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The twelve24 Clock – A 4mm Thin Gigantic Clock Image

The twelve24 Clock – A 4mm Thin Gigantic Clock


Do you remember the time everywhere was talk of e-ink, the hottest stuff in the eReader industry. Well, while the later faded away a little, the e-ink tech is slowly finding its way into daily routines like with this over-sized wall-clock. This watch is perfect for your startup office or your contemporary furnished loft with being 1000mm wide x 350mm tall at just a mere 4mm thin. Besides being virtually unaffected by sunlight, the watch also got a battery life of one whole year.

Baxter of California x Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor Image

Baxter of California x Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor

Shaving Tools

So you’re ready for a true collector’s trophy of a razor? Then look no further, because this razor is designed for the manliest of all tasks, a really close shave, I mean, if you’ve to shave. Baxter of California once again collaborated with the outdoor gear maker Base Camp X to bring you a cut-throat razor inspired by BCX axe handle. Yep, you’ve heard right, the handle of this beauty is made from hand-shaped and hand-sanded Appalachian Hickory wood, which is then finished with multiple coats of lacquer achieving a mesmerizing velvety and moisture-resistant deep black color. The black 6/8” wide Blue Steel blade is a world-wide Baxter exclusivity, a perfect fit for this elegant tool. Each blade alscomes shipped with a water-resistant olive canvas pouch.

VCXO Ox One GPS Watch Image

VCXO Ox One GPS Watch


A mechanical timepiece is a bold statement of old world elegance and of hand-made precision engineering right on your wrist, yet even the most intricate mechanical caliber can’t even compete with a basic $20 quartz. For those who seek to be perfectly on time, or just want some hardcore tech in their watch, the new Swiss watchmaker of VCXO came up with the Ox One. This watch fuses an intricate mechanical movement that automatically syncs with GPS satellites via a push of a button.

Richard Clarkson Cloud and Thunderstorm Lamp Image

Richard Clarkson Cloud and Thunderstorm Lamp


We all know the soothing soundscape of a heavy rainfall and some of us also enjoy a mild thunderstorm accompaniment. For the later, the design studio Richard Clarkson came up with this smart lamp, which mimics the sounds and the visual aesthetic of a thundercloud right in your home. This mood-maker of a lamp is available either fully equipped with crisp speakers, remote, motion detection and a LED array for the storm simulation or as a lamp-only edition, which basically cuts all the gimmicks as also the price tag ($960) for offering you the pure cloud aesthetic only. The full-fledged lamp can also stream your music via Bluetooth connection, reacts to your movement and offers additional modes such as nighlight and music reactive mode visualizing your taste in music. Every cloud is made in a one by one manner and on demand-only, so better be quick and you want to have this once you saw the video.


Alexander McQueen Burnished Leather x Suede Boots Image

Alexander McQueen Burnished Leather x Suede Boots


Alexander McQueen, the former enfant terrible of the fashion world became a brand known for fuzing the modern and the old creating unique pieces ready to be worn seemingly everywhere. With this in mind, this boots do not surprise with its unique look made out of smooth burnished leather and premium tan suede around the ankles. A thick leather sole gives it the rough work boot finish readying them up for almost everything, except maybe an Italian suit, you shouldn’t try them with a fine suit.

Giro Synthe Helmet Image

Giro Synthe Helmet


For those who prefer to work that stress out with a long cycling routine, Giro got you covered with their newest helmet, the Synthe. Synthe is all about the ultimate featuring best in class aerodynamics, 19 cooling vent with an internal channel system, the comfort of a Roc Loc Air Fit system and eyewear dockings and the Giro signature protection tier.

Paul Smith Rucksack Image

Paul Smith Rucksack

Bags × Style

Aligning with the current trend of transformable bags, Paul Smith’s latest rucksack also doubles as a tote bag, which is pretty obvious considering the stay-up handles on top. Fitting the elegant look on the outside, this rucksack shows a mesmerizing textured wine-red lining in the spacious inside. A pair genuine leather back straps completes the premium look and feel of a certainly unique backpack.

