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Garmin Nuvifone Image

Garmin Nuvifone

Gear × Mobile

Garmin is famous for its state-of-the-art GPS devices, but now they’ve peeled back the wrapping on its very own cell phone, the nuvifone. While it shares similar touchscreen elements like its rival, the iPhone, the nuvifone obviously has some serious advantages when it comes to the innards. Garmin’s well reviewed GPS technology which offers full-on satnav, web-browser, email and messaging applications. The phone itself features a 3.5 inch touchscreen display, High Speed 3G access, Google Local search, and geotagging capability with the phone’s camera. Okay, we’ve seen so-called iPhone beaters before, but this one takes it like a duck takes the water.

Leather Business Card Case Image

Leather Business Card Case


If you ever had a meeting in japan you probably know their major socializing rule, first of all comes the obligatory business-card exchange then the shake-hands practice. Just as unusual this procedure seems to be as impressively would this card case amaze your clients. A distinguished accessory crafted in Germany, made of brown leather, lined in suede and it will leave a feeling of self-confidence.

Get-A-Way Driver Image

Get-A-Way Driver

Gear × Tools

Even if it’s just needed as a multi-bit screwdriver for your next snowboard trip, because your binding got loose after your last 720, you’ll always have some situations to use the other features. Beside four standard flat and philips hex bits it comes with a LED flashlight, a bottle opener and it even has an oxygen bottle wrench for emergency situations. Get your own CRKT’s new Get-A-Way Driver($13).

Time Capsule Image

Time Capsule

Computer × Gear

We know it is a little bit late for this apple article, but her it comes, the Apple Time Capsule. This Hard Drive was Apples kick off at their annual Macworld keynote. Time Capsule combines Apple’s wireless Airport Extreme base station with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive for a easy wireless backup of your machine using Mac OS Leopard’s Time Machine. Obviously designed in the apple obligatory glossy white look, a look which got this centuries tech icon. A tech-enthusiasts must-have.

Kaenon Polarized Segment Sunglass Image

Kaenon Polarized Segment Sunglass

Style × Sunglasses

We’ve been waiting for a pair of sunglasses to combine a modern design with classic aviator styling, and the Kaenon Polarized Segment Sunglasses do just that. For the past week, we’ve been putting them through the paces — and liked what we saw. A slightly larger, aviator-inspired, retro design for men with several features like a lightweight metal alloy frame, spring hinges, Air Bag nose pads, Variflex rubbers and the patented SR-91 lens material.

Limited-Edition Stanley Thermos Image

Limited-Edition Stanley Thermos

Gear × Outdoor

Cold outside…I keep my eyes open…take a look around the lake I am at with my little outboard boat — I deeply breath in — getting blinded by the gleaming, one fast move and I revealed my Stanley. This limited tough-as-nails Stanley Thermos will be there keeping you warm with a hot cup of coffee on those cold days of hunting and fishing. A forever faithful gadget for the gentleman.

Vintage Electric Mini Image

Vintage Electric Mini

Cars × Style

Al Gore awoke us all, we all should be concerned about the environment. In context to that we found this car originally made in the country of the native gentleman. The re-conditioned Mini from Future Vehicles. It’s eco-friendly because they source an old Mini, re-condition it, then convert it to an electric car. You can dictate both the specification and the interior of your revamped Mini, with the entry-level electric Mini offering a speed of up to 40mph and a range of 50 miles before it needs a charge.That makes it an ideal car for knocking about round town or for the next picnic trip with your lady.

The Hive Image

The Hive

Home × Storage

Yes it’s the hive, not the hive of the well-known resident evil screen adaption, it is a flexible and stackable shelving unit. Its design seems to be lent on a kind of futuristic honey-combs. Made of bent aluminum and covered in oak or American walnut, just as you wish.

Patchwork Tartan Vest Image

Patchwork Tartan Vest

Style × Suits

Obviously this isn’t the typical dress-code matching vest and it doesn’t fit a suit, but this vest, made of garment-washed English wool from the world-famous Abraham Moon mill, might be the right piece for your next holiday party. It surly will amaze the guests and you won’t find someone else with your new style trophy, not just because it is limited to a small amount. This vest features six-button closure, slit pockets at chest and waist pockets. Bemberg rayon panel with adjustable tab and is fully lined.

A Medical Breakthrough in Stress Reduction Image

A Medical Breakthrough in Stress Reduction


Does it seem too easy for life to make you feel stressed lately? Are you getting stressed too often? Are you d’acore? Then you might be happy to hear about this little gadget, a so-called medical breakthrough in Stress Reduction. Medical researchers discovered a biological system in the body that can literally reverse the effects of ergotropic tuning. Michael Specter of Men’s Voque reviewed the stresseraser and discovered its abilities. Before his research he called himself “a (somewhat) normal middle-aged urban adult with all the usual reasons to melt down and, perhaps, an extra dollop of impatience”. Take a look at his article and see what he reveals. Thanks to Barrett Baffert, Web Producer, mensvogue.com

Hotel Royal Pendant Image

Hotel Royal Pendant

Home × Lightning

Arne Jacobsen got famous in Denmark especially for his work of the International Style, the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. These lamps were made by him for the snack bar at the Hotel Royal. A very simple lamp made of four pieces which form a cube around the bulb. Today it is a design classic!

RAW Cannondale Image

RAW Cannondale

Bikes × Style

G-Star combined its utility meets high fashion styling and used that expertise to design a bike called the RAW Cannondale. This retro styled bike is featuring a handcrafted and smooth welded aluminum frame painted in its signature “umbro-gray” paint scheme.The Cannondale features a complete Shimano Alfine configuration and other features like the Cannondale Headshok, their exclusive Integrated Light System and several unique styling details such as brown tires. A definite eyecandy for every retro enthusiast or classic gentleman.

Flying Carpet Image

Flying Carpet

Decor × Home

Yes you’ve the same thought we had as this “carpet” caught our attention the first time, it’s irritating but in some way it radiates a relaxing mood. A rug that transforms the way your interiors look, the Flying Handloomed Carpet. Completely hand made and loomed, the carpet is made from purest New Zealand wool fibre and made available in three fine colors—Red, Green & Grey. You will be surprised at the luxurious and lustrous feel this rug flaunts which only a few designer pieces can match.

Kohler Avantis Toilet Seat Image

Kohler Avantis Toilet Seat

Bathroom × Home

This wooden toilet seat is ergonomically designed for complete comfort. The perfect finish for your modern bathroom, these seats feature exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Indeed, your right it’s a toilet seat, but a contemporary solid wood seat with functional innovations, such as the Quiet-Close technology and it’s an example of hygiene materials. A modern toilet seat for gentleman.