is combined of platinum and yellow gold materials and each got detailed with a diamond or brilliant tip. It’s primary function is to protect uninvited guests getting mistakenly lost in the bottle and its perforation provides an optimum ventilation, secondary it’s just a luxury accent on your favored wine.

New MacBook and MacBook Pro Range Image

New MacBook and MacBook Pro Range

Gear × Laptops

Steve Jobs and company dropped the new MacBook and MacBook Pro range, after a short downtime maintenance of the online Apple store. These mac-typically styled Notebooks generally represents the much-anticipated bulked up versions with some not-anymore-exclusive features of the known Air. Pro disciples get pampered with the inclusion of the Multi-Touch trackpad technology which enables you to pinch, swipe, or rotate as accurate as on an iPhone. Just like the Air, the Pro version optionally get equipped with an LED backlit screen and both feature the latest Intel Core 2 Duo with the new Penryn Chip and speed-boosts to a base speed of 2.4GHz all the way up to 2.6GHz, up to 300GB hard drive capacity, a granted 2GB Ram standard equipment and even the game-enthusiasts passion will be appeased with a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphic acceleration.

Mercedes-Benz’s all-new C63 AMG Sedan Image

Mercedes-Benz’s all-new C63 AMG Sedan

Cars × Style

Mercedes-Benz’s all-new C63 AMG Sedan features large performance-oriented tires and wheels, an aggressive bodykit, a much sportier interior, and suspension and chassis improvement, a new seven-speed AMG automatic transmission with short-timed paddle shifts which ensures up to 50 percent faster gearshifts compared to manual shifting. The C63 uses a big 6.2L V8 with 457 horsepower which is good for a 4,5 second sprint with up to 6250 rpm and 443 lb-ft of torque. That’s a middle-class sedan with a performance like a DTM racer.

Linx B-Tube Speakers Image

Linx B-Tube Speakers

Gear × Home Audio

Linx is announcing its can-look-a-like B-TUBE speakers. This speaker tube is designed to be taken on the road, which doesn’t means to let it roll ‘over’ a road, no it’s actually an accurate portable speaker system which even has the ability to get filled via the ether, wirelessly. That’s because the speaker uses Bluetooth to stream the music source from a cellphone, mp3 player or any other bluetooth enabled devices as well as it can be used to receive calls from a Bluetooth equipped phone thanks to a built-in microphone. [via]

DNP’s Supernova Epic Screen Image

DNP’s Supernova Epic Screen

Gear × TV

What does satisfy your guests and friends more than getting pampered with a private home cinema experience. Well, the Supernova Epic screen from dnp Denmark will serve the ultimate experience with screen sizes up to 156 inches and superwide 2.40:1 aspect ratios for a super-wide screen experience and delivers super-high contrast images in 100 percent neutral color. A curved screen provides greater perceived depth to the image and dnp mentioned that the Supernova eliminated the light-flooding problem which ensures a flawless viewing experience in brightly lit environments while the Supernova Screen technology effectively limits retro-illumination through an advanced layer of lenses, so you don’t have to worry about washed out or glaring images. Well, theres a lot of ‘super’ related to this screen. [via]

Bellperre Tailormade Collection Image

Bellperre Tailormade Collection

Gear × Mobile

Bellperre unveiled its new collection of “tailor made” mobile phones, which follow a zero plastic philosophy. Every single piece is made of exquisite materials like premium leathers, steel, gold, hardwood and other fine materials, anything excepting synthetic mass production parts resulting in a total weight of 120gramms. A minimalistic and beautiful designed handset which got inspired by luxury and fashion goods from around the world to satisfy the extraordinary consumers who are looking to differentiate themselves and who want more exclusive and sophisticated handsets to complement their designer clothes and accessories. The modular construction ensures that every handset can be uniquely tailored to every taste. To tailor timeless and unique handsets, you’ll be able to choose of more than 200 colours, dozen of leathers, every luxury metal casing you want and of course engravings. Well, this is a potential rival for the established Vertu handsets.

Nike SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood Image

Nike SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood

Gear × Outdoor

In case of marketing studies, its not good to wash-out the brands segments, but Nike obviously lectured us about that. These clubs evolved through a successful playing history and got an improvement every step its evolution made. Experienced Nike disciples will notice that this Sumo2 fairway wood is unusually almost as long as a driver off the tee, but despite the Sumo2 gargantuan-driver philosophy it got a smaller box which works nicely through the turf and it performs like a smaller club from a tight lie. The Nike SQ Sumo2 features the typical square shape which pushes weight to the corners, a lightweight cryogenic-steel face, the “powerbow” weighting at the back of the head to promote a higher launch angle and a sturdy Diamana Graphite shaft by Mitsubishi. Clever design, outstanding buzz and the Nike square box shape, what a nice fairway game to come.