Vertu Signature Touch Image

Vertu Signature Touch


The upscale phonemaker and high-society supplier Vertu has finally launched its first touchscreen-only smart phone. In the inside of the Signature Touch works a pretty common 2.3 GHz Snapdragon and 64Gb of onboard storage on a KitKat Android. All pretty solid, but a 4.7″ 1080p 473ppi sapphire crystal screen and a 13Mp Hasselblad-optimized camera proudly show the phones noble origin. However, what makes this such a special device is the astonishing suit it comes in. Through and through Vertu, the Signature Touch comes with hardened Titanium-chamfered rails, not just for the looks, but optimized to give you the best Antenna and thus connectivity performance. Calf or exotic leather, as you wish, applied to precise cutaways in the titanium, a signature Ruby button for instant Vertu concierge service and an engine-turned SIM compartment, which means it’s outside and allows for an easy exchange, are among the engineering details that make this phone pretty unique.

Teranishi Indigo Wallet Image

Teranishi Indigo Wallet


Most slim wallets sport the minimalism badge, being simple to the max and as such minimizing the need for space in your pocket, but with minimalism few sacrifice style. The most recent addition to Teranishi’s indigo collection is a minimal slim billfold that cuts all compromises. Being repeatedly dip-dyed in ocean blue indigo dye give each billfold a unique gradient pattern subtly hinting a Californian sunset. Quality is what counts and as such this wallet is stitched by hand and burnished with beeswax to protect the bold color.

Mountain Research Anarcho Pax Walker Backpack Image

Mountain Research Anarcho Pax Walker Backpack


This backpack is not your regular rucksack. This one is made to last and endure even the longest outdoor trips yet without sacrificing a titbit of style. Crafted by the outdoorsman-inspired Japanese label Mountain Research, the Anarcho Pax Walker backpack is all made to help you get through the wildness with comfort. As such it’s held simple with a huge main compartment in the inside with printed Anarcho graphic inner bag with clasp fastening opening, zipped pockets on the sides and on the top flap. What makes it so durable are the felted padded leather arm straps with attached carabiners and the reinforced metal back support with a padded section and a strap system for smart weight distribution.

Tanner Goods Leather Coasters Image

Tanner Goods Leather Coasters


Next time you and your fellow gents meet for a night full of mind-bending discussions and poker, make sure your sumptuous mahogany table stays clean with this full leather coasters. Each of this heavy 10/11 oz. bridle leather coasters display either an embossed Los Angeles Griffith Observatory graphic or a picture of Portland’s Mt. Hood. Tanner Goods coasters are available in a natural tan, a deep black, havana,mahogany and cognac bridle leather version, and in a saddle tan color.

Grovemade Brass and Walnut iPhone Dock Image

Grovemade Brass and Walnut iPhone Dock


There comes the time you want a dock for your precious iPhone that’s a step up from the regular iPhone docks out there and Grovemade’s limited edition dock is no ordinary dock. Machined out of a solid block of radiant solid brass and finished with a Oregon black walnut cap, this dock is a solid and impressive decor piece, which fits every desk. To not leave a scratch, the brass dock features rubber bumpers on the bottom and comes shipped with a iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, and iPhone 5C cord adapter.

A Summer Shop Maritime Getaway Duffle Bag Image

A Summer Shop Maritime Getaway Duffle Bag

Bags × Style

Add a layer of maritime style to your commute or workout routine with this throw-in duffel bag. No matter if you’re about to hit the gym or a sailing trip, the Summer Shop’s duffle bag has you covered with a stylish summer bag. Alongside the classical white-maritime blue color combination, water-resistant rope handles and authentic sailing snap shackles give the bag a certain eye-catching appearance.

Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine Image

Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine

Bar × Home

The Milanese invented the espresso as a no-fuzz and quicker alternative to the regular filter brew, yet today’s coffee machines are all packed with numerous features distracting you from the essence, a thick and aromatic espresso. To this end, the Strietman ES3 espresso machine is a minimalistic hand-made tool for the demanding barista. Stripped down to the bare essentials, this precisely crafted espresso machine features a simple lever-mechanism to press up to 350cc of boiled water through a tight piston for a perfect crema every time. The Streitman ES3 also comes with a wooden wall-mount frame, three filter baskets and a double spout for serving two cups at a time.

Makr Copper Tumbler Image

Makr Copper Tumbler


Makr pushes design minimalism to a new limit with presenting an uber pure version of a tumbler. In Makr’s studio skilfully hand-turned copper becomes a great bar essential, which will gain a graceful natural patina over time. However, you should be aware, that these tumblers are not the best fit for the cold served drinks. Available in three sizes: the shown tall tumbler (3.75-inches), a small tumbler (2.75-inches), and a tapered tumbler (3.15-inches).